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Infor Lights Up Truck-Lite Europe
Infor recently announced that Truck-Lite Europe, a global provider of lighting, electrical harnessing, and mirror systems for commercial and automotive vehicles

implement scm europe  has  chosen Infor to implement a common platform across the group. The platform is expected to enable more comprehensive and integrated manufacturing and logistics business processes. Truck-Lite was seeking to improve the visibility of its manufacturing and supply chain operations, accelerate stock turnover, enable accurate demand planning, boost collaboration with suppliers, and drive faster responsiveness to Truck-Lite customer needs. The company wants to be able to see current manufacturing plans, Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » implement scm europe

How to Get the Most from Your Supply Chain: SCM Reaches the Mid-market
Today’s midsized distributors can benefit from their software systems in ways that were impossible a few years ago. By layering advanced, affordable supply

implement scm europe  the same resources to implement costly, high-end, integrated suites to answer the advance of large distributors on their territory. To survive, mid-market organizations should look for solutions that leverage their existing investments in enterprise resource planning (ERP) infrastructures, and augment those capabilities with enterprise-class functionality that integrates the back office to the warehouse. ERP has matured for mid-market companies. Size, cost, complexity, and necessary manpower were once Read More...
QAD Leads AIAG Discussion with Ford, Chrysler, GM, and the Global MMOG/LE Work Group
It is hard to think of any ERP vendor that has as much cred in the automotive industry as QAD does, owing to its longstanding involvement in the Automotive

implement scm europe  tools that help suppliers implement the required business systems and prepare for internal reviews and customer MMOG/LE audits. QAD MMOG/LE Answer Sheet provides details on exactly how the QAD application suite can help a supplier meet each of the 206 assessment points. With offices in more than 20 countries, QAD can provide effective MMOG/LE support to customers around the world. Automotive suppliers in Brazil, Central and Eastern Europe, Russia, India, and China have reportedly leveraged MMOG/LE Read More...
PeopleSoft Gathers Manufacturing and SCM Wherewithal Part Two: Market Impact
The PeopleSoft-J.D. Edwards merger was, in great part, about retaining the big five (or big four, or big three) seat and the need to be bigger within shrinking

implement scm europe  their IT budgets to implement or upgrade software they already own. In addition to promoting its collaboration-centric architecture, PeopleSoft was also successful in up-selling new modules to its customer base that, on average bought three additional modules when upgrading to PeopleSoft 8 (many customers also used the upgrade as an opportunity to add new ERP modules and extended-ERP applications, most frequently implementing portals, e-procurement, CRM, and employee self-service [ESS]). Therefore, it Read More...
IBS-Slow but Steady (and Demand-Driven) May Win the SCM Race
IBS, a conservative Swedish enterprise resource planning and supply chain management, seems to be making right moves to remain the leader within its selected

implement scm europe  processes for collaborative organisations; implement customer projects with mainly own resources; work primarily with its own software, in combination with some customised software solutions; espouse specific focus on distribution, manufacturing, and service companies; and achieve a market-leading position by focusing its efforts, passion and expertise on the aforementioned companies and industries. This is Part One of a four-part note. Part Two will present ASW features. Part Three will discuss the Read More...
Macola ERP Supply Chain Management (SCM)
The definition of a successful manufacturing enterprise is one that builds the right products, at the right time, for the right price. That@s why so many

implement scm europe  and increase sales by implementing customer requirements more efficiently. Through the use of portals, Macola ERP SCM users can collaborate with customers and see a real-time view of activity across the organization. It starts with the ability to accurately forecast customer demands, and continues with effective planning and scheduling of the flow of materials through the enterprise, to assure on-time delivery and maximum discounts from suppliers. The vendor's solutions enable users to track orders from Read More...
ERP Getting a New Breath of Fresh Air in Europe
According to silicon.com, a leading European IT TV News Service, European companies are realizing the importance of customer oriented ERP applications and are

implement scm europe  the above-mentioned opinion that implementing CRM and e-commerce only for cost cutting and process streamlining is a rather myopic strategic move. The much stronger demand for extended-ERP components than for a core ERP system are also not unexpected, mainly due to a large ERP market penetration and saturation compared to other much more recent markets. User Recommendations Users should be aware of the fact that they need a reliable back-office system in place in order to conduct their e-commerce Read More...
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Procurement, and SCM Unite! A Series Study
Now in 2001, the catchphrase is 'Collaborative Commerce', where we unite all of the elements of ERP, CRM, E-Procurement, and SCM into one coherent system within

implement scm europe  Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Procurement, and SCM Unite! A Series Study 'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Procurement, and SCM Unite! A Series Study R. Garland - September 13, 2001 Introduction  In the early 90's, ERP came of age. Everyone had to have the functionality ERP packages promised. Since then, as Web and Internet technologies have matured, CRM on the front end, and e-Procurement and Supply Chain Management on the back end, have come into their own. Now in 2001, the catchphrase is Read More...
New Dimensions in EC and SCM Part 4: Using E-Procurement to Leverage Volume
A straightforward way to drive prices down and obtain increased supplier attention is to leverage total purchasing volume through Internet-based auctions. This

implement scm europe  used to develop and implement improvement programs - an arduous task that often involves piecing together information from a dozen disparate, incomplete, and inconsistent data sources. In e-procurement, and auctions in particular, it is critical to know how much volume you have and how much you can realistically commit to the winning bidder. Finally, the price of individual items is often only one consideration in determining the most appropriate supplier for your business. Other price-related Read More...
E2open Buys icon-scm, Makes Waves in Supply Chain Space
E2open and icon-scm have just combined to create a collaborative planning and execution software stalwart, enabling brand owners and their trading partners to

implement scm europe  Buys icon-scm, Makes Waves in Supply Chain Space E2open and icon-scm have just combined to create a collaborative planning and execution software stalwart, enabling brand owners and their trading partners to work together to improve their supply chain performance by continuously solving real problems with better information. The transaction, valued at approximately $34 million in total (more than three times icon-scm’s revenues), represents an important component of E2open’s mission to redefine Read More...
J.D. Edwards Saved By SCM, Narrowly, And Only For Now
On March 5, J.D. Edwards reported financial results for Q1 2001. Although the company posted a symbolic profit, the revenue decline begs the question why the

implement scm europe  application suite. The new implementations and/or migrations from its older World software release have been a daunting experience for many users, especially for early adopters from 1999. The company patched and upgraded its way through the process, which took considerable time and human resources and possibly prevented the company from delivering its native extended-ERP functionality. One can hope that the latest release, OneWorld Xe, will finally deliver on the vision it had for the OneWorld product. Read More...
Managing Vendor Code Customizations with AccuRev Stream-based SCM
Customizing third-party “vendor” source code is becoming increasingly common. But managing the incorporation of vendor application releases alongside

implement scm europe  Vendor Code Customizations with AccuRev Stream-based SCM Customizing third-party “vendor” source code is becoming increasingly common. But managing the incorporation of vendor application releases alongside customizations requires an additional layer of software configuration management (SCM) to integrate subsequent vendor releases. Traditional branch-based SCM tools require an unnecessarily complex branch-and-merge process. However, there is a more intuitive and efficient parallel development Read More...
Rising Elephant Creates Euphoria: India's Growing Markets Are a Boon for SCM Vendors
The nature of the organized retailing market in India may present challenges for software providers, but the opportunity to tap into and benefit from this

implement scm europe  for software vendors and implementation service providers that specialize in retail management software. Background of Retailing in India Because of myopic government regulations in the past, the Indian retail sector was once closed to multinational retailers. The government did not even permit homegrown retail chains to exist. Because of this, the whole retailing sector in India remained unorganized. Retailing was characterized by small, family-owned shops. Goods from manufacturers were passed through a Read More...
Europe Behind USA in IT Best Practice
A recent report by the European Commission noted that Europe is not investing in productivity-enhancing information technology and communications (ITC) as much

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