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SAP Acquires hybris
SAP has rocked the e-commerce/digital commerce world this week with the announcement of its intention to acquire hybris. Whether you believe that this is a

intention leter  the announcement of its intention to acquire hybris . Whether you believe that this is a strategy to specifically address the competitive threat of Salesforce.com or not, SAP is not shy about its intention to use this acquisition, together with  its HANA technology , to attack the retail sector. As omnichannel has become a hot button for several converging retail trends, the e-commerce and digital commerce space has become a hotbed of innovation. The SAP and hybris partnership seeks to raise the ante. Read More...
Recruitment and Staffing
Recruitment and Staffing functionality allows the user to select and hire the right people with the right skill sets, as well as track the information regarding their recruitment for later analysis...
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Documents related to » intention leter

Customer Behavior Analysis from Tealeaf Now in IBM’s Analytics Portfolio
We’ve barely had time to assimilate IBM’s acquisition of Vivisimo and now IBM has announced its intention to acquire Tealeaf Technology, a provider of customer

intention leter  IBM has announced its intention to acquire Tealeaf Technology , a provider of customer experience management and customer behavior analysis applications. IBM is filling in an important piece of the analytics puzzle by reinforcing its analytics capabilities to the customer service behavior area, an important segment of the business analytics arena. IBM customers can now incorporate into their IBM Analytics product stack an application to discover, analyze, and anticipate customer behavior, giving Read More...
The Art of Software Selection: What Would Buddha Do?
“Truth is one; paths are many.” - H. H. Sri Swami SatchidanandaBuddhism and software selection. Say what? Yes, you read that correctly. As an “aspiring

intention leter  bigger picture. 2. Right intention . What is the reason behind your decision to purchase a new enterprise solution? Is it because you want to get with the times and have the latest technology the market has to offer? Is it because you want to improve operational efficiency? Make sure your intention is for the “right reasons.” In the end, you’ll be glad you did—especially when you see that return on investment (ROI). 3. Right speech . When it comes to convincing the “powers that be” that Read More...
Telligent Acquires the Messaging and Collaboration Solution Zimbra
Telligent has acquired Zimbra from VMware. According to the press release, Telligent will be merging with Zimbra and eventually change its name to Zimbra. The

intention leter  devices. In addition, Telligent's intention is to bring Zimbra’s comprehensive messaging and collaboration solutions and Telligent’s social community, collaboration, and analytics software together, in an effort to provide a better equipped software solution to companies interested in developing a customer experience strategy. Patrick Brandt explains: Zimbra enables traditional collaboration through features such as email, calendar sharing and address books, while Telligent supports real-time Read More...
SAP to Acquire Inventory Optimization Vendor SmartOps
SAP announced on Friday evening its intention to (finally) acquire SmartOps, a move much anticipated for some time. The most enduring mystery about this is not

intention leter  on Friday evening its intention to (finally) acquire SmartOps , a move much anticipated for some time. The most enduring mystery about this is not that it happened, or why, but why SAP waited so long to make the move. SmartOps had established a leading position in the inventory optimization space, and had obviously formed a very close relationship with SAP, who realized long ago that SmartOps fulfilled a very real supplementary inventory optimization capability to the SAP suite. After wrestling early on Read More...
Two Force.com Apps Joining Forces at Dreamforce 2010
One of the major takeaway messages from salesforce.com’s recent Dreamforce 2010 conference was the company’s diversification within the platform-as-a

intention leter  solution and Ariba ’s intention to build its contract management solution in Apex (despite its prolonged expertise in Java, and perhaps a more logical VMforce route).  Moreover, on the first day of the Dreamforce 2010 conference, two of the most prominent Force.com partners announced the first application merger driven by the shared cloud platform. Does the first Force.com-based acquisition emphasize the staying power of salesforce.com's Force.com ecosystem? Who Bought What? FinancialForce.com , the up Read More...
Microsoft Paints CRM Landscape On Lately A ‘Still Nature’ Business Applications Scenery
While most of its applications co-opetitors have been licking their wounds and bracing for a long summer drought, fat cash cushioned Microsoft has been putting

intention leter  geographical leadership), given Microsoft's intention to also deliver soon easy data migration options from competitive product like ACT! and GoldMine . Look for Microsoft to become an up-and-coming powerhouse in the overall enterprise applications market, not just in the CRM niche. True, to accomplish that feat, Microsoft has yet to concurrently garner sufficient experience in the enterprise level business application market, a vertical industry savoir-faire', and in notable system integration Read More...
Generating Revenue from Service
A CRM solution, to be successful, has to support cross-business processes and a number of operations within the business, from Marketing to Service, including

intention leter  customers who have no intention of buying because of the way they have been treated, or selling to customers who will buy without being sold to because of the way they have been treated. If a customer needs persuasion to make up for previous poor service performance, then earlier investment in service might save a much bigger bill. Ultimately a CRM solution can provide a valuable addition to increased revenues generated through cost effective renewal sales volume as well as supporting improved selling Read More...
The Strategic Importance of Asset Management Part Three: A New Framework
Managing assets needs to be done in a truly proactive approach, one that ties the management of physical assets to the corporate objectives. The initial

intention leter  intensive maintenance. While the intention is laudable, the result of such reactive actions is often either non-effective or counter productive. Either way it is too late to stop the original incident from having occurred. Managing assets needs to be done in a truly proactive approach, one that ties the management of physical assets to the corporate objectives. A modern approach to asset management can be visualized as a series of dominoes. Each domino needs the momentum from the previous area, and then Read More...
Intentia’s Intents To Be More Fashionable
Intentia remains solid, with both a new product portfolio and an increase in license revenue. The company, which is unimpeded by the current economic slump

intention leter  in 2000 with the intention to ensure the company will continue to generate higher license revenue within the constraints of its current product development and sales organization, has apparently resulted in improved earnings and cash flow. Cash flow from in Q2 2001 operating activities improved by SEK 222 million ($21.1 million) and was SEK 65 million ($6.2 million). License revenue for the quarter grew up 26% to SEK 274 million (~26.1 million), while consulting revenue rose 36% to SEK 689 million Read More...
Grape Escape 2013: Customer Value a Priority for Both SYSPRO and UNIT4-Part 1
Attending the annual Boston Grape Escape event a few days ago left me with an energetic and positive impression of the two main vendors’ business strategies and

intention leter  first heard about SYSPRO’s intention to release a new version at last December’s roadshow event ( see my previous post ), and since then the company has done much work on software development and testing. In addition, SYSPRO has released the upcoming version to a community of 600 clients in order to receive feedback from users and make final changes to the solution before the official planned release in the fall of 2013. Another goal of this pre-release is to measure which new functionalities and capa Read More...
Autodesk Goes Deeper into Digital Manufacturing
Autodesk recently announced its intention to acquire Delcam, a public supplier of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and

intention leter  Autodesk recently announced its  intention to acquire Delcam , a public supplier of computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided manufacturing (CAM), and industrial measurement software for the manufacturing industry. Autodesk plans to acquire Delcam for £20.75 per share or approximately £172.5 million (revenues for Delcam’s fiscal 2012 were £47.1 million). The transaction, which will be structured as a cash offer for all the outstanding shares of Delcam, is subject to customary closing conditions, Read More...
Integrated Security: A New Network Approach
The challenge is to ensure that the right people gain access and the wrong people do not, making the role of information security even more critical to enabling

intention leter  attempts with the sole intention of keeping legitimate users of a network from using that service and/or to disrupt normal business operations. Examples include attempts to flood a network, thereby blocking legitimate network traffic, and attempts to disrupt connections between two machines, thus preventing access to a service. Unauthorized Access : Internal and External Hacking. A hacker is someone who is able to gain access and control over computers, information, and technology without proper authori Read More...
Intentia Braces For Its Ongoing Roller-Coaster Ride Part 1
Intentia remains solid, with a broad product portfolio footprint and a slight increase in revenue, despite vacillating financial results. The company still

intention leter  in 2000 with the intention to ensure the company would continue to generate higher license revenue within the constraints of its current product development and sales organization, has yet to result in consistently improved earnings and cash flow. As mentioned above, cash flow from operating activities of negative SEK 126 million (~$12.1 million) for the quarter was impacted by tax and employee bonus payments that totaled ~$21.1 million for 2001. Yet, cash and bank balances and current investments were Read More...
HCM Niche Vendors - What’s Missing from Large-scale HCM Software Solutions?
Human capital management (HCM) solutions are relatively recent in the software for business market. Lately, several HCM solutions have been consolidated through

intention leter  their expertise with the intention of finding like-minded people to connect to or work with. For example, SmartRecruiters is a free social recruiting platform which employs social technology to support the recruiting of candidates by business. Through their platform employers can advertise job offers to various social platforms as well as monitor the performance of each venue. Consequently, companies can make informed decisions with respect to their social recruiting plans. Niche vendors tend to offer Read More...

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