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The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part Three: Last-Ditch Effort by Invensys
Under Invensys, Marcam has seen things change frequently including reorganizations, management changes, strategy changes, and the loss of many employees with

invensys marcam  customers and their needs. Invensys had managed the Marcam business with a series of executives and policies that were well suited for Invensys' traditional plant-centric business, but did not always do the correct thing for ERP products. SSA Global, conversely, is a well-managed extended enterprise applications business that understands the needs of customers and the dynamics of the ERP software business. The motivation of the buyer vendor will have come from the strengths of Marcam's install base Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » invensys marcam

The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part Six: Competition, Vendor, and User Recommendations
Customers and the marketplace may have forgotten who Marcam is and what it stands for. The new owner must, for that reason, communicate its successes and

invensys marcam  multiple reductions of headcount, Invensys had lost much of the knowledge of Marcam products, customers, and markets. When SSA Global took over Marcam operations, some people were also let go and the impact of these changes are yet to be felt, as these cuts affected most departments, including those who support the existing customer base. How the combination of these personnel cuts plus the customer support expertise of SSA Global will impact the quality of support is still an open question. User Read More...
The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part Two: Marketing By Invensys
IPS was hoping that the early product vision and venerable reputation that Marcam has in the process manufacturing market for providing plant-centric ERP

invensys marcam  Part Two: Marketing By Invensys Invensys Forms Process and Regulated Industry Products Group SSA Global announced it has acquired Marcam , a provider of specialized, operational-level enterprise resource planning (ERP) solutions for process manufacturers, from Invensys plc , the global automation and controls group with headquarters in the UK, and from which SSA Global also bought Baan about a year ago. But then, given early in 2003 Invensys yet again put all its assets and investments under the Read More...
Invensys Production Solutions - Can Historic Strengths And The 'Protean Boost' Overcome Its Liabilities? Part Two: Liabilities, Strategy, and User Recommendations
Invensys must communicate its successes and strategy to the marketplace, and must aggressively invest in customer satisfaction, marketing, and sales. IPS must

invensys marcam  plus the resources of Invensys Validation Services group ( www.vtc-usa.com ), a Montreal, Canada-based provider of regulatory compliance, validation, and consulting services encompassing the entire validation project life cycle and a range of validation services for the regulated supply chain. This is Part Two of a two-part note. Part One presented Invensys's background and the strengths of the PRISM and Protean products. Liabilities Incidentally, the company might still be burdened by its past baggage Read More...
Invensys Announces New Division - Baan Process
Invensys has announced a new division, Baan Process Solutions Group (BPSG), which combines the PRISM and Protean process ERP products with the Baan Dimensions

invensys marcam  the Protean 3.2 release. Invensys states that they will retain significant additional resources in the areas of development, sales and marketing. The marketplace had assumed the PRISM and Protean Process ERP products were basically dead (see Process ERP Market Loses PRISM and Protean ). They had passed from Marcam to Wonderware who announced a significant cut in the dedicated resources, including all sales and most of the development and support groups. With the formation of BPSG, Invensys is attempting Read More...
AspenTech Keeps on Enhancing aspenONE
Process industries often find the sophisticated software products from Aspen Technology (a.k.a., AspenTech) quite functional and useful in catering to their

invensys marcam  As a result, Honeywell, Invensys, Siemens, SAP , and others took AspenTech’s lunch money. Since 2009, under the leadership of Mark Fusco, a former NHLer, AspenTech has attempted a corporate turnaround strategy in the following manner: Consolidating and rationalizing over 40 former facilities with regional head offices down to 25 or so (most of the company’s revenues still come from outside of the US) Reducing its scattered research and development facilities from 19 to 3: Process Modeling based in Read More...
Will 2001 Be The Year Of Baan’s Miraculous Comeback? Definitely Maybe.
December 2000 was the month of increased press release activity at Baan. In 2001, will the market witness a remarkable comeback of this once almost written off

invensys marcam  since being acquired by Invensys plc in August 2000. New customers include major aerospace organizations such as DARA in the UK (for more information, see Is Baan Showing Signs of Life After Death? ), manufacturers such as ABB in Australia and Selcom in China, and e-Business companies such as 2BeSource.com , the Singapore-based textile and garment sourcing web portal solution. Since the Invensys acquisition, Baan has made solid progress in filling its order pipeline, said Laurens van der Tang, Baan Read More...
The Name and Ownership Change Roulette Wheel for Marcam Stops at SSA Global Part One: Event Summary
Sometimes, the enterprise applications market can produce many strange twists and turns, in addition to being tough for all and even cruel to some. The tale of

invensys marcam  ERP products coming to Invensys through Marcam and Baan acquisitions: Baan IV Process , Baan Dimensions , PRISM, Protean, and Baan Cable & Wire . The announcement was a departure from rewriting all the products into one core erstwhile iBaan ERP product—the unit was not going to provide an integrated solution any longer, but would rather provide combined applications capabilities via an integration framework. This concludes Part One of a six-part note. Parts Two and Three will discuss the marketing by Read More...
Baan And SSA GT Merge To Form A Mid-Market Empire With An ''Iron Side''
Should Baan and Ironside learn from their new senior sibling SSA GT how to consistently produce stellar financial results and profitability while proceeding

invensys marcam  automation and controls group Invensys plc. (London Stock Exchange: ISYS), and its subsequent merger with recently more than upbeat SSA Global Technologies (SSA GT) ( www.ssagt.com ), an enterprise solutions provider for process manufacturing, discrete manufacturing, consumer, services and public companies worldwide, which has lately turned into a ravenous enterprise applications market consolidator. Very likely the new mid-market manufacturing ERP empire-in-the-making is content to be spared from any Read More...
Baan Seeking A New Foster Home -- A Déjà vu Or Not Quite?
Given Invensys' irrevocable decision to give up Baan for another adoption after all, one is to wonder whether this is the 'year 2000 revisited' or whether Baan

invensys marcam  automation and controls group Invensys plc . (London Stock Exchange: ISYS), and of its Baan division, once one of the leading enterprise applications vendors. Several months after first speculations about Baan's divestiture given difficult Invensys' financial situation, and following up on subsequent Invensys' knee-jerk denials and assurances even as recently as at the Baan Los Angeles user conference last October, the inevitable has happened — Baan is finally and definitely for sale. This is a part of Read More...
Baan Yet Another ERP Vendor to Find a Sanctuary Under Invensys’ Wing
On June 1, languishing Dutch ERP vendor The Baan Company finally found a 'knight in shining armor'. British automation equipment maker Invensys has agreed to

invensys marcam  Logistics and Berclain. Another Invensys division Wonderware also offers ERP software from its last year acquisition of Marcam Solutions, which is aimed at process manufacturers, whereas Baan's ERP system is primarily suitable for discrete manufacturers. Wonderware is soon to be part of the ISS Division. The idea of providing all elements of the game is tempting and possibly lucrative, but every effort should be made in order to avoid the poor product delivery execution, which partly led to Baan's Read More...
Baan - What Will The Future In Invensys’ Stable Bring? Part 1: About Baan
Baan, once a leading global provider of ERP software hopes its adoptive parent, Invensys, will put it back on the enterprise software applications map. However,

invensys marcam  being part of the Invensys Software Systems Division. It is not dead, as some feared would be the case by now, because it has begun to win new major contracts. Since the acquisition, Invensys seems to be determined to capitalize on what Baan has to offer. The Baan core development organization in the Netherlands remained virtually intact during numerous restructuring moves. With plans that focus on sales, marketing, services and administration, Invensys seems intent on both maintaining and expanding Read More...
SSA Global finds Little Known SCM Gems in Filling Out its Solution Portfolio
SSA Global's strategy to grow both organically and through acquisition while developing an end-to-end suite of applications with one open platform architecture

invensys marcam  Global finds Little Known SCM Gems in Filling Out its Solution Portfolio Background The stages of SSA Global 's continued success over the past five years are well documented by the media and analyst communities. With financial year (FY)2005 revenues of $712 million (USD), up 12 percent over FY2004, a net income of $8.9 million (USD), and 3,700 employees in North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Latin America, SSA Global's recent performance is considered exemplary relative to the overall software Read More...
Enterprise Resource Planning Systems Audio Conference
This is a transcript of an audio conference on Enterprise Resource Planning Systems presented by TechnologyEvaluation.Com. The presentation used the TEC

invensys marcam  space through acquisition like Invensys, Plc., a British automation maker with its recent acquisition of Baan Company and Marcam Solutions a year ago. Smaller ERP vendors will acquire new functionality and merge to protect themselves. We predict that more than 50% of current ERP vendors will not survive until 2004. About half of these will transform into system integrators, while either relegating their product to a niche 'bolt-on' or legacy status. The remaining half will be acquired. The most likely Read More...
Business Objects Teams With TopTier For Analytics
Business Objects and TopTier Software have teamed to provide a unified enterprise portal to unite ERP, CRM, and supply chain information with business

invensys marcam  including SAP , and Invensys ' Baan Data Navigator , so this product is off to a good start. User Recommendations One of the best ways to leverage value from investments in ERP, SCM, and CRM packages is to acquire technology that combines the information into a logical view from some specific perspective (the inward-facing view for the company, the outward-facing view for the customer, etc.), with some personalization capability built in. A variety of vendors who tout their analytic applications Read More...

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