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E-learning Course Design
This article provides hints for the design of e-learning courses with regard to target audience, navigation, objectives, motivation, media, interactivity

interactivity  level of content, and interactivity appropriate to the audience? Content needs to be clearly organized divided into appropriate chunks that are small enough for learners to assimilate. Be sure that you have provided for enough active exercises and practice to ensure the acquisition of the necessary skills and knowledge by the learners. The exercises should be directly related to the objectives and should reinforce key messages. You may also want to provide ways for learners to organize the material Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » interactivity

Blackboard Presents New Update for Blackboard Learn
Blackboard released a new update for its Blackboard Learn platform. Improved usability appears to be the major addition to the experience proposed by Blackboard

interactivity  Blackboard intends to introduce interactivity features between student profiles as well as provide students with the capability to create work and study groups that they can manage independently from their instructors. Read More
The MicroStrategy Architecture
If you’re in the midst of evaluating business intelligence (BI) software, this datasheet sheds light on a BI solution based on a relational online analytical

interactivity  provide high scalability and interactivity. Find out more about ROLAP, as well as how BI solutions can support all levels of BI initiatives, including migration from departmental BI toward a more cohesive enterprise framework. Read More
Rich Internet Applications (RIA): Opportunities and Challenges for Enterprises
Rich Internet applications (RIAs) represent the next wave in the evolution of web applications, as they promise the richness, interactivity, and usability

interactivity  they promise the richness, interactivity and usability lacking in many of today's web applications. As with any technological transition, this implies that there are new opportunities to be explored and new challenges to be negotiated. To maximize the benefits of RIA adoption in tune with contemporary trends, an enterprise should assess the following: How does RIA fit in an SOA-based enterprise architecture stack? What role will RIA play in SaaS delivery model and mashups? What are the business benefits Read More
BI Hits the Road IV: MicroStrategy and QlikTech
In this issue of BI Hits the Road, I’d like to take a look at the mobile offerings of two business intelligence (BI) software providers: MicroStrategy (see

interactivity  mobile BI solution supports interactivity with the end user. The solution offers an interesting display of different graphs and searching capabilities for documents and data, as well as data grid organization frameworks. The solution can be used with iPad and iPhone cameras to enhance visualization of pictures and images; it also has geo-localization capabilities for map-based analysis. MicroStrategy’s Mobile solution delivers touch optimized controls and interactivity. It enables companies to Read More
Leveraging Technology to Maintain a Competitive Edge During Tough Economic Times -- A Panel Discuss
Mid-market enterprises might benefit from objectively evaluating the value propositions represented in successful next-generation applications service providers (ASP).

interactivity  introduced a degree of interactivity to web-based applications that was simply not possible a few years ago when users were either forced to fill in and submit cumbersome HTML forms, or they had to run additional thin client software, such as Citrix MetaFrame , on their desktops. Neither of these approaches has been satisfactory and, while thin client software had seemingly promised a good solution, it still had a number of shortcomings. First, it increased costs because the software had to be licensed Read More
BigIdeas 2011: Of BigMachines’ Quantum Leap - Part 1
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interactivity  to see) in AJAX-based interactivity Enterprise Agility – via the ability to move changes from test to production systems These three major themes are enshrouded by the enhanced user experience (UX) and performance/scalability/security themes. For the first issue, BigMachines previewed an HTML5- and cascading style-sheets (CSS3)-based OOTB user interface (UI) for multiple tablets: Apple iOS, Google Android , etc. The screen will work not only via touch but also via gestures (a la Microsoft Kinect ). To b Read More
Can Software Help Employees Enjoy their Workday (more)? - Part 2
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interactivity  that yields not only interactivity, but also consistency in the “look and feel” by having the system generate the UI. This approach should also give the vendor the ability to react relatively quickly to new UI customs and technologies as they emerge. In fact, Flex ’ slower performance might become an issue once Workday reaches thousands of customers ( à la salesforce.com , Taleo , and SuccessFactors ), but Workday is not overly fretting over the replacement of the UI layer if and when the time Read More
Interview with Mark Flaherty from InetSoft
InetSoft Technology is a business intelligence (BI) company that has been very active this year, focusing on the process of improving their entire BI solution and to gain presence in the market. Among other things, they recently upgraded their mapping capabilities in their Style Intelligence software, launched a free dashboard software application, and added support for  enterprise resource

interactivity  really higher level of interactivity, and can access the data related to a geographic area. JG: I know that you have another product called Visualized Free. What exactly is this product? MF: We have two editions of this free dashboard and visual analysis product. One is called Visualize Free and the other one is called Style Scope Free Edition. In fact, Style Scope Free edition is brand new—it was launched this year. Visual Free is a Web-based visual analysis application, where you can load your data in Read More
Designing Compelling Business Intelligence Business Cases
IT investment continues to grow, as do the solutions that are funded by it. So far, this growth has contributed more to complexity than simplification. Standardizing on enterprise solutions can help companies manage this complexity and focus on their number-one priority: enabling business intelligence (BI). The use cases presented in this whitepaper highlight ways that your company can benefit from standardization.

interactivity  might include more visualization, interactivity and instant gratification, while more reach should entail relevant information-delivery channels necessary to make BI omnipresent. In this section, we will consider two types of user-value creation scenarios: Making BI Interactive are richness scenarios; these consist of case examples for interactive data visualization and guided analysis on search results. Making BI Pervasive are reach scenarios about how to extend BI reach to where the work is; be it a Read More
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: Baan and Parent Company,
Baan is now iBaan, fully focused on the Internet via Portals and web technologies, across CRM, ERP, and SCM spaces.

interactivity  it doesn t offer true interactivity. Users can diagnose problems, submit new issues, and view status of existing issues. But it doesn t enable the customer with such interactive tools as Call Me Now buttons, web chat facilities, Voice over IP (VoIP), or even the ability to add comments to existing issues, or update its own account information (e.g., contact information). We need some evidence that all the many pieces in the iBaan puzzle play nicely on the Internet together. We need to see Baan place more Read More

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