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Documents related to » investment in human capital

GrowthWorks Capital
With the help of On-Line CRM Solutions, a Certified Maximizer Business Partner, GrowthWorks upgraded from Maximizer to Maximizer Enterprise 7 running on a SQL database. This enabled the company to integrate the customer database with the transaction database.

4/29/2005 9:33:00 AM

Thou Shalt Manage Human Capital Better
Although the human resources department has long been seen as a necessary evil at best, the scope of human resources management systems (HRMS) has been extended to include recruiting, competency management, training, time management, performance management, and so forth.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: Thou Shalt Manage Human Capital Better Thou Shalt Manage Human Capital Better P.J. Jakovljevic - September 26, 2006 Read Comments Administrative human resource (HR) management has traditionally received much more lip service than true respect from businesses and individuals. However, many recent events and consequent realizations promise to transform the HR department from a lowly cost center, a necessary evil, and a gaggle of boring pen pushers and record keepers (and other derided whatnots), into a

An Unusual Human Capital Management Suspect
With Infor Human Capital Management (HCM) 3.0, Infor has combined transactional and strategic human resources functionality with planned integration to its flagship enterprise resource planning and extensions solutions, so that customers can better align HCM initiatives with overall business strategy.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: them as a strategic investment and key enterprise asset, with a resulting focus on aligning workforce capabilities with business strategy. This more strategic view of the workforce will gradually become less an HR function, and more a management discipline. HCM should be about value and not cost, since people should be regarded as value-adders and not overheads and liability. It should measure organizational outputs related to better management of people (such as profit, revenue, and service levels),

Human Capital as a Force Multiplier
It can be easy to group “people, process, and technology” together as equal concepts. In reality, however, people, process, and technology do not carry equal weight in organizational design, and they do not require the same type or degree of attention to succeed. Indeed, an organization’s people inevitably serve as a “force multiplier” for the other two elements.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: (KPIs) |  Return on Investment (ROI) |  Software as a Service (SaaS) |  Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
3/19/2007 3:19:00 PM

Talent (Human Capital) Management and Sports? Sign Me Up, Please! – Part 1 » The TEC Blog
recent collapse of banking investment giants, and the US and German government interventions), “…all that matters is talent. Talent wins.” Conversely, during the agricultural and brick-and-mortar age of the 19th century, the economy was based on land, and on truly physical and very tangible assets, whereas people were regarded as a mere labor expense. The industrial age of the 1930 followed with a manufacturing-driven economy and a need for specialized workers. Then came the automation age of the

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: HCM, hr, human capital management, human resources, talent management, taleo, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

New Web Threats in 2009
That's why the white paper new web threats in 2009 can be a real lifesaver.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: New Web Threats in 2009 New Web Threats in 2009 If you don t know about the latest Web threats, it s all too easy to get caught off guard . That s why the white paper New Web Threats in 2009 can be a real lifesaver. It lays out the latest Web-borne threats for you in easy-to-follow language—so that you know exactly what you have to look out for, and what you need to defend against . And that includes everything from Web- and social-networking-based malware to the latest Web 2.0 threats. You ll also

Meridian Systems’ “Catch Up” Challenge in the Capital Infrastructure Industry – Part 1 » The TEC Blog
refute vendor claims; optimize investments in building reconfiguration and retooling; improve time to market for new goods/services; and respond more quickly to competitive trends and market opportunities. The Proliance solution aggressively targets the ILM buyer category by adding the “Operate” category to the classic “Plan” and “Build” ones, which it has enriched as well.  The Operate capabilities extend Proliance into the following areas: Asset Management, Preventative Maintenance,

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: bim, building information management, ilm, infrastructure lifecycle management, integrated workspace management system, iwms, meridian systems, Oracle, PPM, primavera, project portfolio management, proliance, prolog, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Apple Displays Its Core in Mac OS X
Apple has opened up the source code for the kernel of their next generation operation system, Mac OS X. Et tu, Redmond?

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: developer forums, and seed investments in the most promising of new developers. User Recommendations It remains to be seen how long Apple remains committed to open source. Years ago, Apple made a great show of opening up its OS licensing program. At the time, it was touted as a way of broadening Apple s hardware market and creating a market for low cost Apple clones. Unfortunately, OS licenses were one of the first things Steve Jobs killed in 1997 when he rejoined Apple. Back then, Power Computing was on

Hubspan is in Suppliers’ Corner
Founded in June, Hubspan helps suppliers connect to a buyer-centric B2B world.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: Hubspan is in Suppliers’ Corner Hubspan is in Suppliers’ Corner Steve McVey - October 31, 2000 Read Comments S. McVey - October 31, 2000 Event Summary Hubspan Inc. offers a hosted solution for mid market suppliers who want to participate in marketplace initiatives that are operated by or for their buyers. Hubspan CEO Rick Luebbe believes that the vast majority of today s marketplace solutions neglect the specific needs of suppliers. Suppliers are usually enlisted by large companies to join a new

Human Capital Management: How Top Organizations Drive Company Profits Efficiently
Your Challenge: Get Decision Makers' Approval for Human Capital Management: How Top Organizations Drive Company Profits Efficiently. Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-Bound. This benchmarking study analyzes human resources (HR) performance for over 200 best-practice companies in three categories: process and transactional support, expertise-based business support, and strategic decision support. Two questions are at the core of the study: How can companies reduce HR costs and increase HR efficiency? And how can HR organizations create business value and optimize effectiveness? Find out what they said.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: developing talent an investment that brings returns across the entire enterprise. Companies that wish to enact initiatives embraced by top performers need to define their goals specifically building a road map to achieve a balance between reducing costs and driving company growth. The best-run human capital management organizations share the following crucial practices and goals: Optimize process and transactional support Benchmark processes and performance Consolidate systems Adopt shared services
2/5/2008 11:37:00 AM

Catalyst Emerges Strong in 2000
Though Catalyst should be encouraged by its first quarter report card, the results do not yet indicate substantial growth in its business, an effect Catalyst hopes to achieve largely through its partnership with SAP.

INVESTMENT IN HUMAN CAPITAL: Catalyst Emerges Strong in 2000 Catalyst Emerges Strong in 2000 Steve McVey - May 19, 2000 Read Comments S. McVey - May 19, 2000 Event Summary Warehouse management system vendor, Catalyst International, recently reported results for the first quarter of 2000. Revenue was $10.3 million, an increase of 9.4% over the fourth quarter 1999, but slightly less than revenues of $10.7 million for the first quarter 1999. Catalyst also made progress toward its goal of a 1:2 ratio of licenses to services revenues with

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