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Cincom Sticks to CONTROL of ETO and MRO Part 3: Challenges and User Recommendations
Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions will have to address inevitable challenges in order to continue to thrive in a ruthless competitive environment with a

inspection jig  engineering change request/approval, receiving/inspection, and request for quote/order, all leveraging the BizTalk Orchestration tool, should help Cincom curb the above hurdles and remain in control of its ETO heartland. User Recommendations Cincom Manufacturing Business Solutions' target market is comprised of multi-site and multi-national complex manufacturing companies and their divisions with up to $250 million-a-year revenue range and up to 300 concurrent users per site, with a support for the Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » inspection jig

Cart32 in Need of Duct Tape
With a gaping security hole, anyone using Cart32 can buy all kinds of stuff for free, or whatever price they feel like paying.

inspection jig  backend database without further inspection may have already lost ample revenue dollars due to this exploit. Market Impact With so many security vulnerabilities being exposed and talked about in the media, it is rather shocking that companies still don't perform due diligence when it comes to security. Any company accepting financial transactions over the Internet should have an outside security audit done so that they can plug their security holes before their profitability gets plugged. Companies Read More
AVEVA Augments Its Advanced Simulation Capabilities, Acquires GMS
Simulation has become an integral part of the engineering software market. When we talk about return on investment (ROI) from simulation software implementation

inspection jig  as well as robotic inspection and maintenance of plants. And irrespective of the planned or existing industrial site, end users can create a virtual model of their plants or digital plant to improve placement of machines and operator efficiency. Though these are measurable and tangible benefits for any plant or manufacturing facility, end-user ROI increases many fold if the site handles or operates under hazardous conditions such as for offshore oil rigs, and hazardous chemicals treatment and Read More
With Record Revenues, AXENT Puts Down a Solid Fist
Cybercrime and information security attacks are not going to go away. AXENT's three protection products, Intruder Alert, Raptor Firewall, and NetProwler contain

inspection jig  since employed stateful packet inspection capabilities to become what is now known as a hybrid firewall. Figure 1. Security Lifecycle ANALYSIS Vendor Strengths From a technology perspective, AXENT is rock solid. Its Lifecycle Security Model, which takes into account the four critical aspects of security - Assess, Protect, Enable, Manage - provides a security roadmap that makes a lot of sense, and it has the products to support this process. AXENT's strength is its focus on doing one thing well - Read More
Five Must-have ERP Features for Medical Device Manufacturers
In the medical device manufacturing industry, errors can cost more than money—they can cost lives. In order to meet safety regulations, manufacturers are

inspection jig  ISO 9001 requirements for inspection, traceability, documentation, and validation of processes. In order to fully manage quality and track all data related to all of their products across the entire supply chain, today's medical device manufacturers must have an ERP system that provides detailed historical information related to production, inspection, genealogy, and usage - and all data must be available at a moment's notice. The system must collect and manage a variety of data from a broad range of Read More
ICICI-Infotech's North American Strategy for Success Part Two: Customer Focus and Innovative Pricing
ICICI-Infotech is starting to make its presence felt in North America and raise some ERP eyebrows. In this research note, you'll also learn about the company's

inspection jig  company, deserving a closer inspection and careful consideration. After providing some background information on the company, the strategy is examined from the viewpoint of its market focus, customer focus, and innovative pricing. You'll see how pricing, both for software and professional services, is critical to making this strategy work and is the underlying foundation for the other two components. The research note concludes by discussing the challenges facing ICICI-Infotech and presenting user recomme Read More
Methods and Tools Operationalizing Data Governance
Data governance is about standardizing principles and implementing best practices. This white paper looks at common challenges to effective information use, and

inspection jig  through defined business rules, inspection, reporting, and monitoring. Read More
Information Security Firewalls Market Report Part Two: Current Market Trends and User Recommendations
Numerous firewall solutions exist in the market. However, decision makers can wade through the thousands of product criteria to find the right solution by

inspection jig  to offer deep packet inspection (DPI). DPI is an exciting new technology that could cut into the intrusion detection and prevention market. Some IT decision makers may opt to purchase a DPI firewall in lieu of a stateful packet inspection (SPI) firewall and an additional intrusion detection system. Intrusion detection vendors should rightly be worried about losing market share and start innovating other technologies to remain competitive. Recommendations to Enterprise Firewall Customers There is Read More
Network Associates Hopes to Rekindle the Flame
Though the security market has been exploding, Network Associates, Inc. (NAI) will likely post a loss for FY'99. However, don't expect the security monolith to

inspection jig  to a Stateful Packet Inspection firewall. Though they are arguably more secure than Stateful Packet Inspection firewalls, Application Proxy firewalls are more complex to develop, and due to this are unable to keep up with release schedules, bug fixes, and standards updates. All sources indicate that the market is calling for Stateful Packet Inspection (SPI) firewalls. Though many security experts insist that Proxy firewalls are more secure than SPI firewalls, a product that is over-engineered does not Read More
Internet Security and Acceleration Server
Microsoft Internet Security and Acceleration (ISA) Server is a multilayer enterprise firewall and Web cache that helps provide secure and fast Internet

inspection jig  network (VPN), stateful packet inspection, and secure publishing. ISA Server functions as a Web proxy and cache for customers that need to improve performance or save network bandwidth resources. Read More
Epicor Reaches Better Vista From This Vantage Point
By harnessing Microsoft .NET possibly more keenly than its creator and by figuring out its bread-winning product groups, amid difficult market conditions

inspection jig  Inspectors' Queue should give inspection teams a birds-eye-view into a shop's various quality processes — from Receiving Inspections to First Article Inspection, Non-Conformances and Corrective Actions — Vista's Quality Assurance module is integrated with other Vista modules and provides a full audit trail of shop processes. Vista's new Advanced Inventory Management module brings a number of features to small and midsize manufactures, designed to handle the expanded tracking needs that customers Read More
GSA Schedule Partnership Gets Network-1 in the Door
Lyme Computer, a woman-owned 18 person consultancy specializing in setting strategic IT agendas and implementation services for Federal Agenices, partners with

inspection jig  of CyberwallPlus, a stateful inspection firewall with built-in intrusion detection. Stateful packet inspection devices, or smart devices, look at the patterns of the Internet traffic for suspect activity patterns. It behooves Federal Agencies to do business with companies that have a GSA Federal Supply Service logo displayed on their website. Circumventing the GSA process has such enormous time constraints that most Federal Agencies don't even bother attempting that route of procurement. The GSA Read More
Cloud Computing Forecast—50% Chance of 483s! 3 Things You Should Do To Weather the Storm
And unfortunately, many casual users do not understand the full impact of their actions in the new computing frontier called the cloud. For those in life

inspection jig  day, during an FDA inspection of the clinical group’s trial data, the inspector noticed that part of the storage was procured using “Don’s Quick Storage” service. When the inspector, Karai, saw that the storage application clearly stated that the service was only for “non-GxP” data and was “not under any circumstances to be used for validated data storage,” she licked her chops. She always savored a good 483.      *GxP refers to good (anything) practice. Here, “anything” can be Read More
Are Data Warehouses as Dead as the Dodo? (Part 2: 1010data and Illuminate)
Although information analysis continues to be vital for insights into a company’s health and future, the traditional data warehouse structure may already be

inspection jig  have featured? A closer inspection suggests they all have something in common: the idea of attempting to liberate the end user from the burden of technical complexities as much as possible. This may not be possible 100% of the time, particularly when end users are looking for a full corporate data warehouse solution, which involves many complex data issues or data quality and data governance issues. But I have no doubt that the data warehouse and BI spaces are currently being reshaped by the interesting Read More
Not Yet Sold on SaaS ERP in Manufacturing? Take a Hard Look at Plex Online - Part 3
Part 1 of this blog series explained Plex Systems’ ebullience and growth despite a hostile and depressed environment, especially in the discrete manufacturing

inspection jig  these activities. We capture inspection data from check-sheets, gauges, OLEs for Process Control (OPCs), etc. Again, the data is tied electronically to the material/parts inspected. Q2 : How would you describe your sweet-spot customer in terms of size, the number of users, regions, etc.? MS & PF : Plex Online customers fall into a revenue range from as little as $10 million to over $2 billion. Customers with revenue greater than $2 billion tend to buy point solutions such as quality, supplier management, Read More

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