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Who to Blame for Project Failure? Look Up-Not Down, Not Left, Not Right
Project failure is not a nice topic. None of us wants to be involved in a failure. But when a failure occurs, we feel compelled to assign blame. But who really

if not  through out a project. If you are not that person, maybe you should forward this article to him or her. About the Author Olin Thompson is vice president of industry strategy with Lawson Software . As an independent analyst, he was a frequent contributor to TEC's newsletter, providing articles on enterprise resource planning (ERP) and manufacturing management, as well as general interest pieces. Thompson has over 25 years of experience as an executive in the software industry, and has been called the Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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What CRM Should Have Taught IT (although not getting the message is not entirely IT's fault)
IT hasn't properly supported CRM because it hasn't understood either its importance or its requirements. The advent of CRM exacerbated a serious, pre-existing

if not  of the bubble. And if many CTOs, CIOs and IT managers had paid heed, they wouldn't have lost their budgets—or their credibility, and in some cases their jobs, either. But, you may fairly ask, doesn't the principle of aligning technology with business requirements apply to all technologies—ERP, ABC, XYZ—and not just CRM? And right you are. The alignment principle applies across the board. However— CRM, with its complex set of unfamiliar, cross-functional business requirements, demonstrates Read More
If Software Is A Commodity...Then What?
Many, if not most categories of software have become commodities. Vendors hate to hear it, but most of the products in a category produce the same results

if not  Commodity...Then What? Introduction Many, if not most categories of software have become commodities. Vendors hate to hear it, but most of the products in a category produce the same results, pretty much in the same way. If this is true, how do user select the right vendor? How does a vendor get selected? Yes, A Commodity! How do we define a commodity in the software world? Both vendors and end users tend to focus on features, but both should focus on the needs of the business. A commodity situation Read More
Is a New ERP in Your Future? Why Not Now?
If your current enterprise resource planning (ERP) isn't doing the job for you now, it’s not likely going to do so in the future. If you are a manufacturer that

if not  so in the future. If you are a manufacturer that is not running your operations on a modern, technology-enabled, fully functional ERP solution, you are probably feeling the pain of inefficiencies and you are not optimizing your business. Read More
QAD: A Software Vendor That Has Survived (if Not Thrived) in the ERP Market
QAD, a renowned provider of enterprise software solutions for midsized global manufacturers, has outlived many of its contemporaries by maintaining its

if not  harmfully high fixed costs. If midsized companies are unable to grow quickly and unwilling to merge with other like companies (thereby reducing these high fixed costs), their cost structures should put them at a serious disadvantage. QAD, much like its independent and resilient peer IFS (see Enterprise Applications Vendor Reverses Fortunes—But Will Perseverance and Agility Be Enough? ), is a prime example of the mixed blessings of a tier two ERP provider. QAD and IFS demonstrate that there is no Read More
How Not-for-profit Organizations Can Reduce Costs and Practice Better Financial Management with Microsoft Dynamics GP
One of the biggest “time-wasters” in not-for-profit organizations is the constant reentry of data from one system to another. For example, many organizations

if not   Read More
Subtle (or Not-so-subtle) Nuances of Microsoft .NET Enablement
The Microsoft .NET strategy continues to confuse many, due to the lack of understanding of the technology. Indeed, because of the massive marketing campaign

if not  the passed parameters as if a user was sitting at a client workstation and entering the transaction. The underlying data integrity is always protected, as the raw data is never accessed, since all data manipulation is controlled by the protected business object. The integrity of the underlying system is kept intact at all times, while at the same time an environment is created to extend functionality with a minimum amount of time, cost, and expertise. Thus, with the advent of .NET, Microsoft-centric Read More
HP: Why Not Just Call It “e-Vectra.com”?
HP succumbing to the trend for simple, sealed case PC’s, will release the e-Vectra in April. E-look before you e-leap.

if not  you supposed to do if they break - throw them away? The classic Vectra may lack the millennial panache of its prefixed e-Vectra cousin, but at least you can replace a Vectra hard drive. That said, the HP e-Vectra offers better legacy support, and faster processors, than Compaq's iPaq, for little additional cost - about $50. User Recommendations Two things need to happen before e-Vectras can be evaluated for your organization. First, Microsoft needs to release Service Pack 1 for Windows 2000. Second, Read More
Software as a Service: Not without Caveats
Software-as-a-service solutions often cannot provide that final twenty percent or so that differentiates a company from its competitors. Of major concern is

if not  done in the past if they want to set themselves apart, and this includes creating new features and interdepartmental/inter-enterprise flows. Thus, it remains to be seen how much Salesforce.com's Apex , the vendor's most recently unveiled multi-tenant interpretative language, will help in that regard. Apex, a runtime engine with Java-like syntax and the functionality of procedural language structured query language PLSQL (since the underlying database at Salesforce.com is Oracle ), was designed to work Read More
To Tax and Tax Not
Taxation of Internet commerce will be a football that gets tossed around in the United States long after Superbowl 2000 is just a memory. In Singapore, however,

if not  and job opportunities. However, if Internet shopping is favored with a tax exemption, the economic effect is a surcharge on the purchases of those who cannot afford Internet access, further widening the divide. As pointed out by Dallas' Mayor Ronald Kirk, this would shift a disproportionate burden for paying for local government to the poorest of Americans. Mr. Kemp countered that the Internet economy would create wealth that helps the poor through creation of jobs and through the ability of many Read More
Customer Relationship Management: Evolution, Not Revolution
Customer relationship management (CRM) can be a tool for positive change in businesses' operations. Or CRM can—unintentionally—cause a host of problems, from

if not  how do you know if you need a comprehensive package? This partly depends on whether your enterprise is small-to-medium, or whether it is a huge national industry or multinational corporation. It also depends on how many aspects of your customer relationships you think could do with a little revolutionizing—or “evolutionizing.” And finally, it depends on your company's budget. What Are the Features of CRM? In order for CRM to effect positive change in your company, its features should speak to all Read More
QAD Explores E-Business While Not Abandoning ERP
QAD, one of the leading ERP vendors, announced a number of product and alliance initiatives prior to or during Explore 2000, its annual user conference that

if not  processes. QAD eQ allegedly qualifies vendors based on multiple critical factors, including price, the ability to meet schedules, and shipment methods. To build intelligence into the solution, QAD eQ uses the vertical expertise of QAD service consultants to help companies address their industry-specific needs. The QAD eQ Relationship Management Framework supposedly then can apply built-in rules to each situation based on what vendor is participating. We're finding that many of our customers prefer to Read More
CRM in Not-for-profit Organizations
Traditionally, customer relationship management (CRM) solutions have been seen as tools for commercial enterprises, aiming to increase sales and ultimately

if not   Read More
Enterprise Applications: The Cost of Keeping Current… Or Not
During difficult times it may be tempting to postpone upgrades, treating them as discretionary or optional projects, when in fact they could very well provide a

if not  look around to see if there are any constituents that were left out of the decisionmaking process for an ERP implementation because their needs were not previously met, rather than just looking at those who originally bought into the process. The concepts of Kaizen and continuous improvement teams were born in manufacturing companies, but they have expanded beyond the boundaries of manufacturing. Many companies have formed continuous improvement teams for the purpose of improving operational Read More
SurfAid is Not Enough: IBM Partners with WebCriteria
IBM is partnering with WebCriteria to make it possible for users of its SurfAid traffic analysis package to use the WebCriteria product for improved analysis of

if not  simple package. User Recommendations If the design of your website is probably a critical element in its success then you are already using a traffic analysis package to understand what your visitors do. If what you find doesn't meet your expectations, then WebCriteria's Max may be able to pinpoint design problems that interfere with your ability to present your message clearly. If you are developing a new website and are evaluating traffic analysis packages, this announcement should give a few extra Read More

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