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Documents related to » how to write research summaries

OS SmackDown!
In the latest escalation in the battle between Windows and Linux, directions on how to replace each with the other have been published on the Web by their respective champions.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: Microsoft published instructions on how to remove Linux OS and install Windows 2000/NT4 on the newly-freed-up disk drive. Not to be outdone, Linux-philes have countered by publishing instructions on how to remove a Windows OS and replace it with Linux. To close the circle, Paul Ferris, Editor at Linux Today, highlighted the silliness by publishing his own mostly-joking piece on how to uninstall both Windows and Linux. (His directions lead to a wiped out disk drive, of course.) Market Impact Alone, these

A Sharp ASP
Sharp Microelectronics of the Americas has selected Harbinger as their Application Service Provider of choice. The multi-year contract will allow Harbinger to integrate e-Procurement and business applications across Sharp's e-Supplier community.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: of both companies offerings. However, with many new Application Service Providers emerging, prospective clients now have a variety of choices. We recommend evaluating Harbinger s offerings with similar ASP s not only in regard to the applications, but the hosting and implementation/support offerings too.

What is SRFM?
The planning, execution and partner collaboration processes of nearly all companies today are driven by a

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: with data that quantifies how specific price, lead time, and flex terms for the product or material in question impact future cost, availability, and liability across the range of potential supply and demand outcomes. The data covers both key operating variables, such as inventory and service levels, and key financial variables, such as liability, margin and revenue, and summarizes expected levels, risks, and trade-offs across potential outcomes. The Reality of Implementing SRFM Drawing on this

Sales Force Performance
Understanding market drivers is key to managing customer behavior. To do this, organizations must state and qualify their assumptions about the real drivers of sales performance. An improvement strategy can then be created, and with integrated budgets, success metrics, etc.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: better understand technology, and how to rally around a single threaded, phased implementation approach. Prior to founding GSP & Associates, Petersen was senior vice president at ONE, Inc. and Ameridata. He has authored six books including Making CRM an Operational Reality and ROI: Building the CRM Business Case . Glen Petersen can be reached at gpetersen@competitiveperformance.com

Big Bird Dines Again
Harbinger has agreed to be acquired by Peregrine in a stock exchange. The merger mates an infrastructure company that has already begun feathering its nest with e-commerce offerings to an established e-commerce company. Whether the resulting egg is golden remains to be seen, but it almost surely won’t be cracked.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: the air this spring, how hard will it really be for a company to match someone else s purchasing application with Peregrine s Asset management solution? Even less obvious is the advantage of using Peregrine s marketplaces to companies that have Peregrine s e-procurement software. Which is not to suggest that the new company will fail to prosper or to achieve some level of synergy. It s simply not clear if its new model will be so compelling as to attract a flock of competitors. One thing that seems

The Technology Choices
In the battle between Microsoft Business Solutions (MBS) and the UK-based the Sage Group for the small-to-medium enterprise (SME) market segment, technology choices will be a major factor.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: more interested in seeing how these can be customized. Once they are customizable it will be even more beneficial to make these portable—to enable a reseller to create roles/user experiences and recreate them for other users. They will also have to vigorously deliver an assuring message to the current customers about the support, enhancement, and migration plans for their respective products. The task of keeping track of a growing matrix of upgrade compatibility relationships between multiple product

SPSS Has A New ShowCase
On November 7, 2000, SPSS announced that they have signed an agreement to purchase ShowCase Corporation. The company sees a large part of its future in the analytical CRM market, and will use ShowCase to bolster staff and expertise levels.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: of code bases, etc.). However, development has already begun, and there is an agreement in place to integrate each other s technology starting immediately. Given that some companies will not be willing to wait that long, offerings from E.piphany, Broadbase, Quadstone and thinkAnalytics, among others, should also be evaluated. The SAS Institute is also working in this direction, although it is behind the development curve also. Although SPSS is starting out from behind, it has a chance to end up in a

Supply Chain Economy
The US Labor Department reported an increase in jobs in June and July ... but the manufacturing industry cut jobs for a third month in a row. We are moving from a manufacturing economy to a supply chain economy. This article gives the big picture.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: continues. And then Katrina! How much of the nation s logistics infrastructure will get deployed in the humanitarian needs (from a human perspective we hope a lot, but from a business perspective capacity issues will rise). Long before this current crisis, we all have known that we were heading toward an energy crisis. Trips to Wal-Mart won t be in the family SUV anymore—how about a bicycle? Problem with the bicycle is that you can t carry too much loot out of Wal-Mart. And those every day low

Why I Like Vanilla
Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software packages are often super flexible and highly customizable, but there are good reasons for keeping it simple. Enterprise resource planning (ERP) software packages can be highly flexible, but custom configurations may cause more trouble than they’re worth when it comes time to upgrade your system. There are good reasons for keeping it simple, and understanding what your business requirements really are. Hugh R. Alley recounts his experience with ERP gone wrong and argues the merits of plain old vanilla, right out of the box.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: report that shows me how much of a certain stock-keeping unit (SKU) we have sold in any given period. I can get the information by faking out the system, or by doing extensive manipulation of data extracts in off-line spreadsheets, but it isn’t easy. It makes forecasting difficult, and that hurts our inventory management and our supply chain reliability. Big problem. By contrast, most out-of-the-box systems come with pretty good reporting, and as long as you don’t change the code, the reports will
12/10/2010 10:53:00 AM

Layer 3 or Bust
Extreme Networks has once again seized the number one position in Layer 3 Ports shipped for the first quarter of 2000.

HOW TO WRITE RESEARCH SUMMARIES: worldwide presence. Extreme has shown the network world that your name does not need to have a C in it to be an industry leader. User Recommendations Extreme Networks is the leading provider in the Layer 3 Switching network space because it delivers quality and solid technology at a reasonable price. Extreme s user community is probably the best gauge on the state of the products being delivered. The users community has spoken volumes about Extreme s product suite. Extreme Networks has won over 40

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