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HTML5 Adoption Still Slow but Interest Growing
With mobile devices increasingly being used to access information by consumers and within enterprises, developers are expected to increasingly weigh the pros

how write statement research interest  usage. This industry overview shows that while HTML5 adoption is slow, interest is growing and opportunities are opening for hybrid apps that blend HTML5 with native features. Read More...

2012 TEC Buyer’s Guide to Explore Surging Interest in SCM
Supply chain management (SCM) software is a key part of a successful global business. With it, companies can monitor transactions between suppliers

how write statement research interest  problems, including: Managing complexity How do you manage a global network of business partners and agents? How do you deal with high volumes of information? How do you keep the supply chain fluid? Best practices for achieving insight into the supply chain What’s the best way to manage supply chain data? How do you keep data mobile? How do you manage exceptions? Managing collaboration within the supply chain How do you establish global connectivity? How do you leverage workflows to optimize Read More...
CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » how write statement research interest

Enlightened Self-interest Launches CRM Information Source
Software vendor Net Perceptions and CRM gurus Peppers and Rogers Group have joined forces to develop co-branded media products covering the use of technology to

how write statement research interest  personalization,perceptions,CRM Information Source,Peppers and Rogers Group,Net Perceptions,One publication,ROI analysis for personalization,1to1 Personalization,B2C commerce,personalization market,B2C website,crm systems,b2b email marketing Read More...
Ask the Experts Question Raises Some Interest: What do you know about Segregation of Duties and SOX?
Every so often, Technology Evaluation Centers (TEC) analysts—our in-house panel of experts—receive questions from readers on a variety of software-related

how write statement research interest  with NetIQ - NetIQ How a Leading Vendor Embraces Governance, Risk Management, and Compliance - P.J. Jakovljevic But we didn't stop there... While the individual was very pleased with our responses, we decided to investigate SOD a little further. A few of our TEC analysts got together for a roundtable discussion and decided to write an article on Sarbanes-Oxley (SOX) and the importance of SOD with respect to Section 404 of the 2002 Act. The article covers some of the major points of consideration for Read More...
Goodbye PCs, Hello Appliances?
The U.S. market for Internet appliances is taking off. The new devices are expected to surpass consumer personal computer shipments in 2002.

how write statement research interest  the next two years. How long this continues depends on two factors: initial market penetration and technological advancement. We expect relatively slow growth over the next six-nine months. Once the MSN Web Companion becomes available, we expect increased growth, but not as great as Microsoft would like. The technological advancement component refers to whether functionality is increased and price is decreased sufficiently to entice a new class of user. It's obvious that this (functionality up, prices Read More...
Benefits and Pitfalls of Gamification for Consumer Marketing
Companies are always looking for ways to attract new customers and retain existing ones. One way to spur interest in their offerings is to apply the principles

how write statement research interest  this article, I describe how gaming techniques can be used for customer-facing activities. Some forms of gamification have been used for years, such as online communities that recognize and reward their most active users with titles or other tokens of appreciation (points, stars, etc.). Some more recent techniques aim to make the user experience fun, so that users spend more time on a Web site where they are exposed to advertisements.   Why Are Companies Experimenting with Gamification? The goal of Read More...
IFS Bucking the Trends - Part 2
<!--StartFragment-->Part 1 of this blog series analyzed the current upbeat state of affairs of IFS, a public business software company (listed on the Stockholm

how write statement research interest  media because it is how their grandchildren communicate these days. After all, how many kids do you know that use a cell phone to actually call (as opposed to texting) someone? IFS has already added capabilities into its user experience such as the abovementioned IEE (with non-real-time “sticky notes”), EAS, and  IFS Virtual Maps (based on Microsoft’s Bing Maps ) , to enable collaboration in context. Facebook & Twitter at the Factory (of the Future)? Recently, I was made privy to the upcoming Read More...
The Need for Investment in Enterprise Innovation: Part Two
Sopheon – Where Innovation Means Business (and Vice Versa)Last week I talked about enterprise innovation management (EIM)/innovation performance management

how write statement research interest  a blog post about how wise decisions regarding innovation investments can make a huge difference to a company’s success down the line. There are many practices and technologies that come together to improve the success of product innovation, with product lifecycle management (PLM) providing an important foundation. One solution offering such a combination of capabilities in the marketplace today is Sopheon ’s Accolade suite, With its Accolade solution, Sopheon offers support for the most important Read More...
Generate Better Leads for Better Sales Results
Many buy cycles start months before sellers are even aware of them. A system that provides reps with immediate awareness of a lead’s interest is critical, as is

how write statement research interest  reporting—including manager dashboards. Learn how eliminating the gap between sales and marketing can increase lead quality and increase sales performance. Read More...
Product Review: Ramco HCM
Many HR issues, including talent management, are common points of interest for HR (and related software) vendors. As such, many are designing their products to

how write statement research interest  you a better idea how VirtualWorks works. When you want to use a microwave oven, you know that it will have a door, a timer, and some other common features. You do not have to assemble the microwave from parts; you just have to buy one and learn how to use it. You can upgrade your microwave to another model in a few years, and you would not have to relearn how to use it. The microwave is a module with known functionality. This same concept extends to the careful design of programming modules; they are Read More...

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