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Kronos Introduces New Capabilities to SMB Cloud Offering
Kronos Incorporated has announced improvements to Kronos Workforce Ready, its cloud solution for small to medium businesses (SMBs). To date, Kronos Workforce

invoice rejection letters  
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Deltek Providing Clarity for Government Contractors
TEC’s mid-2011 article, which reported on the Deltek Insight 2011 conference, indicated that Deltek has lately become the leader in market intelligence for

invoice rejection letters  Sales Outstanding (DSO)  and Invoice Cycles (although their Profit nearly doubled)? Everywhere else it is the other way around, as  small to medium businesses (SMBs)  have been struggling in comparison (due to the cash crunch, inability to get credit, etc.). Deltek :  Our thesis on the worsening KPIs (i.e., DSO and Invoice Cycles) centers on the Government’s initiatives around transparency. They are focusing their efforts on evaluating the big dollar suppliers and transactions. This is making Read More...
Best Practices Whitepaper: Purchase-to-Pay Automation
The document capture market has in recent years reached high levels of technological maturity through automated purchasing and invoice processing developments

invoice rejection letters  through automated purchasing and invoice processing developments. Discover the golden rules for a successful project, such as collaboration from experts in the field of purchase-to-pay automation. And get best practices on automation of purchase-to-pay processes to achieve reduced expenses, increased productivity, and greater traceability. Read More...
Continuous Data Quality Management: The Cornerstone of Zero-Latency Business Analytics
No matter how well an enterprise implements a CRM, ERP, SCM, Business Intelligence, or Data Warehouse project, poor data quality can destroy its utility and

invoice rejection letters  foreign key to the invoice file. Completeness Completeness indicates whether or not all of the data is actually present. While this would seem elementary, missing fields and values are perhaps the most common data quality problem. Completeness examines these areas: Integrity . Does the actual data match our description of the data? In other words, is our meta-data actually accurate? An unused field in a Cobol file is a good example of an integrity problem. Accuracy . It is often necessary to examine the Read More...
Nipendo’s Milestone Challenges E-invoicing Establishment
Nipendo, a fledgling provider of a cloud buyer-supplier collaboration platform, recently announced a new milestone marking the rapid adoption of its Supplier

invoice rejection letters  Users pay only for invoices that have been automatically (without human intervention) processed by Nipendo straight through to their enterprise resource planning (ERP) system—meaning that they have been validated and approved for payment based on the business rules configured by the buyer. It is a per-transaction fee, not a percentage of the invoice.   The reason Nipendo is able to offer this pricing model is because the vendor has a proven track record of consistently delivering more than 90 percent Read More...
Perfect Orders: Improving Customer Satisfaction and Financial Results
Manufacturers and distributors must keep two groups satisfied—customers and owners. They are connected—what improves the satisfaction of one group can impact

invoice rejection letters  correctly calculated, if the invoice is not in the form expected, the order is not perfect. Note that collection is part of the definition of a perfect order. If the customer does not pay what is invoiced, on time, that indicates a situation where the customer is not satisfied. Operational excellence is the key to perfect orders and therefore the key to customer satisfaction. Defining the Perfect Order Index There is no single way to calculate the perfect order. Different sources show different math. All Read More...
Managing Global Trade Flows
In global trade, the flow of information must support the tracking and management of the goods to enable the secure and compliant entry and exit to and from

invoice rejection letters  at the line-item level. Invoice management has to manage commercial and customs invoice creation and presentation, and manage outstanding invoices. Letter of credit (LC) management has to manage the flow of letters of credit from their creation through to their final presentment. The process needs to synchronize between LC data and critical supporting documents, including bill of lading (BOL), invoice, and packing list. Dispute management has to flag issues and manage the resolution flows between Read More...
Duke Realty Remodels Accounts Payable Processes with AnyDocINVOICE
Duke Realty Corporation—the largest publicly traded office and industrial property owner in the US—needed to find a more organized way to process the nearly 20

invoice rejection letters  a faster, more visible invoice process that uses 50 percent less staff. Read More...
Will Sage Group Cement Its SME Leadership with ACCPAC and Softline Acquisitions? Part Three: ACCPAC's Back-Office Products Enhancements
ACCPAC continues to enhance the PRO series and Advantage series product lines.

invoice rejection letters  retained on the original invoice and to automatically invoice as the retained amounts are due to be paid by a customer or to a vendor. Integration with ACCPAC Advantage Series Accounts Receivable and Accounts Payable modules provides access to Aged Retainage reports, which allow users to print an aged listing that identifies when retainage is due to be invoiced or overdue. Budgeting capabilities for improved estimating and performance tracking that allow users to set up budgets for costs and revenues for Read More...
Critical Business Functions: Misunderstood, Underutilized, and Undervalued Part Two: Closing the Circle of Credit and A/R Management
Using credit and A/R management as a sales tool requires defining goals and measuring results. Determining the competitive landscape and using A/R management

invoice rejection letters  service provided and the invoice date, this may be an opportunity for improvement. Users should track both the average delay (general improvement) as well as investigate billing delays for specific invoices that exceed a specified limit (specific improvement). Procedural Errors : The failure to meet a customer's business process requirements (purchase order number, invoice formats, pricing, even number of invoice copies) will lead to payment delays. These procedural errors need to be segregated by type, Read More...
Online Invoice Presentation and Payment: A True Value Proposition
With traditional paper-based invoicing, the cash conversion process is lengthy and very inefficient. Today’s pressures to be accountable mean that you must

invoice rejection letters  Invoice Presentation and Payment: A True Value Proposition With traditional paper-based invoicing, the cash conversion process is lengthy and very inefficient. Today’s pressures to be accountable mean that you must improve your financial systems to provide timely and accurate financial information. Electronic data interchange (EDI) can minimize the delays on payment and address the lack of access to process information. Learn more about improving your invoice and payment cycle. Read More...
Global Trade Applications in Global Credit Crunch - Part I
I have done blog posts lately on how some supply chain management (SCM) applications could fare in a down economy. One was about pricing optimization solutions

invoice rejection letters  need for EIPP (electronic invoice payment presentment) solutions from Ariba , PrimeRevenue , Basware , JPMorgan Xign , etc., which go beyond simple invoice automation and disbursement management. Drew Hofler, the senior manager responsible for Ariba’s Financial Solutions suite of products opines in the Supply Excellence blog post  that “...there are lots of cost pressures on businesses right now, but at least in the area of cash-flow and credit costs, by utilizing third-party financing buyers have a Read More...
Case Study: Hirotec
Hirotec has been supplying and caring for the assets of some of Australia’s biggest industries for more than 30 years. In 2003, Hirotec was on a strong growth

invoice rejection letters  PRONTO-Xi, Hirotec has reduced invoice cycle time by 20 percent. Learn more. Read More...
Ariba and Dell Boomi to Simplify Seller Integration
Similar to the Ariba LIVE conference last year, one of the main themes at the Ariba LIVE 2013 conference was again that Ariba, now an SAP company, is making it

invoice rejection letters  speeding up the internal invoice processing cycle and getting paid faster. Other efficiencies can come through the elimination of manual paperwork, reduction in errors, and by receiving immediate notification of any discrepancies, which are more easily resolved. Many companies have made the digital leap , leveraging business networks and exchanges to connect and collaborate with their customers and partners. Yet many selling organizations remain stuck in the physical world, with their critical data Read More...
The IT industry is constructed of three-letter acronyms (TLAs). However, the total number of possible three-letter abbreviations using the 26 letters of the

invoice rejection letters  
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