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Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Epicor Conducts Its Own ROI Acquisition Rationale
Given the

ide j2ee .net  privately held competing ERP provider of manufacturing software solutions for approximately $20.7 million in an all cash transaction. And, on July 15, in a fashion similar to its fierce competitors, Microsoft Business Solutions and Best Software , who occasionally acquire their independent software vendor (ISV) partners for a compelling value-added product, Epicor announced the acquisition of a strategic suite of warehouse management solutions (WMS) from TDC Solutions , a long-time, successful ISV Read More...
QAD Ends Its Protracted Dry Season, Not Yet On an Easy Street
QAD Inc. reported $0.06 of diluted net income per share, or net income of $2.1 million, on record total revenue of $70.9 million for the fourth fiscal quarter

ide j2ee .net  to-Business (B2B) applications, with Sell-Side Replenishment and Fulfillment, Buy-Side Management, and Supply Chain Optimization. For the fiscal year ended January 31, 2000, QAD reported of diluted net loss per share of $0.54 on total revenue of $239.3 million and license revenue of $95.1 million. This compares with diluted net loss per share of $1.22 on total revenue of $193.3 million and license revenue of $105.9 million for the prior fiscal year. Karl F. Lopker, QAD chief executive officer, Read More...
Lawson Software Braves IPO And Reports Strongly Against The Odds
Lawson Software has to a degree spiced up the end of a bland IPO year, and has also joined the elite of enterprise applications vendors that have seen license

ide j2ee .net  Inc. (Nasdaq: LWSN), a provider of Web-based business applications for specific service industries, reported total revenues for its second quarter of fiscal 2002 ended November 30, 2001, of $95.1 million, which a 15.5% increase from total revenues of $82.3 million in its fiscal 2001 second quarter. For Q2 2002, license fee revenue totaled $30.1 million, up 16.6% from $25.8 million in Q2 2001. Services revenues for Q2 2002 totaled $65.0 million, up 15% from $56.5 million in the comparable fiscal 2001 Read More...
Descartes Plots A Record Course In New Millennium
Waterloo, Ontario based Descartes Systems Group reported record revenue for the first quarter of fiscal 2001 ended April 30, 2000. Focused on building its

ide j2ee .net  a logistics exchange solution provider based in Pittsburgh, PA. Descartes offered $80 million (USD) in stock to the privately-held E-Transport. E-Transport''s Marketplace is an online B2B transportation marketplace for shippers, carriers, and intermediaries, described as a neutral switching station where trading partners from around the world can conduct business, but still use their preferred data format and transmission means. Market Impact Despite a ten percent slump in revenue a year ago in fiscal Read More...
Selecting PLM Software Solutions Vendors Part 3 - A Timesaving Solution
In PLM, there is no single vendor that can meet all of the requirements, and the market is still immature, so almost every product can be the right solution

ide j2ee .net  consultant. Thetis, pdmWARE, and IDe were chosen for this particular exercise because they were the first three PLM vendors to become a part of TEC''s PLM Knowledge Base, available on the PLM Evaluation Center . These three vendors make a good vendor sample because they all have unique capabilities that might be overlooked if only the biggest vendors were reviewed. TEC has compared the features and functionality of each of these vendors using E-BestMatch , TEC''s patented decision support tool, which uses Read More...
Analysis of Novell and EAI Vendor Talarian Alliance
Novell«, Inc. and Talarian« Corporation today announced a technology and marketing alliance in which the companies will work together to embed Talarian''s real

ide j2ee .net  it available to the worldwide community of Novell developers and users. The alliance combines Novell''s strengths in directory technology with Talarian''s leadership in real-time middleware to provide developers and business users with an enhanced software infrastructure for applications spanning the enterprise and the Internet. With Talarian''s advanced middleware technology, developers can efficiently create distributed applications in which information moves in real-time across business networks and the Read More...
PacketController Net Neutrality QoS
This white paper describes PacketController’s net neutrality methodology. Through PacketController''s automatic TCP rate-limiting technology, it does not matter

ide j2ee .net  Should there be any unidentified traffic (and there will always be unidentified trafic), PacketController''s unique fair allocation of bandwidth automatically ensures fairness across the network and ensures no one subscriber gets an unfair share of bandwidth.The paper also describes the typical process to implement PacketController in ISP environment to manage bandwidth investment and increase network performance. Download now. Read More...
ezONE Smart Enterprise Suites and vertical application suites including RFID
The company@s flagship product is the ezONE Smart Enterprise Suites (ezONE SES). The ezONE product series consists of the core platform, based on J2EE (Java

ide j2ee .net  platform is scalable and provides the integration infrastructure for the ‘ez’ vertical application suites. The vertical suites consist of six main modules, which can work together, or separately. The ezCMS is a content management system that offers integrated search and categorization of data, as well as workflow capabilities, while ezBI is a group of business intelligence components that helps organizations to integrate, analyze, and disseminate critical business information. Tsinghua Tongfang’s Read More...
FaxBack, Inc.
FaxBack, headquartered in Tigard, Texas (US), is the developer of NET SatisFAXtion fax server software, and technology licensingproducts which are licensed to

ide j2ee .net  are licensed to a wide range of strategic partners. Its product lines span fax-on-demand solutions to fax server software and technology licensing agreements with strategic partners that include AT&T, Intel, Lucent, JetFax and Symantec. The FaxBack line of communications software includes FaxBack brand Fax-on-Demand technology, NET SatisFAXtion fax server software, and technology licensing products for strategic industry alliances. Read More...
In 2006, eFashionTrack (eFT) was formed as a joint company by Textile Online Marketplaces Limited (TOM) and Sesam Ltd. At this time, the company decided to

ide j2ee .net  this time, the company decided to focus on further development and marketing of supply chain management (SCM) solutions for the garment industry through eFT. Early in that same year, the Java 2 Enterprise Edition (J2EE) version of the application environment was completed, enabling rapid conversion from .NET to J2EE code for clients using an Oracle database. The company''s mission is to provide Web-enabled solutions to the garment industry, in order to address the quick turnaround requirements of fashion Read More...
Goodbye PCs, Hello Appliances?
The U.S. market for Internet appliances is taking off. The new devices are expected to surpass consumer personal computer shipments in 2002.

ide j2ee .net  said it expected the worldwide market for information appliances to exceed 89 million units, or $17.8 billion in 2004 vs. 11 million units and $2.4 billion in 1999. In general, appliances are low-cost and generally are priced under $500, depending on the type of device and ideally, they cost way under $500, IDC said. According to IDC, it includes the shipments of Internet gaming consoles (such as the Sega Enterprises Ltd.''s Dreamcast), Internet accessible TVs (like Microsoft Corp.''s WebTV Networks), Read More...
Data Conversion in an ERP Environment
Converting data in any systems implementation is a high wire act. Converting data in an ERP environment should only be undertaken with a safety net, namely a

ide j2ee .net  This article discusses the guidelines for converting data when considering manual or electronic alternatives. First, let me start out by saying that data conversion is not an art form; it''s a science. If approached in a reasonable manner, reasonable results can be expected. This article suggests and reinforces a logical, well-thought out approach to the tricky question of data conversion, namely when should you manually enter the data and when should you electronically convert it. This article also Read More...
Oracle Flying High on Q3 Report: Is Gold All That Glitters?
On March 15, shares of Oracle surged after the company plowed past Wall Street estimates and reported strong database software sales fueling a solid third

ide j2ee .net  Jarvis, Oracle''s senior vice president of marketing, declined to comment on specific staff cuts, but he admitted that the company''s skills mix needed to change as demand shifted from enterprise resource planning applications to customer relationship management (CRM) packages. Market Impact Oracle is the most improved ERP vendor within the last 18 months. Oracle fortified its position as the 2nd largest ERP vendor during 1999 by increasing its ERP market share (up to ~14%) after being the only large ERP Read More...
Epicor Delivers On Milestones, But Its Situation Remains Bleak
On November 21, Epicor introduced the immediate availability of Epicor eManufacturing, the next generation of its former Vantage manufacturing solution. However

ide j2ee .net  said Mollie Hunter, vice president of product marketing for Epicor. With Epicor eManufacturing, we''re introducing a solid product that serves the broadest range of manufacturers to date. Not only will Epicor continue to support its strong base of existing Vantage customers using the Progress-based software, but the addition of a SQL Server version enables Epicor to extend its brand to an even wider community of mid-market manufacturers. However, the product launch seems to have, in a great part, taken Read More...
Cloud IDEs: State of Play and JPlaton Academy
Driven mainly by the widespread deployment of cloud solutions, there is a growing demand for cloud-based integrated application development environments (IDEs),

ide j2ee .net  IDEs: State of Play and JPlaton Academy Driven mainly by the widespread deployment of cloud solutions, there is a growing demand for cloud-based integrated application development environments (IDEs), offered together or independently with SaaS applications. The benefit is that an ever increasing number of online applications are globally available and easily accessible through any browser. However, these tools require expertise not easily transferable between solutions. JPlaton Academy (JPA) is a Read More...

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