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9 Ways to Drive Down Product Development Costs in a Tough Economy
As consumer demand drops, many companies are being forced to lay off staff. That might help in the short term, but those companies still have to keep operations

interest rate economy  valid decisions about layout. Interestingly, web analytics can also provide valuable information on the demographics and geographics of your visitors, as well as areas of interest, helping you target communications more efficiently and effectively, thereby increasing relevance, and the likelihood of conversion. 5. Improve Customer Service Assessing whether there is a gap between your online and offline customer service levels is a good first step towards improving customer service. When you're trying to p Read More...
CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Documents related to » interest rate economy

Resilient Supply Chains: The Next Frontier
Advances in leaner and faster supply chains have, in many cases, come at the price of increased brittleness. It is time to make supply chains more resilient

interest rate economy  upheaval Price, currency, and interest rate fluctuations Taken one at a time, disruptions appear to be rare, unpredictable, and often one-time events. However, in aggregate, disruptions are not rare. They happen almost continuously in any major supply chain. While they may not be predictable individually, it is possible to build resilient supply chains designed to mitigate and proactively deal with many of these risks. It's time to change the way we think about risk management. The traditional view looks Read More...
How To Write a Winning Proposal
Your proposal should prove your case, and motivate the client to buy your services or applications. But all too often, reading a proposal is almost as painfully

interest rate economy  is driving the client's interest, you must show that you understand it and have based your solution on it. A recommendation for a specific approach, program, system design, or application that will solve the problem and produce positive business results It may surprise you to learn that most proposals contain no recommendation at all. What they contain instead are descriptions of products or services. What's the difference? A recommendation explicitly links the features of a product or service to the clie Read More...
Advertising Makes It Up In Volume
A small decline in Internet advertising rates turns out to be no problem for the advertising business as inventory explodes.

interest rate economy  as reflected in the interest of companies to advertise. The technological trend toward more precise ad delivery -- Advertisers continue to roll out means for assuring advertisers that ads will be delivered only to surfers who are likely to respond to them. The effect of such technologies is to allow advertisers to reach more of the people they want to reach with fewer overall impressions. As long as advertisers are willing to pay more for this on a CPM basis, and since a given advertiser thus uses fewer o Read More...
Getting a More Exact Picture of, well, Exact Software Americas - Part 2
Part 1 of this series talked about my long-standing coverage of Exact Holding, and in particular about my recent update briefing with the Exact Americas

interest rate economy  capabilities and its lesser interest in promoting a third-party add-on solution. What About Exact Synergy? The final product to discuss in this post is  the Exact Synergy global collaborative platform . I have always admired the product but have also felt that it was unfortunately a bit ahead of its time (see Part 1 ). Indeed, Exact has long struggled with how to position it, given that the product has had basic CRM, human resources (HR), enterprise portal, and project management capabilities, but it was Read More...
Leadership When It Really Matters: A Closer Look at Investing in PLM Technology to Profit in a Down Economy
Loss of strategic vision and leadership can pose a greater threat to organizations than dramatic economic downturn. Companies that invest in technology wisely

interest rate economy  retail industry,consumer goods industry,apparel industry,PLM software,product lifecycle management software Read More...
Yankee Group
Yankee Group is a research and advisory firm that focuses on the mobile economy. Yankee Group research follows five key themes: mobile marketing and commerce

interest rate economy  
New Chapters in the Evolutionary Journal
Recognizing that change is a constant is the first step to survival in this new economy. Identifying the changing nature of business partners—customers

interest rate economy  the electronic highway National interests are overcome by individual aspirations, and ideological issues are subordinated by economic imperatives Television images of lifestyles beyond those that were taken as the status quo fueled economic growth of nations that had previously been satisfied to be carriers of water and hewers of wood. This global workforce embraced the tools of automation, creating new environments that enabled them to compete in a growing global economy. Trade between nations created po Read More...
A Couple of
As is the case with white papers, vendors' press releases (PR) can range from blatant bragging about the

interest rate economy  damaging your long term interests around delivery, performance and availability. Strategy #3 - Renegotiate and Enforce Compliance to Contracts :  One of the big areas of loss for companies is in supplier non-compliance to existing contracts.  Whether it’s enforcing negotiated pricing, realizing quantity discounts or ensuring quality standards and associated penalties and discounts, contract compliance becomes even more essential in a recessionary environment. Furthermore, experts say that companies Read More...
Why Midsize Companies Need Business Intelligence Solutions in This Uncertain Economy
In today’s economy, executives face declining revenues and tough cost-cutting decisions. However, cost reductions alone are not enough to survive, especially

interest rate economy  business intelligence solutions,business intelligence,trusted business intelligence,identify business trends,custom digital dashboards,top 4 bi worst practices,provide business intelligence solutions Read More...
PeopleSoft Remains Rock-Hard And Economy Proof
PeopleSoft again exceeded Wall Street estimates in another stellar quarterly performance, with more than 100 new customers and with more than half the deals for

interest rate economy  jd edwards system,jobs peoplesoft,erp comparison,jd edward,peoplesoft tools,peoplesoft application,erp solutions,jd edwards software,peoplesoft software,jd edwards one world,erp systems,peoplesoft crm,peoplesoft hrms,peoplesoft hr,peoplesoft applications Read More...
How Midsize Businesses Are Using ERP to Gain Competitive Advantage in a Tough Economy
When times get tough, some decision makers reduce costs, and cut corners. In some situations, that doesn’t work. An economic downturn may actually be the

interest rate economy  oracle business accelerators,company-wide erp system,enterpriseone application suite,oracle competitive advantage,midsize erp Read More...
Lawson Standing Vertically in a Flat Economy
Lawson Software has hardly ever been associated with flamboyance and ostentatious behavior, let alone in these murky economic times. Still, its chief executive

interest rate economy  

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