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Bonitasoft, Part 1: An Upbeat Provider of Open Source BPM Software
One area where open source software providers seem to be doing quite well is business process management (BPM), a discipline that focuses on continuously

interoperability meaning  open (in terms of interoperability) provider like BonitaSoft, that is exactly what companies and their departments are able to get. Today, the Bonita BPM supports six languages—English, French, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, and German—and its community has contributed packs in many other languages, including Japanese. Between 2009 and 2013, the vendor raised more than $29 million by Ventech , Auriga Partners , and Serena Capital , as an indication of these investors’ confidence in the company’s gr Read More

Learning Management Suite (LMS)
These are tools for managing, creating, scheduling training or learning in your organization. The terminology varies from vendor to vendor. Learning management systems (LMS) typically help to ma...
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Documents related to » interoperability meaning

One Vendor’s Mission to Make Service Businesses Click - Part 4
Part 1 of this blog series introduced ClickSoftware Technologies (NASDAQ: CKSW), which until recently has focused solely on workforce and service optimization

interoperability meaning  large-scale implementations; strategic alliances; interoperability and integration of complementary products and services; and financial strength. Still, the vendor’s challenges cannot be overlooked. Namely, the market for its products is competitive and rapidly changing. The industry has witnessed a substantial amount of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity over the past few years and this trend of industry consolidation will likely continue, particularly as larger and better capitalized companies Read More
SOA From a Management Perspective: Part One
The big buzzword in enterprise-wide package software is service-oriented architecture (SOA). SOA promises to solve a company's software ills, making life easier

interoperability meaning  approach to deliver SOA interoperability gradually to the Microsoft Dynamics product lines. Microsoft Dynamics , formerly known as Microsoft Business Solutions , includes Axapta , Great Plains , Navision , and Solomon . In so doing, some features will be available now instead of waiting for the full rollout. Originally known as Project Green , Microsoft has committed to an initial phase called Wave 1 , which is nearing completion. It is expected to achieve a common look and feel throughout Microsoft Read More
SAP Bolsters NetWeaver's MDM Capabilities Part One: Event Summary
SAP's determination to become a service-oriented architecture (SOA) applications lingua franca evangelist through SAP NetWeaver might have been further shown by

interoperability meaning  should eventually enable technical interoperability and drive collaborative business in an admittedly heterogeneous IT (information technology) world. This should eventually allow companies to drive additional business value from existing increasingly legacy-status technology investments (for more info, see SAP Weaves Microsoft .NET and IBM WebSphere into Its ESA Tapestry ), SAP NetWeaver has meanwhile become a multipurpose engine inside most of the mySAP Business Suite, which on a coarse granular level Read More
The ERP Market 2001 And Beyond - Part 4: Market Predictions
ERP will be redefined as a platform for enabling e-business globally. Originally focused on automating internal processes of an enterprise, ERP systems will

interoperability meaning  vendor, componentized software products, interoperability standards and Internet technology will lead to fewer large-scale projects and an ongoing stream of smaller ones. Easy integration to third-party applications has become a key selling point for ERP vendors as many of them tout the provision of connectors to/from their systems and/or provision of integration development tools. This will force third-party system integrators and consulting companies toward fixed-price, fixed-time implementations. Read More
Mutual Drug Selects Epicor TDX
While most of Epicor’s recent wins revolve around its flagship Epicor 9 (a.k.a., Epicor ERP) product suite, the vendor recently announced that North Carolina

interoperability meaning  Drug Selects Epicor TDX While most of Epicor ’s recent wins revolve around its flagship Epicor 9 (a.k.a., Epicor ERP ) product suite, the vendor recently announced that North Carolina Mutual Wholesale Drug Company has  selected Epicor Trading Partner Document Exchange (TDX) as its electronic data interchange (EDI) application, replacing the company’s previous EDI solution provider. Mutual Drug is based in Durham, North Carolina, and is a wholesaler for pharmacies in North Carolina, South Read More
S-Drive Storage for Salesforce Security Whitepaper
S-Drive has been built on Salesforce.com as a managed application and is delivered exclusively via the AppExchange marketplace. It is a native AppExchange

interoperability meaning  Drive Storage for Salesforce Security Whitepaper S-Drive has been built on Salesforce.com as a managed application and is delivered exclusively via the AppExchange marketplace. It is a native AppExchange application, meaning that it is built to run in the cloud with multi-tenancy and scalability in mind. S-Drive uses Amazon Simple Storage Service as its file storage platform, whereas the Salesforce.com is used as the application platform as well as the file information database. Besides Salesforce.com Read More
Enterprise Resource Planning Giants Eye the Shop Floor
Because production systems on the shop floor are typically not synchronized and integrated with the planning ones, there is a lack of timely and accurate

interoperability meaning  standards for connectivity and interoperability between various plant automation, manufacturing execution, and enterprise level systems. SAP has been particularly vocal about its support for Instrumentation, Systems and Automation (ISA)-95. This is only part of a general upsurge of interest in standards-based interoperability, which indicates that manufacturers have a real need for better options in connecting business processes throughout the organization. For instance, though Oracle, SAP's major Read More
The IT Rights of Digistan
The Hague Declaration, recently published by The Digital Standards organization, proposes that all governments adhere to free and open standards for IT

interoperability meaning  promote some common tendencies (interoperability, lack of vendor lock-in , increased potential for innovation, new forms of competition, etc.). I've argued in the past that some software companies try to sound open while remaining proprietary by using a verbal bait-and-switch to change conversations from the topic of open source, to that of open standards. They're two very different issues. I think FOSS helps enable free and open standards because the freedom to study, modify, distribute, etc. is Read More
The Interoperability and Deployability of Integrated Logistics Systems to Support the Military
The new capabilities of web-based technologies and the burgeoning digitalization of the battlefield have positioned the military to adopt complete cross-service

interoperability meaning  Interoperability and Deployability of Integrated Logistics Systems to Support the Military The new capabilities of web-based technologies and the burgeoning digitalization of the battlefield have positioned the military to adopt complete cross-service logistics solutions. This interoperability is key for integrated logistics system (ILS) projects—as is the need for ILS to include a deployable aspect. Learn more about the importance of ILS deployability to enable “foxhole to factory” supply chain Read More
E2open Updates E2 Cloud Connectivity
E2open is a leading provider of cloud-based solutions for collaborative execution across global trading networks—more than 33,000 trading partners in 69

interoperability meaning  a next-generation open cloud interoperability model that fundamentally changes the way transactions and data are mapped between trading partners, E2 Cloud Connectivity reduces the time and the cost of ownership of trading partner (inter-enterprise) connectivity. For some time, E2open did it just like everybody else in the industry: using point-to-point maps specific to a customer or a trading partners pairing—basically a project-specific map. The latest version of E2 Cloud Connectivity brings Read More
CMiC is the leading provider of complete, integrated and advanced enterprise software solutions for construction and capital project firms. CMiC’s powerful

interoperability meaning  improving productivity and increasing interoperability Read More
Demystifying the EPC Global Network: An explanation of ONS, EPC-IS, and EPC-DS
As goods traverse the supply chain, various parties need to exchange information about these goods. This requires interoperability across the global network

interoperability meaning  cut it. It requires interoperability across the global network. This created the need for the EPCglobal Network. While it's easy to get technical, the basic concepts are not that hard to understand, and over the long term have important business implications. The RFID Vision The vision of standards-based, open-ended RFID is simple enough. An RFID tag is attached to an object you want to track, such as an individual piece of merchandise (item), a case, or a pallet. Now this tagged object can be read at Read More
Calgoo In-Calendar Marketing
The increasing number of marketing messages consumed by the average person every day is making it harder for businesses to reach their target audiences. Lack of

interoperability meaning  audiences. Lack of calendar interoperability has made it impossible to place advertising in the calendars of desktop calendar and web calendar users. Find out how delivering in-calendar content, on a purely opt-in basis, can be an effective alternative to e-mail marketing. Read More
3Com’s AirConnect Wireless LAN Achieves Wi-Fi Certification
3Com has taken the concept of a high speed wireless LAN from fiction to reality and is set to take the wireless LAN market by storm

interoperability meaning  the Wi-Fi™ certification for interoperability. Granted by the Wireless Ethernet Compatibility Alliance (WECA), the Wi-Fi compatibility logo serves as the seal of interoperability for products based on the IEEE 802.11b standard. Market Impact The WECA was formed in 1999 in order to certify IEEE 802.11b, or Wi-Fi as the international standard. 3Com's AirConnect is built on the IEEE 802.11b standard, the only standard available to provide wireless access at Ethernet speeds up to 11Mbps; making a Read More

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