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IMI Sees Red In Dawn Of Fiscal 2001
Industri-Matematik had no complaints about its performance during the first quarter of fiscal 2001 in spite of lower revenues and earnings.

imi  Dawn Of Fiscal 2001 IMI Sees Red In Dawn Of Fiscal 2001 S. McVey - September 21, 2000 Event Summary Industri-Matematik had no complaints about its performance during the first quarter of fiscal 2001 in spite of lower revenues and earnings. The Stockholm-based maker of supply chain execution and customer service software reported total revenues of $17.0 million, composed of $4.1 million in license fees, $12.4 million in services and maintenance revenue, and $431,000 in hardware sales. License revenue Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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chinadotcom In The
Mid-market process ERP vendor Ross Systems is being acquired by its Chinese distributor, chinadotcom. Unlike some recent acquisitions that are based on the

imi  Industri-Matematik International Corporation ( IMI ), a provider of supply chain management (SCM) solutions in the US and Europe. IMI's proprietary software is comprised of comprehensive SCM solutions that serve a wide range of businesses including complex retail, wholesale, consumer packaged goods (CPG), and distribution operations. chinadotcom's stake in IMI resulted from CDC Software's purchase of a 51percent interest of the holding company which owns 100 percent of IMI. The remaining 49 percent is hel Read More...
Located in Bath (UK), Reqio is a European provider of product information management software, that enables organizations to develop a central product data

imi  Wyko, Mitsubishi Electric, and IMI Norgren.
IMI Hopes Vivaldi Plays Well for Reverse Auctioneer
In signing CoShopper.com, European e-fulfillment vendor Industri-Matematik opens a passage to its least penetrated corner of the globe, the Far East.

imi  Well for Reverse Auctioneer IMI Hopes Vivaldi Plays Well for Reverse Auctioneer S. McVey - May 4, 2000 Event Summary Industri-Matematik, the $75 million vendor of advanced order management, CRM, and warehouse management applications recently announced the sale of its e-fulfillment solution to CoShopper.com, a reverse auctioneer with operations in Norway and Singapore. CoShopper entered the Asian market by acquiring BuyItTogether.com, a reverse auction site in the vein of U.S.-based Mercata. Reverse Read More...
Industri-Matematik Posts 2Q00 Loss But Sells CRM
Industri-Matematik 2Q00 revenues decreased 21% over the same period last year. More alarming is a four-year decline in license revenues, a trend that IMI hopes

imi  at $6.9 million, giving IMI its sixth consecutive quarterly loss. Stig Durlow, president and CEO of IMI, said the second quarter results were expected. While market demand for big enterprise systems continues to be limited, Industri-Matematik is making real headway in repositioning itself as a provider of a suite of point solutions across a wide spectrum, he said. The repositioning process necessarily takes time, and at this stage its effects are not seen in new license sales. Despite a 20% staff Read More...
What to Expect from Your WMS
Today, companies are facing tougher competition and increasing service level requirements, all while balancing growth with shorter phase-in/phase-out cycles for

imi  Chain Execution (SCE) solutions, aiming at helping companies to implement supply chain best practices for physical handling of goods in finished goods warehouses, central warehouses, distribution centers, cross-dock centers, return centers, and local outlets. A good Warehouse Management System (WMS) supports different roles in performing their tasks better. WMS enables companies to optimize warehouse operations and increase utilization of warehouse space, reduce obsolete products, improve delivery Read More...
Logistics.com Becomes The Newest Of Manhattan Associates
Will the acquisition of Logistics.com help outstanding Manhattan Associates round out what might not have been accomplished with its earlier acquisitions?

imi  or Industry-Matematik International ( IMI ). The pragmatic approach the company has taken for the last few years after a major restructuring in 1999, to judiciously expand its footprint while ensuring consistent growth, although sometimes then criticized as lagging in web-enablement, an Internet strategy and in functional breadth (see Transition for Manhattan Associates Necessary for Long Term Growth ), appears to have now set the company apart from the majority of embattled software vendors. Possibly Read More...
CDC Software Wins at the Pivotal Auction. Now What? Part One: Event Summary
While Pivotal might have temporarily mitigated its protracted troubles by having the privilege to choose between three potential suitors, the time for some

imi  of Industri-Matematik International Corporation (IMI) , a provider of SCM solutions in the US and Europe, and a European business intelligence and financial performance software developer CIP-Global ApS , demonstrates that the company is making great progress in the execution of its software strategy. On its hand, as the cornerstone of CDC Software's CRM strategy, Pivotal hopes to drive accretive benefits to the chinadotcom group, particularly as it implements its post-closing initiatives. As part of CDC Read More...
HighJump Grows in a Period of Low Growth Through Adaptable, Broad Function Products Part Two: Market
Although a combination of factors bodes well for HighJump's success, a key differentiating word at its camp is 'adaptability'. HighJump's approach to

imi  opportunity to redesign and optimize, while, at the same time, deploying these is less time-consuming and more oriented towards tangible payback. Gone are also the days when these cumbersome systems were only affordable by large Tier 1 global corporations, due to their early functional out-of-box inadequacy and the need for every individual project to be a huge customization and system integration adventure. The above-mentioned bullish vendors have lately shown the ability to provide their clients with a Read More...
chinadotcom in the
Initial indications are that this is a strategic investment by chinadotcom that will allow Ross Systems to expand its product footprint and capitalize on its

imi  recent complementary acquisitions (e.g., IMI ) and subsequent attempts of intertwining these. While the product overlap is small, there is still the challenge of integrating the companies. Company cultures and work styles may come into play, although the successful past partnership between chinadotcom and Ross Systems is encouraging. Still, experience teaches us that often following a seemingly promising acquisition, a major difference in philosophy might emerge between the former and acquiring Read More...

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