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Ingeniux CMS
Ingeniux CMS is an enterprise Web content management platform. It is used for building Web sites, personalizing user experiences, delivering online marketing

image mixer  sharing, wikis, video, and image sharing. The application supports user authentication with single sign-on, collaborative workspaces, content approval with integrated workflow, Microsoft Sharepoint connections, and other features. Cartella integrates with Ingeniux CMS. Read More
Mixed-Mode Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » image mixer

What Could Process Manufacturers Do Better in PLM?
Part 1 of my recent blog series, Filling the Holes and Breaking Down Artificial Walls in a Process PLM Solution Set, established that the product lifecycle

image mixer  structure, brand and company image risks are increased. The aforementioned OakBarrel Software provides distributed roll-up engines that minimize the time to roll up millions of formulas and minimize risks to brands and company image. Dynamic Product Info Publishing For a B2B customer or retailer to buy a manufacturer’s product, the manufacturer has to create a customer- or product-specific specification and synchronize  Product Information Management (PIM) -type data with retailer data pools and Read More
Protecting Virtual Servers with Acronis True Image
While virtualization technology can simplify server management and reduce operating costs, in production environments it presents a disaster-recovery challenge.

image mixer  Servers with Acronis True Image While virtualization technology can simplify server management and reduce operating costs, in production environments it presents a disaster-recovery challenge. The problem: simply backing up a host server doesn’t always ensure that data within virtual machines is recoverable. With Acronis’s True Image, IT managers can rest assured their data, settings, applications, and operating systems are protected against disaster. Read More
Cornerstone OnDemand—SaaS Products, But Well Grounded
In this post, TEC research analyst Raluca Druta highlights talent management specialist Cornerstone OnDemand (CSOD). Get a close-up look at the CSOD’s SaaS

image mixer  talent management product  (see image of employee potential grid)—its strong configurability and support for business processes. Among its first clients were Smith Barney and Washington Mutual. Flexible Solution Backed By Customer Support The complex development of the talent management product was also helped by quarterly product releases. Although it may seem scary, due to the associated change management efforts, these frequent releases allow for fast innovation, which big clients oftentimes Read More
Customer Advocacy Part I: Creating the Business Case for Customer-centric Companies With Fanatical Customer Advocates
The new focus for business leaders is customer advocacy, soon to become the most important strategic initiative for cutting-edge, forward-thinking companies. A

image mixer  role in branding, corporate image, and customer lifetime value. Adopting a customer-centric culture has a direct impact on corporate financial viability. Read More
NetSuite OpenAir Now TEC Certified PPM for PSA Solution
TEC is pleased to announce that NetSuite OpenAir is now TEC Certified for product portfolio management for professional services automation (PPM for PSA) under

image mixer  (click for a larger image). OpenAir provides all the key functionality needed by a professional services organization to support its business operations, including comprehensive project management, resource management, time and expense management, and project accounting functionality. The OpenAir solution also has well designed and easy-to-use real-time dashboards and is delivered with more than 100 pre-configured reports. The figure below illustrates how the OpenAir solution spans the core services Read More
SAP sets up Apparel and Footwear team
At the end of September, SAP AG's U.S. subsidiary set up a dedicated team of technical consultants to assist apparel and footwear makers installing SAP R/3. The

image mixer  advantage of SAP's tarnished image in this particular situation. User Recommendations The importance of a thorough, well-structured ERP software selection process can not be over emphasized. Neglecting any of TEC's six parent ERP market evaluation criteria (Product Functionality, Product Technology, Product Cost, Corporate Service and Support, Corporate Viability, Corporate Strategy) can result in an inappropriate selection. Fashion organizations currently initiating an ERP software selection are advised Read More
Bigfoot CMMS (Enterprise and Enterprise+) Is TEC Certified for CMMS and EAM
TEC is pleased to announce that cloud-based Bigfoot CMMS by Smartware Group, Inc. (versions Enterprise and Enterprise+) is now TEC Certified in the computerized

image mixer  dashboard (click for larger image)   The dashboard is fully customizable and is commonly set up to show the most critical work to be performed by the user upon entry into the system. From the dashboard, the user can then directly navigate, with one click, to the task that requires action. Bigfoot’s top menu also gives direct access to tasks such as work orders, preventive maintenance, assets, parts & POs, and safety. An example of a screen in Bigfoot (assets) is shown below.   Figure 2: Bigfoot CMMS A Read More
Back to the Future: Olde JWT Comes Back and Agency.com Feels the Pinch
When Lipton Brisk hired web expert Agency.com over JWT it got them more than it bargained for: an agency full of ideas that clashed with their image. JWT's

image mixer  a complete change of image and brand. During the engagement, Agency's way of operating and doing business did not jive well with the senior executives of Lipton Brisk. The differences ranged from the project and engagement methodology through the concept that brand ideas that should have some continuity. In Brisk's judgment an appropriate conceptualization of the future should follow from its current brand position, established by its successful TV ad campaigns. As well, the project demanded different Read More
Kognitio Goes Amazon
If there’s any doubt as to whether the potential of big data could be exploited via the cloud, Kognitio has put that to rest. The cloud analytics database

image mixer  installing an Amazon Machine Image (AMI), users will be able to create a Kognitio environment directly on the Amazon Elastic Cloud (EC2) service. In this regard, John Coppins, senior vice president of Kognitio stated: “AWS’ flexibility, coupled with Kognitio Cloud’s ease of use and scalability, makes it possible for companies to load and obtain results from terabyte-sized data sets within 15 minutes.” Coppins added that this model will allow users to run queries for as little as 64 cents per hour, Read More
SAP to Become Leaner, Meaner and More Organized
SAP is reportedly planning a radical revamp of its software development operations in an effort to regain dominance of the North American business software

image mixer  has recognized its US image problem of not being flexible enough, partly due to a large, unwieldy organization. The internal restructuring and the external image renovation may indicate that SAP is getting an idea of how the new economy works - the company that responds the most swiftly to customers' demands and anticipates vacillating market conditions will be the winner. While SAP has so far failed in its attempt to transition quickly to new CRM and e-commerce technologies, it has recently been making m Read More
Improve Business Communications with PDF by E-mail
It is essential for users to be able to create and deliver secure, professional-looking e-mail communications which present a consistent corporate image. PDF

image mixer  present a consistent corporate image. PDF software meets these needs. However, when considering PDF, users must determine if the solution enhances communications for all network users, and whether the solution integrates PDFs with other software packages, including e-mail, accounts, and customer relationship management systems. Read More
IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEs Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
IBM still suffers from the image problem of being associated with products and services for very large organizations, and it will need to muster a major

image mixer  still suffers from the image problem of being associated with products and services for very large organizations, and it will need to muster a major marketing effort to convince buyers that it can deliver appropriate and cost-effective systems for small businesses. Some improvements still seem to be needed in IBM's overall service, particularly at the desktop level and regarding problems in IBM's services complex delivery model and coordination of services. Therefore, IBM still needs to convince users Read More
The Art, Science & Software Behind (Optimal) Retail Pricing - Part 5
Part 1 of this series expanded on some of TEC’s earlier articles about companies’ need for better pricing management and optimization practices. This series

image mixer  maintaining the retailer’s price image (e.g., better pricing rules that drive consistent policies and eliminate pricing conflicts) Improved efficiency by automating cumbersome, time-consuming pricing tasks New insights into how consumers shop and how they respond to everyday pricing and improved financial predictability, accuracy and responsiveness Enhanced merchandising collaboration Improved store  clustering  that better aligns sales points with customers Demand-modeled decisions that provide Read More
Tips for Social Marketers
Does social marketing meet the expectations that businesses or marketers have set for it? There are many claims according to which social marketing is very

image mixer  to alter their own image on social media, frequently. Perhaps it is not too adventurous to believe that social media supports the revamping of one’s image as an act of consumption (getting the sought-out “attention” from others) or a form of entertainment. In this case, clients can be viewed as producers of entertainment commodities—much like Hollywood—that social marketers have to keep up with. Tips for Social Marketers Your clients have become more sophisticated and refined than you. Get your Read More

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