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Geac Metamorphosises JBA Into Gear, but Cuts 20% of Staff
On November 12, Geac Computer unveiled its plan to turn its UK-based JBA Holdings acquisition into a new division, dubbed Gear, that will focus on the midrange enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications market.

ILE RPG: November 12, Geac Computer unveiled its plan to turn its UK-based JBA Holdings acquisition into a new division, dubbed Gear, that will focus on the midrange enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications market. In the process, the firm plans to cut 500 people, or 20 percent of its staff as part of an attempt to reduce overhead. The aim is to cut annual costs by about C$90 million, effective from this current quarter. Douglas Bergeron, Geac s president and chief executive officer, also said he was now

Case Study: VAI Increases Revenue by Offering Integrated Web 2.0 Applications
Case Study: VAI Increases Revenue by Offering Integrated Web 2.0 Applications. Get Free Papers Related To Integrated Web 2.0 Applications. Today’s leading-edge business applications go beyond mere Web enablement, where publishing information to the Web is the primary motive (referred to nowadays as Web 1.0 applications). State-of-the-art enterprise software must also incorporate a single, integrated interface that links applications instantly to business processes and collaborative technologies. However, developing Web 2.0 applications is anything but trivial.

ILE RPG: IBM Rational Application Developer ILE RPG & modularized application model DB2 & RPG IV stored procedures SOA, Web services & XML Eclipse & Java portlets IBM Workplace Services Express IBM Lotus Domino Lotus Instant Messaging Support for LDAP, SSO, SOAP & others System i and System x platform support &8226; Benefits to solution providers Increase market scope & revenues Deliver innovative product demonstrations Add new function quickly. cost-effectively &8226; Benefits to customer Optimize IT spending &
4/23/2007 4:28:00 PM

Dengenet Proje ve Danismanlik Ltd. Sti.

ILE RPG: Dengenet; Netsis “Kurumsal Kaynak Planlama” yazilimlari ile; üretim, satis, dagitim, hizmet ve daha bir çok sektörde faaliyet gösteren kuruluslarin; satis/satinalma, üretim, dagitim, planlama, finans, muhasebe gibi tüm is süreçlerinin “denge” ve “uyum” içinde yönetilmesini saglar.

Infinium Software, Inc.: Having All the Right Cards?
Following the market trends, Infinium has recently made an energetic push into a number of prospective areas such as: Web-enablement and self-service product capabilities, business intelligence, CRM, and application hosting (ASP) services. Infinium has only very recently announced its strategic partnership with elcom.com regarding e-commerce and vertical marketplaces, which will additionally burden products integration workload.

ILE RPG: P&L and business plan, while the general & administrative staff will be shared. We expect Infinium Software to continue its focus on the lower-end of the ERP market (companies with $25 million - $5 billion in revenues), by maintaining and enhancing the existing functionality of its Infinium solution. The product will likely be enhanced also through 3rd-party alliances in the areas of Advanced Planning & Scheduling (APS), Product Data Management (PDM), reporting, and transportation management. The company

Fighting Back: How Product Data Management Can Give You the Competitive Edge
Do you want to have a competitive edge? Read this white paper about Product Data Management (PDM). Canadian manufacturers are getting squeezed. Challenged by a rising Canadian dollar, forced to hold the line on prices in the US market, pressured by customer demand for lower prices, better quality, and quicker service, these manufacturers need a way to retain their competitive edge and increase bottom-line profitability. Find out why product data management (PDM) is a solution you can turn to in these challenging times.

ILE RPG: such as version control, ile format, or the inability to access the proper data at the right time are all data management issues that could end up costing your business a considerable amount of money and your engineers a signiicant amount time. Often the challenge is that the design data within the CAD elements of a product can be dificult to manage. Because CAD designs are not necessarily compatible with other systems or software, productivity issues often ensue because the engineers have trouble sharing
12/12/2007 10:04:00 AM

Automate to Optimize: The Foundation for Data Center Efficiency
Automate to Optimize : The Foundation for Data Center Efficiency. Find Solutions and Other Applications for Your Decision Related to Data Center Efficiency. IT administrators need to simplify both complex and routine tasks to deliver increasing value with limited resources. Data center automation can help minimize the duties associated with maintaining the existing infrastructure. Learn about a solution that can enable automated batch processing for more efficient operations, and integrate the diverse application and platform environments often found in today’s data centers.

ILE RPG: script from a batch ile using the SQL command line executable, or calling a batch ile from a SQL script. This approach uses heavy custom scripting, is difficult to maintain, is difficult to document, and has no clear best-practices. Using Windows Task Scheduler. This tool does not currently handle workflows or complex calendars. Even in the Vista release it will only runs batch files, executables, or send email Scheduling utilities, such as the ones built into SQL Server, MOM, and SMS. These have very
3/25/2008 10:56:00 AM

Programming for Business Analysts? The Promise of Simplified Web Services Implementation and Access
LANSA offers to rejuvenate legacy systems by empowering developers with simplified programming to use Java services.

ILE RPG: languages (3GL) programs. As detailed in The Blessing and Curse of Rejuvenating Legacy Systems , independent service vendors (ISV) must strike a fine balance between catering to the needs of existing customers wanting gradual application upgrades without major technology disruptions, and prospective customers seeking new technology developments. To meet the needs of both parties, ISVs are often turning to next generation development and infrastructure platforms, and are leveraging service oriented

AS/400 Users’ “Phantom Limb” Pains » The TEC Blog
Users’ “Phantom Limb” Pains Filed Under ( Software Selection , Industry Observation ) by Aleksey Osintsev  ( see bio )   As you may know, TEC performs all types of system selection projects with clients in which analysts are usually involved to a lesser or greater degree. In collaboration with a client, analysts usually prepare the “to be”—the future system business and technical requirements document, or request for information (RFI)—and make corrections or additions to the template

ILE RPG: application, AS/400, enterprise resource planning, ERP, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like Aurora
By stabilizing its financial situation and by focusing on customer service beyond reproach and on its major product’s collaborative enhancements, in part through acquisitions, Geac hopes to overcome a lingering general feeling that it had passed up an opportunity to be a top-notch applications vendor.

ILE RPG: Integrated Language Environment ( ILE ) code, supposedly providing a modular development language that will provide flexibility, ease of upgrade and speed not only for Geac s development but also for customers internal IT departments. The modular nature of ILE, together with Geac s Java-based commerce.connect applications, creates an open ERP system, a foundation for full supply chain collaboration in local or global trading situations. Geac s commerce.connect is a series of applications and infrastructu

Partnerships with Vendors and Independent Software Vendors: Rejuvenating Legacy Systems
The rapid pace of global business places a unique set of challenges on all enterprises looking to improve and automate their operations, and at the same time, remain poised to adapt quickly to change.

ILE RPG: discussed IBM s Response and detailed Challenges. Partners, Of Course, Can Have Their Own Innovative Ideas At this point, one should note that the iSeries community of specialized applications and development and integration solutions providers, has not been very receptive to wholeheartedly embracing the IBM WebSphere framework. For a lot of iSeries developers, this is still a bridge too far , and many customers have questioned the cost-effectiveness of WebSphere. Instead of a radical revolution, they of

Can Java Perk Legacy Enterprise Resource Planning Systems?
Intentia has poured Java into its enterprise resource planning system, Movex, to meet the growing demand for functional enhancements and remote accessibility, without ripping and replacing legacy systems. However, are users willing to make the transition?

ILE RPG: into the future. Yet, while Intentia has gone a long way to release its second-generation 2002 Java suite, maintaining the Java momentum has come at a heavy price. To our knowledge, constructing an architecture to be the only extended-ERP offering that is fully Java-based, has come at a heavy price and eroded the company s financial position. This has prompted the need to merge with Lawson Software which is also suffering from similar ailments. (see Intentia Has Been Bleeding for Its Platform

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