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Gartner: How to Grow in the Recession
In the free 20-minute on-demand webcast small and midsized companies in a slowing global economy, gartner* vice president of research robert anders...

inform yourself  invest in IT technology? Inform yourself about the market realities facing your business—while you learn how to thrive in the face of these difficult challenges. Click here to view Small and Midsized Companies in a Slowing Global Economy today. *Gartner is a leading IT advisor, with over 1,200 research analysts and consultants in 80 countries.   For assistance, please contact customer service. Hours: 8:00 AM to 5:30 PM EST. Phone: 514-954-3665, ext. 367. Special Offer Files 2009 Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » inform yourself

Road Map to Developing a Successful Tax Policy: Nine Critical Components
Sales and use tax compliance is serious business. To reduce your risk of facing a costly audit, you need to invest time and effort up-front by formulating a

inform yourself  for compliance needs to inform every aspect of a tax policy. And the policy itself needs to cover every process in your company associated with compliance. This starts with who actually performs your compliance activities. Many companies find that it makes economic and strategic sense to outsource all or parts of their transaction tax management activities. Outside specialists might be tapped for their expertise, or simply brought in to bolster a staff already spread thin. A tax policy needs to Read More
Road Map for Delivering BI Publisher Documents from Oracle EBS
Communication between companies is critical for smooth and effective commerce. Delays in information delivery may seriously affect a company’s profitability

inform yourself  system. These commands effectively inform the delivery system of the recipient fax machine, document type, and other information. Note: an organization MUST have a third-party document delivery system to actually process and deliver these documents. Email With the PO Approval form, if the checkbox is selected for email, then the email address is extracted from the supplier table and displayed (as shown in Figure 4). Tools Communicate Starting in 11i10, Oracle introduced the Tools -> Communicate Read More
IBM Express-es Its Candid Desire For SMEs Part Three: Challenges and User Recommendations
IBM still suffers from the image problem of being associated with products and services for very large organizations, and it will need to muster a major

inform yourself  its partners' zeal to inform and educate the SME prospects of the Express' value proposition. The task of fostering customer's best interests before the interest of individual ISV partners, such as promoting multi-partner mix-and-match solutions on IBM technology, will be difficult given vendors' individual interests and vanities. For example, one will likely see on the standard menu individual industry solutions from e.g., J.D. Edwards , MAPICS and SSA GT that virtually offer similar solutions rather Read More
Six Mistakes Companies Are Making Today and How You Can Avoid Them
When the economy slows, many businesses react by retrenching and cutting costs. While cost reduction is important, companies often overlook equally critical

inform yourself  happen to you. To inform the right decisions, you need simple, intuitive ad hoc reporting and analysis. A business intelligence solution should support interactive exploration across multiple dimensions of your business and let you create queries using business-friendly language. What-if analysis allows you to model the operational and financial impact of multiple scenarios on revenue, costs, and cash flow - to understand the results of each market opportunity before you act on it. Layer on risk Read More
EquaTerra Advisor and BPO/ITO Service Provider Pulse Survey Results 1Q08
The latest Pulse surveys reflect business process outsourcing (BPO) and information technology outsourcing (ITO) market activity during the first quarter of

inform yourself  the surveys’ results can inform you on demand and buying patterns, deal scope, sales cycles and ramp-up time, as well as outsourcing’s role in making human resources more strategic. Learn more. Read More
Cloud-Based Financial Software: Contracting and Negotiating Strategies
Find out in Evaluating and Contracting for Cloud Financials.

inform yourself  Based Financial Software: Contracting and Negotiating Strategies Your company might be interested in the business benefits and lower cost structure of cloud-based financial software solutions. But how do you protect yourself against hidden costs—and get the kind of agreement that best suits your company's needs? Find out in Evaluating and Contracting for Cloud Financials . You'll learn about the advantages of cloud-based solutions how the cloud delivery model works how to get a cloud-based service Read More
NetWare for Small Business - NetWhy?
Remember Novell? They’re a small Utah company that makes network software called NetWare, now aimed at small businesses. Sounds familiar?

inform yourself  business,web design,windows server,website design,computer repair,groupwise,web site design,computer service,backup server,computers repair,computer repair services,computer consultants,web design companies,last login,smalti Read More
Remedy Makes CRM a Personal Matter
Remedy announced its acquisition of Axtive Software Corporation, a provider of relationship marketing software that supports personalized interactions between

inform yourself  and provide the right information to each customer in fewer clicks. The new Remedy products will also contain features that let companies analyze the needs and experiences of their customers, based in Axtive technology. Market Impact This should enable Remedy to have more attractive product offerings. Anyone who has to interact with a web site when what they really want is personal attention will welcome sites that seem to remember their last calls and can tailor information to their skill level and Read More
Driving the Need for Highly Effective Mail Server Security
Most companies have already invested in e-mail security. However, yesterday’s defenses may not be up to the challenge of tomorrow’s threats. Why? Because

inform yourself  the Need for Highly Effective Mail Server Security Most companies have already invested in e-mail security. However, yesterday’s defenses may not be up to the challenge of tomorrow’s threats. Why? Because Internet security risks are increasingly malicious: Web threats are growing more than 100 percent every six months, and targeted attacks are up 351 percent from two years ago. Re-examine your approach to mail server security and protect yourself from malware attacks. Read More
Software Selection Horoscopes for January 2008
Come on, admit it: you read your horoscope. Maybe not every morning. But you do read it, even if just for comic relief, or because it allows you to feel a surge

inform yourself  and implementing a new information security software solution for your enterprise. In order to maintain the security of your enterprise, and the confidence of your employees, make sure you know the whats, hows, and whys of information security software selection . Pisces: Keep your inner peace—and try to project it outwards—in the coming weeks, as the software selection process can have everyone around you jumping and buzzing like jumping and buzzing things. If their panic-mode stress starts to rub Read More
Five Reasons to Hire a Software Selection Consultant
Buying a large enterprise software system is not something that many organizations do on a regular basis. While software vendors are constantly hyping the

inform yourself  to bear. They can inform the buyer on the best strategies for getting a good price for their software, and negotiate a professional services contract that covers the needs of the purchaser and ensures the resources assigned are well supported. Software purchasers with the help of the selection consultant can feel confident that they know how to face the vendors and get the best deal for their organization. 5. Set the basis for implementation success Software acquisition is only one of the many steps Read More
Friendly Competition Friday - 2010 Analyst Audience
I was playing with an interesting site recently called Compete.com. Compete.com tracks the US traffic audience of various Web sites. Thanks to you, our visitors

inform yourself  world goes for its information about enterprise software issues. Here's a bit of trivia for you. If you're visiting our site from the US, you're part of the 36% of our audience that is based in North America. The rest of our Web audience comes from Asia - 24%, Europe - 13%, Latin America - 10%, Africa - 8%, Middle East - 6%, and Oceania/Australia - 2%. We have a lot of new work planned for publishing in 2011, so I hope it proves as useful to everyone as the material from the past year has. Read More
Virtual Directory Buyer's Guide
This document provides a blueprint for how to evaluate virtual directories—from use cases and technical parameters to the five questions you should ask yourself

inform yourself  Directory Buyer's Guide This document provides a blueprint for how to evaluate virtual directories—from use cases and technical parameters to the five questions you should ask yourself before choosing a virtualization solution. Read More

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