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Analysis of Virgin Net s Hacker Scare
The Company only operates in England and claims the break-in attempts were only to specific and contained areas.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: Analysis of Virgin Net s Hacker Scare Analysis of Virgin Net s Hacker Scare P. Hayes - January 23, 2000 Read Comments Event Summary LONDON (AP) - Thousands of Virgin Net e-mail users were given new passwords after the company uncovered a potential security breach. Market Impact More than 170,000 registered Virgin Net e-mail users were handed an interruption of service following the discovery of a hacker attempting to access Virgin s network. The company only operates in England and claims the break-in

Case Study: Real Estate Industry
Consultant Paul Mitnick chose the Training Partner learning management system (LMS) to help a real estate firm consolidate its learning management program. In addition to a breakdown of the steps involved in his LMS software selection process, you’ll also discover how the LMS implementation went—including the testing and timing involved in ensuring that all data was in the new LMS before it was accessed by users.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: for Your Talent Journey How to Use Projects to Master Asset Management The Business Trouble with Spreadsheet Sprawl
10/14/2009 12:58:00 PM

ASP Traffic Analysis! What Next – ASP Odometers?
WebTrends will begin offering an Application Service Provider (ASP) solution for web traffic analysis. The offering has options both for traditional traffic analysis and for commerce analysis. The product is also free to personal web sites.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: ASP Traffic Analysis! What Next – ASP Odometers? ASP Traffic Analysis! What Next – ASP Odometers? D. Geller - April 4, 2000 Read Comments Event Summary WebTrends Corporation (NASDAQ: WEBT) is creating a business unit to provide web log analysis on an ASP basis. The new unit will offer its services through a platform called WebTrends Live. A user embeds a small piece of JavaScript code, provided by WebTrends, on every page to be tracked. When a surfer loads such a page the JavaScript sends data back to

PeopleSoft Takes Aim at Foods Industry
PeopleSoft and Bradley Ward will integrate their products in an alliance aimed at the food processing industry. The completed solution will let companies' link real-time plant floor level data to ERP systems.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: PeopleSoft Takes Aim at Foods Industry PeopleSoft Takes Aim at Foods Industry Steve McVey - February 28, 2000 Read Comments PeopleSoft Takes Aim at Foods Industry S. McVey - February 28th, 2000 Event Summary PeopleSoft recently announced a partnership with Atlanta-based Bradley Ward Systems, Inc., maker of plant floor execution software for the food industry. The two companies will work to integrate PeopleSoft applications for customer fulfillment, inventory planning, and demand management with Bradley

What Makes a Good White Paper Good… (part two) » The TEC Blog
Trackback Address     Tags: how to write IT white papers , IT white paper audience , IT white paper language , IT White Papers Comments Tracy on 28 March, 2013 at 6:32 pm # Looking for best writing practices. * Name: * E-mail (private) : Web site: XHTML: You can use these tags: --> * Comments: * Spam protection: Sum of 2 + 9 ?     Notify me of followup comments via e-mail --> The TEC Blog Discussing Enterprise Software and Selection Tag Cloud analytics bi BPM Business Intelligence CAD Cloud Cloud

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: how to write IT white papers, IT white paper audience, IT white paper language, IT White Papers, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Intentia: Stepping Out With Fashion and StylePart One: Characteristics and Trends of the Fashion Industry
So your software vendor says that they can do fashion. You better make sure that the software features go far beyond styles, colors, and sizes. The requirements for the fashion industry are some of the most demanding and unforgiving in the world of manufacturing. If you're not careful, you may find your profits falling on the cutting floor and money being swept out with the scraps.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: plate, you may find how the fashion world solves problems similar to those found in your industry. For sure, you will have a better appreciation of what it takes to put that shirt or skirt on the shelves and not so quick to say it costs too much. This is Part One of a four-part note. Part Two discusses the challenges facing software in the fashion industry. Parts Three and Four review some of the significant functions and features offered by Intentia s Movex software for the fashion industry. Industry

Analysis of Critical Path s Alliance with yesmail.com for Permission Email
In direct correlation to the success of Internet based Permission email, advertising dollars are starting to be redirected from standard advertising companies such as DoubleClick and put to use in the Permission email area.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: at some level, despise. However, Permission email does allow for a concisely targeted market, based entirely on end user interests and in turn, increased advertising desirability. YesMail will be offered to Critical Path s customers within the next month (probability 90%). User Recommendations This announcement is a win-win situation, for both registered Critical Path users and the companies themselves. The YesMail service allows a user to select content areas to which he/she can subscribe if desired, or

News Analysis: Dot.Coms Getting Bred By Scient: Will Scient Spawn Into a Giant or Will Andersen Have the Edge?
Scient's announcement of its intent to baby Dot.com's into existence makes it the Mondragon of High Tech America. The connection? Mondragon genetically bred cooperatives, and became the largest multi-business cooperative network in the world (about 45,000 members).

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: business model. That s roughly how Mondragon (see www.mondragon.mcc.es/ingles/ ) started out - a cooperative with about a dozen young guys supported by a local priest who had the vision and raised love money from the town of Mondragon s people and businesses. They used their culture to create similar-cultured and networked industries that today have well over 40,000 members spread over hundreds of businesses (with, I might add, success rates of well over 90% in creating and launching and surviving

SCM Comparison Analysis: WMS, SRM, TMS, SCM, SCEM, and more
Choose from TEC's list of SCM solutions and immediately get a detailed side-by-side report evaluating the functionality selected SCM solutions.

6/3/2010 12:19:00 PM

The Retail Industry: Improving Supply Chain Efficiency Through Vendor Compliance - Part 2 An Andersen Point Of View
A vendor compliance database can range from a complex system built within the retailer's existing architecture to a smaller, stand-alone desktop database application. Find out what's Andersen's take on vendor compliance programs.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: compliance program in place. However, vendors do not always embrace these concepts, viewing compliance programs as a means for retailers to generate revenue. To over-come this, retailers need to demonstrate a commitment to establishing true partner-ships by sharing strategic information, maintaining consistent dialogue and collaborating on planning and forecasting with key vendors. True best-in-class retailers communicate program objectives to their vendors and only assess monetary penalties as a means

Role of In-memory Analytics in Big Data Analysis
Organizations today need to handle and manage increasingly large volumes of data in various formats and coming from disparate sources. Though the benefits to be gained from analysis of such big data are immense, so are the inherent challenges, including need for rapid analysis. In his article, TEC BI analyst Jorge García discusses how in-memory analytics helps address these challenges and reap the benefits hidden in big data.

HOW TO WRITE AN INDUSTRY ANALYSIS PAPER: Meets Big Data So, how do in-memory technologies fit within the big data spectrum? As the volume, variety, and the processing speed of data increases, organizations will need increasing amounts of data to be collected and analyzed as part of the decision-making process. This information will also need to analyzed in timely manner to confer a competitive advantage. For some organizations, the latency period—i.e., the time it takes for the data to be collected, analyzed, and available for decision making�
3/20/2012 10:25:00 AM

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