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 i2 lawsuit

Industri-Matematik Faces Uphill Climb
Wracked by negative earnings, shifting infrastructure, and pending litigation, Industri-Matematik International Corporation (NASDAQ: IMIC) faces a difficult

i2 lawsuit  than SCM market leader i2 Technologies (SMART, 6/99). Advanced product functionality: Though significant sales of its new product, VIVALDI, have yet to materialize, the suite provides many differentiating features, including support for 13 languages, advanced messaging (via partnership with Frontec AMT that began July 1997), and support for web- Java-based clients. Uniformly distributed customer base: A result of its long operating history and early move to the U.S. (1993), IMI has developed a

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Never Was A Story Of More Woe Than This Of RJR And Nabisco

The complex maneuvers involved in RJR’s divestiture of Nabisco will prove simple compared to the efforts required to join Kraft and Nabisco in a way that ensures future success.

i2 lawsuit  D. Edwards), Think (now i2 Technologies) as well as others. For its part, Kraft brings systems and technology from ILOG, Manugistics, and Ariba. Though EAI (enterprise application integration) tools can easily duct-tape these applications together, Holden and her team need to start from scratch and design a business process architecture that makes the best use of resources from each company. In addition to diversifying its product mix, Kraft-Nabisco will have expanded its distribution networks, Read More

JDA FOCUS 2010 Impressions - Part 2

Part 1 of this blog series talked about my attendance of the JDA FOCUS 2010 conference on the heels of the recent merger between JDA Software (NASDAQ: JDAS) and i2 Technologies. The article first discussed the different geneses and cultures of the two merging parties. One major outcome of the conference was JDA’s unveiled plan to converge most of its existing and acquired

i2 lawsuit  optimization (SNO) product called i2 Strategist   and i2’s Agile Business Process Platform (ABPP) capabilities. But How Complete Is The SCM Company ? JDA’s vision is to provide SCM solutions that span from the supplier (raw material planning) via factory, vendor’s distribution center (DC) and retail DC to the retail shelf (or online catalog). The major FOCUS 2010 message was that today’s supply chain decisions (primarily in terms of replenishment shipments) are disconnected and far removed from Read More

RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part One: What’s (Not) to Like?

My blog series in 2009 entitled “A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players” talked at great length about RedPrairie Corporation, JDA Software, and Manhattan Associates, including their corporate history and acquisitions. The general feeling at the time was that hardly any of these three great supply chain management (SCM) software companies would remain independent in the

i2 lawsuit  get suckered into buying i2 and having that huge failed implementation lawsuit at Dillard’s and the $250 million or so punitive damage verdict (the matter has meanwhile been settled ). In fact, JDA has done quite a decent job with Manugistics, much better than anyone expected. From that merger came the idea of converging the needs of CPG manufacturers with those of retailers. JDA may have wanted to add i2 to this portfolio because of i2’s better transportation management system (TMS) capabilities and Read More

JDA FOCUS 2010 Impressions - Part 1

Last year I attended the JDA FOCUS 2009 conference to realize that Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA Software (NASDAQ: JDAS) has become a force to be reckoned with in the vast supply chain management (SCM) space. Although far from being a vocal or touchy-feely company, throughout its history JDA has been run fairly effectively by applying basic principles of sound management

i2 lawsuit  failed merger efforts with i2 Technologies in early 2009. In private conversations, JDA executives shrugged the failed merger off as a good riddance, since the discrete manufacturing industries that i2 targets were quite affected by the recession (e.g., hi tech and automotive), in contrast to JDA’s more recession-proof target industries (we all have to eat, drink, and wear something after all). While I got their points in part, I couldn’t also help but feeling some “sour grapes” attitude. Well, Read More

i2 Announces e-Business Strategy

"Market leader i2 Technologies has emerged relatively unscathed from this year's turbulence in the supply-chain management software arena. Now, i2 is expanding into new areas while positioning its core products as key to the development of Internet business strategies. At its user conference in Las Vegas on Oct. 13, i2 is expected to provide details of an e-commerce software suite for order-taking, managing website content, and providing price quotes, due to ship by year's end. It will also introduce an online marketplace that will be powered by i2's supply-chain planning and collaboration suite, and will be open to any company that wants

i2 lawsuit  Announces e-Business Strategy i2 Announces e-Business Strategy S. McVey - September 28th, 1999 Event Summary At its annual user conference on Oct. 13, 1999, i2 Technologies will announce details of its Internet Fulfillment Server application suite that will enable businesses to take orders, manage website content, and provide price quotes via the Internet. Also forthcoming at the conference are details of its Rhythm Exchange Services, a solution for on-line trading partner collaboration. In addition, i2 Read More

More Marketplace Success For Manugistics?

Give Manugistics high marks in self-confidence: some vendors are reluctant to announce new client wins before successful completion of the implementation, let alone before the deal is final.

i2 lawsuit  ran neck-and neck with i2 Technologies. Though i2 has moved on to become a force in e-commerce, both alone and in partnership with Ariba, IBM and others, Manugistics clearly remains a contender, especially with wins at established e-commerce companies like Amazon.com. Of course, it may be that Manugistics simply wants to associate its name as often as possible with electronic marketplaces. Regardless of whether it wins the contract or not, the fact that it was in the running goes some way toward keeping Read More

RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part Two: How Will it Work and What Should we Think?

On November 1, 2012, RedPrairie Corporation and JDA Software announced their merger. Under the terms of the agreement, the entities affiliated with RedPrairie will effect a cash tender offer to acquire all outstanding shares of JDA common stock for $45 per share. My initial positive and negative thoughts on the merger were outlined in Part One of this blog series. Cynical and jaded market

i2 lawsuit  years. The acquisition of i2 has been challenging, the company is just completing an investigation from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) regarding accounting issues, and the Q3 2012 financial results the company released on the day of the merger were weak. JDA reported Q3 license revenue declined 18 percent versus Q3 2011, total revenue declined 5 percent, and adjusted earnings per share declined 21 percent. To be fair, RedPrairie has been hitting its financial benchmarks, continuing to Read More

IBM’s Marketplace Solutions: Is Ariba Not Enough?

IBM trains its sights on helping businesses create online marketplaces. But, we ask our staff prognosticator, isn’t that what partner Ariba does?

i2 lawsuit  9 IBM, Ariba and i2 made a huge partnership announcement. (See B2Big Deal for IBM, Ariba, and i2 ). The companies were going to integrate technologies, build a competency center and cooperate massively. IBM will create a team of several thousand salespeople who will be dedicated to selling the alliance's solution. IBM promised to develop a team of specialists in this solution from among the 138,000 employees of its Global Services division, and said that Ariba and i2 will acquire IBM's current Read More

i2, SAP, Oracle Poised For Showdown in Q4

With analysts expecting SCM software spending to rebound in Q3 and Q4, vendors are sharpening their knives for a lunge at the supply chain pie. Which one will pull out the plum?

i2 lawsuit  the approaching SCM showdown, i2 Technologies emerges as the ailing but defiant market leader who must defend its throne from SAP , Oracle , and a resurrected Manugistics . The last two quarters have left high-flying i2 in the unusual position of suffering losses. In the first quarter of 2001, i2 shocked its customers and market watchers by posting pro forma earnings beneath projections of $0.04 per share by two cents. License revenues of $211.1 million fell from an all-time high of $244 million in the Read More

Logistics.com Becomes Transportation Service Provider For Commerce One

Logistics.com’s transportation capabilities give Commerce One ammunition against i2 Technologies.

i2 lawsuit  its most dangerous rivals, i2 Technologies. i2's FreightMatrix combines the best parts of its Transportation Management software (acquired from Intertrans Logistics Systems) with a web-deployed platform that transparently serves as the logistics engine behind several of its TradeMatrix vertical marketplaces. Logistics.com can offer better functionality than i2 and has defeated it in more than one deal. Much of Commerce One's success against i2 rests on how smoothly Commerce One can deploy Logistics.com's Read More

Commerce One: Everything but Profits

Commerce One is a household name because of its strong growth and its focus on the global marketplace. It now has to decide how to respond to the recent Ariba/i2/IBM partnership and whether the time is coming to begin showing earnings.

i2 lawsuit  incredible partnership between Ariba, i2 and IBM (see TEC note: B2Big Deal for IBM, Ariba, and i2 ) While it has partnerships with Aspect (which the company says will continue despite Aspect's absorption by i2 (see TEC note: IBM is not Enough: i2 Snatches Aspect and SupplyBase ), with Adexa, and with various system integrators, they do not match the magnitude of Ariba's deal. In sheer numbers a case can be made that the difference isn't huge. For example, PriceWaterhouseCoopers has 500 consultants Read More

Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard Part 4: Other Vendors, CRM, SCP & User Recommendations

Application vendors find themselves in a precarious situation where, concurrently with dismal revenue inflow, there is a need for bigger investment in the development of their products. Vendors unable to keep abreast of technology demands of a vertically focused solution that provides tangible returns in ever-smaller project chunks are in a danger of becoming has-beens.

i2 lawsuit  IBM Corporation Siebel Systems i2 Technologies SAP AG PeopleSoft Part Two discussed the impact on Microsoft. Part Three discussed the Market Impact on IBM. This part covers the other ERP vendors, CRM, SCP, and makes User Recommendations. Other ERP Vendors The bigger is better largely applies in the case of pure enterprise application providers as well, since vendors like SAP , Oracle , PeopleSoft and Siebel , with a sufficient number of clients are in the best position to ride out the storm. They can Read More

Business Objects Outguns Brio Technology in Patent Dispute

On September 13, Business Objects and Brio Technology announced that they had settled a patent infringement suit. Brio technology will be forced to pay an undisclosed sum to Business Objects, and to acknowledge the validity of Business Objects' U.S. patent.

i2 lawsuit  Objects Outguns Brio Technology in Patent Dispute Event Summary SAN JOSE, Sept 13 /Business Wire/ -- Business Objects (NASDAQ: BOBJ) and Brio Technology (NASDAQ: BRYO) today announced the settlement of their pending patent litigation involving Business Objects' United States patent number 5,555,403 entitled Relational Database Access System Using Semantically Dynamic Objects. Under the agreement, the detailed terms of which are confidential: -- Brio acknowledges the validity of Business Read More

What Can Manufacturers Do in a Tough Economy? - Part I

According to the proverb “calamity is the touchstone of a brave mind,” in these tough times some supply chain management (SCM) vendors have been trying to take stock (no pun intended) of their offerings and how best to offer these to customers, to mutual benefit. In fact, I have recently seen some intriguing (if not bizarre) press releases (PRs), which read like some type of whitepapers or

i2 lawsuit  merger of JDA with i2 Technologies (which was just called off following on the recent haggling over the final i2 price ), I am not aware of any notable product that i2 could have contributed with here , since its heritage was not really in the fast moving consumer good (FMCG) sector, as was the case with Manugistics. At the end of the day, not many innovative things will come out of this strategic advice unless JDA really can propagate the demand signal back into the forecast and re-forecast/allocate Read More