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Business Objects Objects Again
In a repeat of the Brio lawsuit of 1999, Business Objects has now sued Cognos over a U.S. patent that Business Objects holds for a query technology. Cognos

interest statement  The remaining $900,000 represents interest and will be recognized over the payment term using the effective interest rate method. Cognos will likely be forced to recognize the patent also, and will have to take a charge against earnings in order to pay the fines. Business Objects can argue that it holds the patents on the technology and Cognos has infringed on them. In addition, management at Cognos will undoubtedly be distracted for a time in dealing with the legal issues. User Recommendations Read More

CRM for Financial and Insurance Markets
Customer relationship management (CRM) focuses on the retention of customers by collecting data from all customer interactions with a company from all access points (by phone, mail, or Web, or&n...
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Small Businesses Need Decent Solutions Too
The ERP software market for large organizations and mid-sized companies is dramatically different from its small business software counterpart, which consists

interest statement  response to this growing interest in software solutions for micro- and small businesses, TEC is revamping its existing model for small companies, to help make the selection process easier and more relevant in today’s SMB software market. The software model is called Small Business Software (SBS) and covers all of the major functions that small companies might require. The SBS model includes the following functional areas: Accounts Payable Accounts Receivable Budgeting Fixed Assets General General Read More
Audit Considerations for Enterprise Software Implementations Part 1: Project Planning and Management
Thanks, in part, to the fallout from the financial scandals of Enron, WorldCom, Tyco and others, the corporate spotlight is being refocused on the audit

interest statement  vendor or vendor special interest groups where other companies may have already paved the way. Some might argue that compliance with SOX will only add to the length of the overall project. First, to counter that argument, companies bound by SOX may have little choice. Secondly, it is easier to gather the information gradually as a work-in-progress rather than afterwards when interests have been transferred to other projects. Finally, below is the tradition timeline of an implementation project with the Read More
Knosys Seeks Clarity With A Name Change
Knosys, Inc. has announced that it has changed its company name to ProClarity Corporation. The goal of the name change is to leverage the strength of the

interest statement  doesn't usually inspire much interest, but in this case, the increased clarity (please excuse the pun) of the company name and its new alignment with its flagship product should ease the life of prospective customers and the vendor's pre-sales and sales staff. We hope that ProClarity is quick to implement the change and make sure it is reflected in all of their marketing collateral, web site presences, etc. Seagate Software changed its name to Crystal Decisions (for reasons similar to Knosys'), and is Read More
Heads Roll at Consulting Giant in Wake of SEC Investigation
Recent findings by the SEC prompted global management consulting firm PricewaterhouseCoopers LLP to dismiss a number of its consultants, including five partners

interest statement  to avoid conflicts of interest. As the Big Five grow even bigger, it is likely that others will take similar steps to preserve ethical standards. User Recommendations The SEC revelation should raise important questions for users who may be evaluating service providers. Apart from the ethical line that is crossed when an auditor uses confidential information about a client, intentionally or otherwise, to play the stock market, the case reveals a flaw that has immeasurable impact on a firm's ability to Read More
IBM Cognos 8 BI Mid-market Reporting Packages
For midsize organizations, business changes rapidly and frequently. To respond effectively and produce relevant reports, you must have a number of people across

interest statement   Read More
Spiral16 Platform
Spiral16 monitors, measures, and analyzes digital content, seeking the most relevant online information related to specific areas of interest for its clients

interest statement  to specific areas of interest for its clients. Spiral16 offers a Web-based social media research platform to listen, measure, and visualize the online presence of a company's brand, competitor, industry, or market. Read More
DoubleClick Takes Bath, Throws in Towel
After weeks of being deluged by lawsuits, bad press, federal regulatory investigations and nasty name-calling, DoubleClick backs off on its plans to tie surfing

interest statement  page.) It will be interesting to see how DoubleClick's main rival, Engage (NASDAQ: ENGA), reacts to these investigations. Although Engage has been at pains to point out that their targeting methods do not involve the use of personal information, the company must have concerns that a higher level of targeting may be necessary in the future to meet advertisers' requirements. We certainly won't suggest that AltaVista's high profile announcement had anything to do with the fact that AltaVista is now owned by Read More
Three Cs of Successful Positioning: The Competition
Learn how to avoid the most deadly sin of all marketing—using the same position or a similar one as your competitor, and not knowing it.

interest statement  Cs of Successful Positioning: The Competition Keep Positioning Simple: Hit It Where They Ain't. Long before marketers discovered positioning, early baseball great Wee Willie Keeler (lifetime batting average .345) summed up how to score on the competition: Hit it where they ain't. In positioning your B2B software, that means making a unique claim that sets you apart from the competition. Of course, like a well-placed hit, it's even better if it makes the other guys look like they are playing out Read More
Stand Up, Sit Down...Don't Fight,Fight,Fight
Can you relate to the following software demo situation? Jennifer, the sales engineer, is at the keyboard. She’s on a roll. She’s been setting the stage to show

interest statement  a couple things particularly interesting.  It's very easy for an audience to focus their attention when only one person is standing. It's difficult for them when two or more are standing. Don't confuse your audience by putting the burden on them to figure out whom to pay attention to. If you have the ball, stand. If you don't have the ball, sit down.  It's surprising how many times I've seen somebody stand up to signal they have a comment, only to sit down before the ball is passed to them. Why? Read More
Sales and Operations Planning: A Journey That’s Worth the Effort
In the consumer goods (CG) industry, there has been a notable focus on sales and operations planning (S&OP). This renewed interest is noteworthy because of the

interest statement  planning (S&OP). This renewed interest is noteworthy because of the impressive benefits that have been attributed to S&OP. Research indicates that S&OP process improvements are a primary starting point for companies seeking to be more demand-driven. This white paper looks at the results of a survey of S&OP in the CG industry. Read More
Product Review: Ramco HCM
Many HR issues, including talent management, are common points of interest for HR (and related software) vendors. As such, many are designing their products to

interest statement  are common points of interest for HR (and related software) vendors. As such, software products are designed to address these issues by helping organizations to properly manage new talent recruitment; employee productivity tracking; workforce or succession planning and modeling; and baby boomer retirements. While Ramco’s aim is similar, there’s an added feature that most HR solution providers are just beginning to get a handle on: analytics. Ramco’s HCM practice, while relatively new, tackles old Read More
TEC Vendor Showdowns Generate a Lot of Interest
Here at TEC, our most popular feature is something we call a Vendor Showdown. We take two or three vendors who market the same type of solution (ERP or CRM or

interest statement  Generate a Lot of Interest Here at TEC, our most popular feature is something we call a Vendor Showdown. We take two or three vendors who market the same type of solution (ERP or CRM or business process management, or HR, etc.), and compare their functionalities head on. The results are based on the most recent RFI information we gather from the vendors. As a quick example, our discrete ERP RFI contains a list of  3,690 feature functions. The vendors fill out the RFI by indicating whether or not Read More
ROI In Your Warehouse! (REAL or IMAGINED)
How can someone legitimately evaluate new software, improvements to a process, or

interest statement  In Your Warehouse! (REAL or IMAGINED) Introduction I learned some time ago that, People do what you inspect and not what you expect . I also learned that the cost of an item is much more important than the price of an item. And I learned that most companies want a return on their investment. ROI in your warehouse! Ask yourself this question, do you agree that ROI is an overused acronym. The reason it is used so generously is because it forces the seller to focus on the benefits the buyer will receive Read More
TEC Newsletter, What Makes it Worthy?
Do you still read tech/business industry e-mail newsletters? In the early days of the Web, I remember going to a conference talking about the importance of

interest statement  but actually have an interest in reading it. So we brainstormed why people might not read the newsletter and put a plan into action to improve it. I think an e-mail newsletter must stand out as a relevant information source, from the rest of the e-mail you receive. I get about 10 to 15 different newsletters and I usually just browse them for points of interest, most of the time they send me more or less the same type of thing and I don't really spend much time considering them before I hit the delete Read More

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