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Six Sigma for IT Service Level Management
Industry analysts, Enterprise Management Associates (EMA), recently conducted research to understand how widespread the acceptance of Six Sigma is for managing

interest letter samples  economic downturn has fueled interest in SLM as a means to justify expenses and at the same time cut costs because of the increased visibility into technology usage. The single largest challenge for implementing SLM is lack of know-ledge. It is difficult for most IT professionals and leaders to make a shift from their traditionally technical role to a service orientation. IT and business line managers everywhere are looking for guidance and best practices that can assist in making this transition. Six Read More...
CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » interest letter samples

Business Intelligence
The ability to extract and present information meaningfully is vital for business management. Indeed, business intelligence tools enable companies to make

interest letter samples  only the records of interest. You can determine which columns should be displayed, as well as the order of the columns. After you've set up a SmartList search, you can add it as a SmartList favorite, so that it can easily be rerun. The search results can be exported to Excel or Word. These features make SmartList an excellent tool for creating ad hoc reports. Integrating Microsoft Dynamics GP data from SmartList with Excel SmartList is a Microsoft Dynamics GP querying tool that allows you to instantly Read More...
Oracle Business Intelligence 11g Finally Unveiled
Today in London (UK), Oracle announced the new 11g release of its Business Intelligence solution suite. There’s much interest in seeing how Oracle will be

interest letter samples  suite . There’s much interest in seeing how Oracle will be directing specific efforts to competing in the business intelligence space with this new version. This question will soon be answered upon investigating their new BI tool’s functionality, features, and improvements. Part of this important set of new features are: •    The incorporation of a new application called Oracle Scorecard and Strategy Management to track metrics and KPIs aligned with companies’ goals. •    The Read More...
Learning Management Systems: Development Strategies for the Next Generation
Stand-alone learning management systems (LMS) often lack scalability, reliability, and secure access—and the interfaces to offer these features. But new

interest letter samples  university, this info will interest you. Read More...
SAS Puts the “E” in “Data”
SAS Institute has applied its data mining technology to the Internet. The company released products that will help companies analyze and predict the behavior of

interest letter samples  The company has little interest in selling WebHound competitively against WebTrends or similar tools. The smallest sale that would be of interest to them is one that bundled WebHound with E-Discovery. A product like this would compete with other web-base data mining products such as those from Accrue and NetGenesis. We do not believe that there will be a strong marketing push aimed at smaller companies for which a product that analyzes only web data is sufficient. In particular, we don't expect that the Read More...
TEC Newsletter, What Makes it Worthy?
Do you still read tech/business industry e-mail newsletters? In the early days of the Web, I remember going to a conference talking about the importance of

interest letter samples  but actually have an interest in reading it. So we brainstormed why people might not read the newsletter and put a plan into action to improve it. I think an e-mail newsletter must stand out as a relevant information source, from the rest of the e-mail you receive. I get about 10 to 15 different newsletters and I usually just browse them for points of interest, most of the time they send me more or less the same type of thing and I don't really spend much time considering them before I hit the delete Read More...
Geac Hopes To See System21 Shine Again Like 'Aurora' Part 3: Challenges and User Recommendations
One is only to hope that the Geac’s renewed interest in alliances and acquisition will be to the point of effectively enhancing prosperous product lines as

interest letter samples  that the Geac's renewed interest in alliances and acquisition will be to the point of effectively enhancing prosperous product lines as required by its large installed base. The Extensity and EBC Informatique purchases should seemingly provide Geac with enhancements to its multiple core ERP systems for a modest price tag. The companies have technological compatibility (a J2EE-based product architectures of Geac and Extensity, and IBM iSeries support for Geac and EBC), which should bode well for the Read More...
What Makes a Good White Paper Good... (part three)
Here is the third point in a series that looks at the key features to consider when writing an IT white paper... so that you not only get your reader's interest

interest letter samples  only get your reader's interest, but keep it. Are you part of the problem or part of the solution? Identifying a problem isn’t enough, no matter how much affinity is established with the reader (see previous post and Michael Stelzner's site ). The proposed solution must be both practical and clearly stated. If the solution that ostensibly addresses the egregious problem is utterly incomprehensible due to stratum after stratum of obfuscating and argot-laden cant, the reader is left high and dry—and Read More...
Sarbanes-Oxley and Its Impact on IT Outsourcing
The rules have changed for IT outsourcing companies and their clients. The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) casts a giant shadow over every person and organization

interest letter samples  Oxley and Its Impact on IT Outsourcing The rules have changed for IT outsourcing companies and their clients. The US Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX) casts a giant shadow over every person and organization that comes in contact with a company’s financial records and reports. We’ll look at ways in which outsourcing companies can take proactive measures to meet both the spirit and letter of compliance guidelines through audits and adherence to industry best practices. Read More...
Can ERP Meet Your eBusiness Needs?
Businesses cannot afford simply to respond to the next technological innovation; they must learn to respond to change as a constant state. As difficult as it

interest letter samples  to function and grow? Interestingly enough, many of the challenges faced today by businesses are both caused by and enabled by technology. It is technology that enables the automation of once manual processes. It is also through technology advances that products are caused to be obsolete at an unprecedented pace. Technology causes the world to shrink, and global competition to become fierce. As a result of this competition, many companies have been forced to down-size, leaving leaner, flatter Read More...
Looking for Oil and Gas ERP Software? Check Out TEC’s Newest Evaluation Center
TEC's research model of oil and gas ERP systems is now live. This means you can research and compare ERP solutions for the oil and gas industry at TEC's Oil and

interest letter samples  of other categories:  Joint interest accounting In many respect, upstream oil and gas companies run like (and have the same needs as) most other process manufacturing companies. However, they also have “alter egos” made up of parts of their core companies and parts of joint interest venture partners. Partnerships like these allow smaller exploration businesses to succeed in cases when going solo would not be feasible, by sharing finances, expertise, equipment, and other assets. In some cases, these Read More...
Transportation Management System (TMS)
Transportation Management System (TMS): The ability to manage orders, optimize loads, select the best carriers, tender shipments, manifest parcel, track

interest letter samples  all key areas of interest including benchmarking, KPI management, global network design, bid preparation, and negotiations. Read More...
4 Essential Components for Successful Sales
Most companies are aware that the buying processes of the world and its buyers are changing, but many have yet to recognize the need to make changes within

interest letter samples  we have their best interests at heart. ROI Selling has turned the vendor/customer relationship into a partnership relationship. Sales professionals must be prepared to use value justification in the sales equation. ROI Selling is a program that includes all of the concepts discussed. Each component is equally important to a successful selling campaign. Further, it is critical (1) to use Value Justification during the consultative sales process and sales proposal creation and (2) to assess the value Read More...
A Kinder Unisys Makes Web Users Burn
Unisys has modified its policy on garnering license fees from the use of the .GIF image format.

interest letter samples  users' sites and special interest sites. A large site that earns revenue will probably be happy to pay the $5,000 fee just to make the letters from Unisys' patent attorneys go away. Others will probably not be contacted, although they are certainly free to offer to pay the license fee if they believe that to be appropriate. The real winner will be the PNG format. Just as most websites now take forms, tables and JavaScript-enabled browsers for granted, it won't be more than 18 months before PNG images Read More...
Working Toward Truly Strategic Partnerships
If good partnerships seem to be a rarity, true and lasting relationships that benefit both parties are downright unique. How to avoid a Barney relationship and

interest letter samples  them successful. Requirements Common interest This is the most basic requirement. If there is no mutually beneficial reason to come together, why bother? A common interest could include market penetration, increasing sales, expanding a product line, etc. Complementary support The products and services of the potential partners need to fit together in such a way that each partner fills a gap found in the other's offering. This can take the form of technology, market access, financing or any one of a Read More...

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