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Cloud Computing Forecast—50% Chance of 483s! 3 Things You Should Do To Weather the Storm
And unfortunately, many casual users do not understand the full impact of their actions in the new computing frontier called the cloud. For those in life

how does cloud computing work  The diagram below shows how these services can be deployed: Cloud deployment models The NIST definitions, developed in collaboration with industry, government, and academic organizations, are widely used as a reference by major vendors including Microsoft, VMWare, IBM, and others. After a look at this document and having developed a better understanding of cloud terminology and technology, you’ll be able to better incorporate usage of the cloud into corporate SOPs, training, vendor qualifications, etc. Read More...
HR System for Banks, Financial Institutions
A multinational bank turned to TEC for help selecting a fully integrated human resources (HR) solution. Find out how the selection project played out.
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Documents related to » how does cloud computing work

Infor24: Demystifying Infor’s Cloud Strategy - Part 1
Anyone that is still vociferously doubting and denying the future of cloud computing and its near-mainstream nature will sound as strange and nutty as some

how does cloud computing work  tutorial article explains well how to approach cloud computing from a down-to-earth, practical point of view . Furthermore, Jorge’s more  recent blog post also attempts to draw a demarcation line between traditional application service providers (ASPs) and contemporary SaaS providers . In addition, my recent  blog series on Consona ’s acquisition of Compiere offers and in-depth “pro et contra” analysis between a private (single)-tenant cloud approach vs. a multi-tenant cloud approach . In a nut Read More...
Cloud Assets: A Guide for SMBs-Part 1
Cloud computing is changing the scope of information technology (IT) management, and organizations must be highly adaptable to safeguard the continuity of their

how does cloud computing work  easy and difficult answer. How does this work? Communication, education, and involvement are the spokes of the wheel that will drive your project. Not only should you communicate the need for change, but also educate on the reasons behind it—you need everyone to share a common vision. This will not only make promoting project involvement easier, but also get the necessary retroaction for planning and establishing your requirements. Think synergy. Sometimes, however, outside help might be needed, despite Read More...
Jumping on the Cloud - A Measured Approach
There’s a lot of hype about companies moving to the cloud, but are they actually doing it? Cloud adoption is not as rapid as some providers might lead you to

how does cloud computing work  if , but when and how information technology (IT) organizations will adopt cloud computing technologies. If you’re thinking about a cloud deployment, there are a few things you should know. There’s also an easy way your organization can test a cloud deployment before committing to a larger cloud initiative. What is cloud computing anyway? In 2011, the United States' National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) issued a special publication with its recommendations for a definition of cloud co Read More...
Ariba's 15-Year Journey into the B2B Commerce Cloud
Ariba’s collaborative business commerce solutions focus on the basics: buying, selling, and managing cash. Ariba’s cloud-based vision has grown a vast network

how does cloud computing work  Ariba Commerce Cloud. TEC: How do you view your competitive landscape—why does Ariba win over or lose to its competitors? DA: When deciding on business commerce solutions, there are three choices: Trying to force the ERP system to manage internally complex processes and collaboration outside of the business’s four walls—neither of which it was designed for Cobbling together a collection of solutions that individually may perform well for their purpose but which do not seamlessly integrate, inhibitin Read More...
Cloud First: Not Just Transformation, But Innovation
Many companies today are moving their IT and business operations to the cloud. Though the cloud allows organizations to rationalize excess IT resources and meet

how does cloud computing work  Cloud,Cloud Adoption,Innovation,Cloud Technology,process transformation Read More...
Manage the Global Workforce with a True Cloud Strategy
Oracle VP of HCM Product Strategy Humair Ghauri details the importance of evaluating cloud vendors for security, integration, and extensibility.

how does cloud computing work  global workforce management,cloud HCM strategy,Oracle HCM,Humair Ghauri,HCM extensibility Read More...
Why Cloud Computing Matters to Finance
This Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) paper explores the benefits of transitioning from an on-premise financials system to the cloud. The paper reviews

how does cloud computing work  erp software solution,erp software system,top erp software,erp software systems,cloud accounting software,crm erp software,web based erp software,free erp software,construction erp software,erp software company,erp software application,erp software selection,erp software reviews,erp software vendor,accounting erp software Read More...
Which is Best: Cloud-Based or on-Premise Web security?
As you'll discover in the Aberdeen report, Web Security in the Cloud: More Secure!

how does cloud computing work  or data exposure. Learn how cloud-based security solutions can better protect your company—for less. Download your PDF copy of Web Security in the Cloud: More Secure! Compliant! Less Expensive! today! For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2010 Read More...
Acumatica Heralds xRP Cloud Platform
Acumatica releases Acumatica Cloud xRP Platform to empower developers and software companies to bring their new and legacy applications to the cloud faster and

how does cloud computing work  industry watch, erp, xrp, crm, xrm, paas, cloud, acumatica, microsoft Read More...
The Supply Chain in the Cloud
Many companies today are obviously interested in using enterprise technology that they can access via the cloud. The software-as-a-service (SaaS) delivery model

how does cloud computing work  questions being asked about how ready warehouse management is for the cloud.  LogFire , for one, feels that it is time to bring the time-to-value proposition of SaaS to the warehouse management system (WMS) area. While still very few people will argue that cloud-based WMS solutions are as robust as the on-premise standard-bearers, LogFire and others are trying to pave the way. Other areas, such as collaborative execution, as  E2open  calls it, is a natural area for a cloud-based solution, which would n Read More...
HR in the Cloud: Bringing Clarity to SaaS Myths and Manifestos
This white paper is designed to give you greater insight into the pros and cons of putting your HR applications in the cloud. You’ll learn about which

how does cloud computing work  cloud HR,HR SaaS,Oracle Fusion Human Capital Management,Oracle HCM,total cloud ownership,SaaS human resources Read More...
UNIT4 Agresso Cloud Platform Spotlight
Today’s businesses are seeing the increased use of cloud-based solutions owing to potential economic benefits. This report spotlights Agresso’s SaaS ERP cloud

how does cloud computing work  ERP cloud platform—and shows how the underlying agile VITA architecture plus UNIT4’s unique approach to multitenancy enables organizations to substantially lower costs related to business changes, minimize disruption, and maximize productivity. Download the report now. Read More...
Plymouth Rock Energy Selects Cloud Extend
Cloud Extend is a cloud business process management (BPM) application from Active Endpoints, built on its flagship BPM system, ActiveVOS, and available in

how does cloud computing work  billing issues and redefine how it connects with its customers. The initial wizard was reportedly created in just two hours and implemented within a few days. The impact on agent productivity was instant, resulting in a 20 percent gain and reducing customer call waiting times to virtually zero—what used to be a ten-minute process now takes just a minute and a half. Launched in July 2012, Cloud Extend Mobile goes another step toward simplicity with its convergence of voice-to-text and touch Read More...

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