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Adexa Prepares To Step Into The Spotlight
From its roots in advanced planning and scheduling, Adexa, Inc. has emerged as a strong player in the business-to-business collaboration software market. With an aggressive marketing campaign and potential public offering, the company hopes to end its toil behind the scenes and take center stage.

ICOLLABORATION: jointly sells and markets iCollaboration with its MarketSite portals, and Broadvision, which will provide customers with customized Internet access to iCollaboration and supply chain information. Access to product catalogs is provided through arrangements with Commerce One and Agile and as-needed data integration can be achieved through Vitria. iCollaboration is supported on a number of Unix server platforms and uses Windows NT/98 clients. Adexa focuses primarily on semiconductor, electronics, textiles,

Commerce One and Adexa Build Castles in the Air
Leading e-commerce vendor Commerce One recently announced an alliance with B2B collaboration vendor Adexa. Though in its early stages, the alliance has strong incentives on its side that may well bring success.

ICOLLABORATION: e-procurement portals with Adexa s iCollaboration fulfillment applications. The two companies plan to link MarketSite s buyers and suppliers with order procurement and fulfillment synchronization capabilities through the use of dynamic business-to-business collaboration tools. Adexa s iCollaboration suite will provide applications for accurate order promising, intelligent order allocation, demand visibility, and collaboration capabilities. Such features can allow MarketSite suppliers to respond more

Commerce One: Connectivity Improved
During the eLink 2000 conference, Commerce One announced two new partnerships/alliances designed to improve connectivity.

ICOLLABORATION: B2B direct material market. iCollaboration will enable MarketSite to better link buyers and suppliers as well as synchronize order procurement and fulfillment activities through the use of dynamic business-to-business collaboration tools. iCollaboration is designed to provide MarketSite customers - Fortune 500 to 2000 buyers - improved customer service levels through order promising, intelligent allocation, and collaboration capabilities. The solution will also provide MarketSite s suppliers with

Adexa Reports Record First Quarter Results
It began the quarter as Paragon Management Systems and finished it as Adexa. Now the company looks to build on its record first quarter results.

ICOLLABORATION: increase visibility of its iCollaboration suite among corporate buyers. Major wins for iCollaboration in the quarter include Conexant Systems, Inc. and General Motors. It also signed alliances with several third party software providers including Commerce One, Vitria, Essentus, and McHugh Software, plus systems integration firms Compaq Professional Services and Origin. The next few quarters are a time of trial for Adexa as it attempts to shed the anonymity that dogged its existence as Paragon. Market

FreeMarkets’ Surprise Acquisition of Adexa Leaves Many Heads Shaking
The direct sourcing vendor’s move may have adverse side effects for investors and customers.

ICOLLABORATION: Current users of Adexa s iCollaboration suite probably have no cause for alarm in the short term. There is a risk that FreeMarkets may discontinue parts of the iCollaboration suite that do not fit its direct material sourcing strategy or sell them off. Adexa has a sizeable client base and these could help support FreeMarkets during lean periods when the company is focused on assimilating its new business and integrating its solutions.

What s in a Name for Supply Chain Vendors?
Paragon Management Systems, now Adexa, is the latest niche supply chain management vendor to re-christen itself in the last seven months. Since July, four small vendors have assumed new names and personas to better differentiate their offerings in the marketplace.

ICOLLABORATION: Adexa s collaborative planning solution, iCollaboration, helps companies adapt their operations to the new rules of e-business while increasing the dexterity and responsiveness of their extended supply chains through improved communication and collaboration with customers and trading partners. Of course, it also gains a certain alphabetical advantage in vendor directories and search engines. The rest of the new faces: Provia Software: On July 12, 1999, warehouse management system (WMS) vendor Haushahn

Supply Chain Management Audio Conference Transcript
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Supply Chain Management presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the TEC patented selection engine WebTESS, to conduct a live real time evaluation and selection. It then reviewed the critical differentiating supply chain management criteria, as well as detailed comparisons of i2 Technologies, Manugistics, Aspen Technology, Logility, and Adexa.

ICOLLABORATION: and suppliers access to iCollaboration via a web browser, but more importantly delivering advanced planning features geared specifically for business-to-business collaboration. The company is also working on intelligent agent technology to automate B2B transactions to improve speed and reduce the level of human intervention. Excellent growth: Some of Adexa s growth comes in many cases as a result of being the second choice, acquired by clients who are unsatisfied with their first selection. In instances

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