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i2 Will Come Out Ahead In Kmart Deal
While many retailers acquire advanced technology for their supply chains in order to stay ahead of competition, Kmart is doing it just to stay in business.

i2 kmart  of its revenue. If i2 can help Kmart reverse the damage from an inefficient supply chain, then even the most skeptical observers will have to admit that TradeMatrix has capabilities in retail. Second, even if Kmart does not reap the full potential from TradeMatrix, i2 will have gained access to the full scope of one of retail's oldest supply chains if only for a short time. The insights i2 can learn during this timeframe and the subsequent retail-specific features it can develop for TradeMatrix will Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » i2 kmart

i2 Third Quarter Results Are The Usual Story
i2 Technologies completes another stellar quarter. Does success ever become boring?

i2 kmart  in the Internet economy. (See i2 Will Come Out Ahead In Kmart Deal ). Other new clients include Cypress Semiconductor Corporation, Allied Worldwide, and Sears. i2 also announced i2 TradeMatrix 5.0, the latest release of its marketplace platform and solution suite. TradeMatrix 5.0 encompasses solutions, content and a multi-enterprise platform that i2 believes will take companies beyond the first-generation bid/ask marketplace model prevalent today, to a second-generation model that enables e-marketplaces Read More
Logistics.com Becomes The Newest Of Manhattan Associates
Will the acquisition of Logistics.com help outstanding Manhattan Associates round out what might not have been accomplished with its earlier acquisitions?

i2 kmart  supply-chain planning (SCP) leaders, i2 Technologies and Manugistics , both in market capitalization and other crucial financial measurements. Not to mention a massive dozen times greater market value than the nearest publicly held SCE vendors, EXE Technologies or Industry-Matematik International ( IMI ). The pragmatic approach the company has taken for the last few years after a major restructuring in 1999, to judiciously expand its footprint while ensuring consistent growth, although sometimes then Read More
Merging Disparate IT Systems and Exploiting Multichannels
Astute IT strategies should help any company develop a strong competitive advantage whether it be improved time-to-market, better insights about customers

i2 kmart  increase inventory turns (see i2 Will Come Out Ahead in Kmart Deal ). Unfortunately, Kmart had seemingly fallen prey to the misperception that packaged applications, in plain vanilla mode, and without significant modification could run a complex organization of its size. The project had all but stalled. A year and a half later, before the systems ever went live, the company announced that it was abandoning most of its software and was instead buying a warehouse management system (WMS) worth $600 Read More
Internet Makes SCP All That It Can Be
The Internet is reshaping the supply chain planning marketplace. Several clear trends have emerged in recent years that capitalize on the possibilities for

i2 kmart  procurement in fundamental ways. i2 Technologies is an excellent example of a SCP that is successfully bringing its considerable domain expertise in supply chain planning to enhance procurement over the Internet. User Impact: Users who want to cut their indirect material costs should not delay in selecting an appropriate vendor that offers online procurement, either a package vendor or Internet-based portal. For direct material purchases, where on-time deliveries are an imperative, users should partner Read More
Globalization Has a Profound Impact on the Supply Chain and Supporting Information Technology
Globalization, the Internet, and demand-driven supply networks are driving technology change. When it comes to supply chain management, globalization has

i2 kmart  Services Oriented Enterprise (SOE). i2 Technologies has also developed an intriguing global supply chain SOA framework it refers to as the i2 Agile Business Process Platform . As the trend toward globalization continues, the necessary technology will develop. A good example of this causal relationship between globalization and the emergence of the required technology enablers is the current transformation of transportation management systems (TMS). A recent ARC Group report on TMS states: Globalization Read More
The genesis of Nulogx was the result of i2 divesting itself of a portion of its transportation management implementation group as an alternative way to

i2 kmart  was the result of i2 divesting itself of a portion of its transportation management implementation group as an alternative way to support its customers and implementations. To this day, the vendor continues to provide implementation and transportation management consulting to i2 and its customer base. In 2004 Nulogx went back to its roots and acquired from i2 Technologies' Transportation Management and Transportation Optimizer applications for the IBM System-i platform. Nulogx is headquartered in Read More
The Essential Supply Chain
Supply Chain Management (SCM) once viewed as a way to obtain a competitive advantage, is now perceived as a logical and necessary extension of Enterprise

i2 kmart  Oracle Corporation Embedded License i2 Technologies 11/97 - SAP AG Investment OKEF-techILOGCatalyst International 6/98 7/98 9/99 51% 5% 10% Oracle Corporation JMA Industri-Matematik 1/97 (and informal earlier) - i2 Technologies Interface EXE Technologies 4/99 - Great Plains Software Embedded License Logility 7/00 - Key : Acquisition : One company taking over controlling interest in another company Investment: Equity investment by one partner in another in exchange for product technology Embedded Read More
Oracle APS Makes Its Debut
Oracle Corporation officially released its Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) applications recently amid the usual fanfare. Long in coming, APS still has

i2 kmart  from best-of-breed vendors like i2 Technologies and Manugistics. Among the stated advantages of APS over other planning systems, Oracle points to a single data model that can quickly generate a single, global plan to encompass both high level strategic planning and shop floor detailed scheduling, eliminating time consuming data and plan synchronization. Market Impact Combined, the four modules represent a good move for Oracle and complement key areas of its ERP suite with functionality of interest to its Read More
i2 Adds More Verticals To Ra-b2b-it Stew
As vertical B2B marketplaces multiply like rabbits, i2 Technologies is nurturing a warren of its own. The latest addition, FreightMatrix, may prove to be the

i2 kmart  Verticals To Ra-b2b-it Stew i2 Adds More Verticals To Ra-b2b-it Stew S. McVey - March 27th, 2000 Event Summary As vertical B2B marketplaces multiply like rabbits, i2 Technologies is nurturing a warren of its own. Some observers estimate that today's 400 or so B2B sites will proliferate to over 10,000 over the next few years. This hardly seems to be an exaggeration considering that vendors from all areas, ERP, supply chain management, CRM, e-commerce, have discovered synergies between e-markets and their Read More
i2 e-Business Strategy Services Not For Everyone
Companies that know what they want in terms of Internet capabilities might benefit from eSOA, but others should give it a wide berth.

i2 kmart  Services Not For Everyone i2 e-Business Strategy Services Not For Everyone S. McVey - October 16, 2000 Event Summary i2 Technologies recently announced eSOA, an e-business extension to its Strategic Opportunity Assessment services. Like its precursor, eSOA provides a structured methodology for breaking down the complexities of e-business so that clients can understand how they can capitalize on Internet technology to streamline their businesses or pursue new Internet opportunities. eSOA activities are Read More
SAP Declares Victory Over Manugistics, Takes Aim at i2
On February 25 in Waltham, Massachusetts, SAP proclaimed itself the number two vendor of supply chain management solutions. Many in the room were openly

i2 kmart  Manugistics, Takes Aim at i2 SAP Declares Victory Over Manugistics, Takes Aim at i2 S. McVey - March 15th, 2000 Event Summary On February 25, SAP AG held an analyst education day at its Waltham offices to give a progress review of its APO (Advanced Planner & Optimizer) application worldwide rollout. Joining SAP were representatives from two members of its client base, Dow Corning and Colgate-Palmolive. Their overviews highlighted ongoing R/3 and APO implementations and focused on laying the groundwork Read More
Adexa Reports Record First Quarter Results
It began the quarter as Paragon Management Systems and finished it as Adexa. Now the company looks to build on its record first quarter results.

i2 kmart  management software players like i2 and Manugistics. This obscurity was largely undeserved as Adexa offers a broad product suite with many advanced features that has found wide acceptance in the semiconductor and high tech electronics industries. For those parts of enterprise management it does not cover, Adexa partners with a host of third party software vendors to further extend its applications into electronic procurement, order management, warehouse management, transportation management, and data Read More
RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part Two: How Will it Work and What Should we Think?
On November 1, 2012, RedPrairie Corporation and JDA Software announced their merger. Under the terms of the agreement, the entities affiliated with RedPrairie

i2 kmart  years. The acquisition of i2 has been challenging, the company is just completing an investigation from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding accounting issues, and the Q3 2012 financial results the company released on the day of the merger were weak. JDA reported Q3 license revenue declined 18 percent versus Q3 2011, total revenue declined 5 percent, and adjusted earnings per share declined 21 percent. To be fair, RedPrairie has been hitting its financial benchmarks, continuing to Read More
Let’s Be Frank: It Was A Very Good Quarter For E-Procurement
The word 'profitability': is being bandied about as some e-procurement vendors show continued growth.

i2 kmart  it inherits from its i2 alliance, and Commerce One with its strong global network. Their partnerships - Ariba's with i2 and IBM, Commerce One's with SAP and GXS - also give them playing fields that are largely their own. While the overlap in spheres of influence and target customers is large, we think the time will come when they don't feel the urge to fight too terribly hard against each other. The two smaller companies we looked at are also tooting their horns. PurchasePro signed giant Computer Associat Read More

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