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Information/Internet Appliances
Information appliances, also called Internet or PC appliances, are a new market that appeal to those customers who want to reduce their desktop hardware

internet its advantage disadvantage  spun off the New Internet Company, with its ostensible purpose to develop and ship an Internet appliance. Finally, we believe Ellison's focus (sometimes characterized as an obsession in print media) on beating Microsoft and its CEO Bill Gates, will distract Oracle from focusing on the job at hand. [Note that although Liberate is in fact a separate company from Oracle, its genesis is from Oracle, and Ellison is on Liberate's board of directors.] Hewlett-Packard: Hewlett-Packard had announced their Read More...
Web Content Management (WCM)
Web content management (WCM) systems manage content creation, review, and approval processes for web site content. This may include public Web sites (Internet) or private web sites (intranet or ext...
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Documents related to » internet its advantage disadvantage

Is Something Fishy Happening To Your Website?
Freshwater Software offers powerful solutions for website monitoring. There’s a product or service for every budget and every type of site, and the customer

internet its advantage disadvantage  500 companies to small Internet sites. While there's probably not much more that can be added to SiteSeer, SiteScope is targeted for additional features, in the form of new monitors. Global SiteReliance is also due for enhancement. Look for improvements in the customer's ability to customize the displays, as well as, of course, whatever new monitors are added to SiteScope. Global SiteReliance reveals another component of Freshwater's strategy, which is to leverage their expertise to increase revenues Read More...
USWEB Weaves Great Quarter, turns up the heat in the Market Place
USWEB/CKS has announced it fourth quarter results. Its performance is on the money, and continues to drive forward as it goes through expansion by mergers and

internet its advantage disadvantage  USWEB/CKS is an end-to-end Internet services provider that provides Intranet, Extranet and Web site solutions and services to medium-sized and large companies. The company has brought in a stronger than expected quarter, making total revenues for the year of $511M, and $47M (9.2%)after-tax profit excluding non-cash charges. However, the red ink is still there, since when operational expenses and non-cash charges are included, the company lost $175M for the year, comparing favorably with a loss of $188M Read More...
Gaining Competitive Advantage through Global Product Development
Product development is a mission-critical process. And it can also be very expensive. But thanks to modern computer-aided design (CAD), computer-aided

internet its advantage disadvantage  work-product digital, and the Internet allowed this digital work-product to be instantaneously portable to nearly anywhere in the world. With these important breakthroughs, companies, for the first time, had an ability to distribute select functions or subsets of a broader process, rather than transferring the process in its entirety. Seizing this cost-savings opportunity, software companies began to offshore select functions like Documentation and Quality Assurance, while companies of all types looked Read More...
Is the SaaS Model Right for You?
For IT departments drowning in complex and expensive software maintenance chores, the software-as-a-service (SaaS) model can ease the burden. SaaS reduces

internet its advantage disadvantage  is stored. Loss of Internet connection could mean no access to critical applications. This is mitigated by caching technologies (e.g., that allow you to continue working on the airplane without a connection) and by redundant online access (e.g., iPhones offering both WiFi and cellular network connections.) Customizability and extensibility of applications is controlled by the vendor. End users generally accept the application as provided since SaaS vendors can only afford a customized solution for the Read More...
Predictive Analytics for Business Advantage: TDWI Best Practices Report
Predictive analytics is fast becoming a decisive advantage for achieving a range of desired business outcomes, including higher customer profitability, stickier

internet its advantage disadvantage  big data, analytics, predictive analytics, TDWI, predictive, data mining, data analysis, TDWI report Read More...
MAPICS Clings To Its Customers' Loyalty
While the existing loyal client base remains MAPICS’ greatest trump for retaining its solid financial position, the company will have to figure out how to be

internet its advantage disadvantage  activities. Commerce , an Internet storefront solution, integrates with MAPICS' planning and scheduling offering to enable customers to reserve plant capacity to guarantee on-time delivery of their orders. These and other MAPICS offerings are part of our overall solution that manufacturers can use to succeed in today's collaborative environment. Market Impact While the CEO rhetoric sounds like very little new accounts activity and a great effort to cross-sell to existing customer base, the company's Read More...
Configurability Strategy: A Competitive Advantage
To gain a competitive advantage, manufacturing companies that sell complex products are implementing a configurability strategy that provides more options using

internet its advantage disadvantage  indirect, call center and Internet sales channels. Cameleon drives business efficiency by aggregating, standardizing and syndicating product information across supply and demand chains. Cameleon optimizes selling and ordering processes by simplifying core business functions: e-commerce, electronic catalog and guided selling, product and service configuration, advanced pricing and promotions, quote and proposal generation, and order management. Employees, channel partners and customers use Cameleon to Read More...
Ambitious Plans and Promises: An Enterprise Software Provider Keeps Its Word
With its numerous new software license sales, new product deliveries, and its dedication to complicated technological rejuvenation (namely, an ambitious open

internet its advantage disadvantage  Plans and Promises: An Enterprise Software Provider Keeps Its Word It has long been the belief that sound enterprise applications die hard, even if at the expense of being technologically backward—especially those that feature solid vertical functionality that does the job and that have large install bases worldwide. What is meant by backward here is technology that has monolithic code on two-tier client/server architectures, if not even more outdated than that (see Architecture Evolution: Read More...
Accenture (nee Andersen Consulting) Marries New Business Model to Make its Mark
Accenture has moved from its former identity Andersen Consulting to a new mark and strategy aligned to its competitors in the market place. Since the

internet its advantage disadvantage  (nee Andersen Consulting) Marries New Business Model to Make its Mark The Accenture Name The creation of Accenture from the foundations of Andersen Consulting following the arbitrators report (see TEC's Implications and Attitudes As the Andersen's Split under the ICC Ruling: Consulting To Go for a Name Change ) may not have been a market tsunami in terms of the name, but the progress the company has made toward meeting the market's needs and trends - and communicating its new branding - has Read More...
Intentia Has Been Bleeding For Its Platform Independence
Over the past few years, Intentia International AB, a Swedish provider of business applications, has been on the quest to meet the anticipated demands its

internet its advantage disadvantage  the company's plans regarding Internet marketplaces in their respective industries. Which specific market places does (or will) Intentia connect with, what methodology does (or will) the company prescribe to are some of the necessary inquiries in that regard. Future clients are also advised to request the Company's written commitment to promised functionality, general availability date, price, length of implementation, and seamless future upgrades. Given the fact that the product has been only recently Read More...
Essential ERP-Its Underpinning Technology
In its simplest sense, enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems create interactive environments designed to help companies manage and analyze the business

internet its advantage disadvantage  trois tiers, n-tiers ou internet/intranet. La différence entre une architecture deux tiers et trois tiers est expliquée à la figure 1. Dans l’architecture deux tiers, l’ordinateur client se connecte à un seul serveur. Le serveur contrôle généralement la base de données centralisée alors que le client s’occupe de l’interface utilisateur. La différence entre les deux réside dans le fait que le serveur répond aux requêtes de plusieurs clients, alors que les postes clients ne soumettent Read More...
Infinium Ends Its Most Challenging Year
Fiscal 2000 was a difficult year for Infinium, involving a new focus shift and significant restructuring. The company enters its new year with a significantly

internet its advantage disadvantage  the company's plans regarding Internet marketplaces in their respective industries: Which specific market places does (or will) Infinium connect with? What methodology does (or will) the company subscribe to? Due consideration should be given to the product availability and endorsement of web standards. Should a different XML standard be adopted on an industry wide basis after installation, identify who will be responsible for accommodating the change and what measures have been engineered into the Read More...
It’s All about the Salesperson: Taking Advantage of Web 2.0
Selling roles have changed. For many companies, selling is more about relationship-building and less about transactional order activities. In spite of the

internet its advantage disadvantage  
Oracle (Finally) Learning and Applying Its Own CRM
After years of power struggle with its independent applications user group (OAUG), Oracle Corporation is to host its own application user group conference early

internet its advantage disadvantage  on customer relationship management, Internet procurement, supply chain, and B2B exchange platform solutions. Future directions for upcoming versions, vertical applications, support, education and partnerships will also be discussed. Industry thought leaders will host sessions addressing vertical industry content, directions and trends. Already more than 250 exhibitors have signed up to participate. Platinum sponsors of the conference are Sun Microsystems, Hewlett-Packard, PriceWaterhouseCoopers, and Read More...

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