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Case Study: VAI Increases Revenue by Offering Integrated Web 2.0 Applications
Today’s leading-edge business applications go beyond mere Web enablement, where publishing information to the Web is the primary motive (referred to nowadays as

ile rpg  IBM Rational Application Developer ILE RPG & modularized application model DB2 & RPG IV stored procedures SOA, Web services & XML Eclipse & Java portlets IBM Workplace Services Express IBM Lotus Domino Lotus Instant Messaging Support for LDAP, SSO, SOAP & others System i and System x platform support &8226; Benefits to solution providers Increase market scope & revenues Deliver innovative product demonstrations Add new function quickly. cost-effectively &8226; Benefits to customer Optimize IT spending & Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ile rpg

Small Merger Challenges and Recommendations to Users
The recent merger of enterprise resource planning vendors CMS Software (now known as Solarsoft Business Systems) and XKO Software presents some challenges

ile rpg  (the System i5 RPG ILE [report program generator integrated language environment] code). Early 2006 thus saw the culmination of 600 man-years worth of development effort to transform CMSi5's 10 million lines of code and 2,500 menu options. As a result, by rewriting the entire CMSi5 infrastructure, CMS ensured that the solution now displayed much more flexible and adaptable screens, allowing users to customize the layout and presentation of the information on their computers without impacting the Read More
Partnerships with Vendors and Independent Software Vendors: Rejuvenating Legacy Systems
The rapid pace of global business places a unique set of challenges on all enterprises looking to improve and automate their operations, and at the same time

ile rpg  discussed IBM's Response and detailed Challenges. Partners, Of Course, Can Have Their Own Innovative Ideas At this point, one should note that the iSeries community of specialized applications and development and integration solutions providers, has not been very receptive to wholeheartedly embracing the IBM WebSphere framework. For a lot of iSeries developers, this is still a bridge too far , and many customers have questioned the cost-effectiveness of WebSphere. Instead of a radical revolution, they Read More
Aligning Java-based Application Strategies
In announcing their merger plans, Lawson and Intentia will not only have to grapple with the usual issues, but will have to deal with the nuanced differences in

ile rpg  tool to assist in file conversions from these applications to the Lawson ones. If additional IBM iSeries hardware is needed, IBM's standard discount to ISVs will apply. Also, through its relationship with Ciber , a third-party systems integrator (SI), Lawson will even provide maintenance and support of the customer's legacy system during the transition to Lawson. For more information, see What's Ahead for Users on the Enterprise Infrastructure Battlefront? . The impending merger with Intentia might add Read More
Geac Gets Its Commonsense Share Of Consolidation, With Revolving Door CEOs No Less
By continuing to achieve stable financial performance and leverage customer requirements to deliver new product enhancements, as well as undertake palatable

ile rpg  move away from its all-but-failed business model of selling maintenance and services for outdated applications. The result is a number of recent new contract wins, rejuvenated product launches and a return to the acquisition trail amid the ongoing consolidation slugfest, but this time in a seemingly more thought-out and digestible manner. To that end, Geac announced that on July 15, 2003 the Federal Trade Commission granted early termination of the waiting period required by the Hart-Scott-Rodino Read More
InsideOut Firewall Reporter Unravels the Mysteries of Your Firewall Logs
The most important piece of hardware that protects your network from intruders, hackers, and outside traffic is your firewall. Firewalls process an enormous

ile rpg  you can extract the files using WinZip and proceed to install it. The program and all applications can be installed on a single server. If you purchase the Professional or Enterprise Editions, the program can be distributed among three servers. The system requirements for installing IFR on a single application-database server configuration are a P-II 450 MHz processor, 128 MB RAM and 5.0 GB free hard drive space running Windows 98/2000 or Linux Operating Systems. For the Enterprise Edition, you will need Read More
IBS-Slow but Steady (and Demand-Driven) May Win the SCM Race
IBS, a conservative Swedish enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, seems to be making right moves to remain the leader within its selected

ile rpg  integration,supply chain management,SCM,enterprise resource planning,ERP,IBM,IBM iSeries,IBS Pharma Adaptive Supply Chain,IBS Iberia Group,ASW Read More
Cincom Acknowledges There Is A Composite Applications Environ-ment Out There Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
While the evolution strategy is safer in the short run for both the customers and the vendor, minimizing both investment and disruption, the evolutionary

ile rpg  two-part note. Part One detailed recent Cincom announcements and began discussion of the Market Impact. The Competition SAP's recent announcement of xApps would also be an excellent example of an evolutionary strategy. With xApps, SAP is enabling composite applications to be built more easily since xApps uses SAP's NetWeaver infrastructure to tie other applications into SAP applications (see SAP Weaves Microsoft .NET And IBM WebSphere Into Its ESA Tapestry ). Moreover, Oracle with its 9i Applications Serv Read More

ile rpg  application development Web RPG AS/400 iSeries report writing Java tool Read More
PeopleSoft Revamps World for Its Mid-Market
The major factors of success in business applications for the mid-market segment have traditionally been--flexible pricing, packaging and deployment options

ile rpg  21 supported languages. However, while the product was both a blessing and a curse for its original owner, the new owner, PeopleSoft seems to have learned from these experiences to its advantage. Namely, throughout the 1990s, the former J.D. Edwards has kept its focus on what was then the breadwinner, the RPG code-based World product. It maintained strong services until its next-generation OneWorld product (currently called PeopleSoft EntepriseOne ) was released in the late 1990s. The vendor had thus esta Read More
What's Wrong With Enterprise Applications, And What Are Vendors Doing About It?
With increased competition, deregulation, globalization, and mergers & acquisition activity, enterprise software buyers realize that product architecture plays

ile rpg  discussed the realities of agile business versus the ability of contemporary application software to cope with those realities. Those realities included: 1 Economics Across the application life cycle, the high cost of development, support and enhancements in term of money, time, and quality limit the ability of installed software to meet many demands of business. While the aged product architecture is a technology problem, it is not the business problem, which considers time, money, and quality. Focusing Read More
Contributing to the Rejuvenation of Legacy Systems in the Enterprise Resource Planning Field
With its focus on service-oriented architecture, SSA Global appears to be sticking to its pledge to protect the user's investment as much as it can, while still

ile rpg  path to greater functionality, while still maintaining the replaceable nature of these components (due to their standards-based quality). The idea is to build anew only what cannot be assembled from the existing component repository. SOA is the unifying integration factor, whereby one can assemble composite solutions from disparate components: some that are built internally; some that come with acquired companies; and some that come from partnering with best-of-breed vendors. One can thereby thin down a m Read More
An Introduction to Load Balancing
Is it possible for a business to ensure uninterrupted, secure, and high-performance access to network-based business applications and web sites? Yes. With

ile rpg  remote data on a ile server, which is designed to reduce network transfers and therefore increase speed of download. Compression — Encoding data to take up less storage space and less bandwidth for transmission. Content switching – Allows trafic management to be based on application-layer content such as the information contained in the body of a TCP or HTTP request. Global server load balancing, GSLB, (also known as global traffic management) — The load balancer distributes load to a geographically Read More
Your Guide to OS Virtualization
Today’s information technology (IT) organizations are dealing with the consequences of exploding infrastructure complexity. At the root of the problem is

ile rpg  (VZFS) is a proprietary ile system that, ensures that a user cannot access any other VE or part of the server. Additionally, Virtuozzo has copy-on-write technology, which makes a local copy of anything unique in the VE. Lastly, the software also ensures performance isolation with a complete set of resource management capabilities and controls. Dynamic Resource Allocation Dynamic resource allocation of key system resources such as CPU, memory, network, disk and I/O enables near real-time changes without af Read More

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