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Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After
Lawson Software, almost two years since a successful IPO amid adverse conditions at the time, has had its share of difficulties while rounding up its vertical

ipo greenshoe  Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Event Summary Lawson Software has always been unique in many aspects within the enterprise applications market and has consequently had a smooth ride for more than two decades since its inception. The vendor has continued with the same differentiating tune, albeit somewhat amended as to stifle unavoidable external disturbances during the last two years. One of these disturbances would be the losing fiscal 2003 year with crippling revenues (a 20 percent Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ipo greenshoe

Lawson Software Braves IPO And Reports Strongly Against The Odds
Lawson Software has to a degree spiced up the end of a bland IPO year, and has also joined the elite of enterprise applications vendors that have seen license

ipo greenshoe  Software Braves IPO And Reports Strongly Against The Odds Event Summary On December 20, Lawson Software, Inc. (Nasdaq: LWSN), a provider of Web-based business applications for specific service industries, reported total revenues for its second quarter of fiscal 2002 ended November 30, 2001, of $95.1 million, which a 15.5% increase from total revenues of $82.3 million in its fiscal 2001 second quarter. For Q2 2002, license fee revenue totaled $30.1 million, up 16.6% from $25.8 million in Q2 2001. Read More...
Deltek's Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part I)
In the last decade or so of covering the enterprise applications market, I've witnessed so many products and vendors disappearing and reappearing under a

ipo greenshoe  Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part I) In the last decade or so of covering the enterprise applications market, I've witnessed so many products and vendors disappearing and reappearing under a different name, ownership, etc. , but it is for the first time now, at the end of 2007 that I saw basically the same vendor go public for the second time (and in a 10 year timespan). Namely, Deltek ( evaluate its flagship product ), the leading provider of enterprise applications software designed specifically for Read More...
NetSuite Had a Sweet IPO. Now What?
The end of 2007, at least in the space that I cover, has certainly been

ipo greenshoe  its more than successful IPO in which it raised $161.2 million. Various bloggers have duly covered the well-orchestrated IPO Dutch auction proceedings, such as AccManPro , BloggingStocks and ZDnet to name only a few. Prior to that, Ray Wang of Forrester Research reported on NetSuite's S-1 filing with the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), at his Software Insider Point of View blog . While NetSuite is yet to achieve profitable operations, still, as an innovative software company, the current Read More...
Deltek's Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part IV)
Part III of this blog series analyzed the relatively recently launched Deltek Vision 5 [evaluate this product] and Deltek Costpoint 6 [evaluate this product

ipo greenshoe  Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part IV) Part III of this blog series analyzed the relatively recently launched Deltek Vision 5 [ evaluate this product ] and Deltek Costpoint 6 [ evaluate this product ] suites. It also tackled the related potential opportunities for Deltek. For one, key up- and cross-sell opportunities should come from: Additional modules, especially from the newly minted Deltek EPM [ evaluate this product ] suite: The majority of new Deltek customers initially purchase a single module or Read More...
Has The BI Market Consolidation Been Crystal-Clearly Actuated? Part Two: Market Impact
In addition to products' rationalization, the integration at sales and cultural levels will be challenging. In general, existing customers of involved merging

ipo greenshoe  had recently announced its IPO intentions for ~$172 million, and it was also logical to expect acquisition suitors to start knocking on the door. Consequently, the above Business Objects and Hyperion acquisitions have a few common traits such as 1) the bigger vendor availing itself of complementary products, 2) the bigger vendor with a more complex product acquiring a smaller competitor with simpler/cheaper products, and 3) both acquisitions have reshuffled the BI/analytics market ranking pushing once Read More...
Adexa Prepares To Step Into The Spotlight
From its roots in advanced planning and scheduling, Adexa, Inc. has emerged as a strong player in the business-to-business collaboration software market. With

ipo greenshoe  should continue with its IPO plans, but may want to delay it until the market stabilizes to avoid needless loss of valuation arising from general volatility. Target industry expansion: Though it can expect growth from its existing target industries, Adexa should consider a move into the lucrative consumer packaged goods or retail sector by marketing its collaboration products to large CPG manufacturers and distributors. Seek stronger alliances with mid market ERP vendors: To increase its profile among Read More...
IBM and SynQuest Sign AS/400 Pact
New Orleans, APICS, 1999- SynQuest and IBM today announced an advanced planning and scheduling e-business software solution for IBM AS/400e servers. The

ipo greenshoe  SynQuest's plan for an IPO next year. User Recommendations Although the user community increasingly looks toward Unix and Windows NT, AS/400 remains the most prevalent, multi-user business platform in the world. Its customer base includes 95 percent of Fortune 100 industrial companies. Provided that development and testing continues on schedule, general availability of the new AS/400 version should occur near the end of March 2000. Before jumping into a new contract, however, AS/400 based users should Read More...
Quantum Snaps Off Its NAS Group
Quantum Corporation, recently acquired by Maxtor, will divest itself of its server appliance subsidiary, renaming it Snap Appliances, Inc. Snap Appliances will

ipo greenshoe  the initial public offering (IPO) of its common stock. Quantum will conduct an initial public offering for less than 20 percent of Snap Appliance shares. Approximately six months following the IPO, Quantum intends to distribute the balance of the shares to Quantum DSS stockholders subject to receiving a favorable IRS ruling and board approval. Quantum DSS will consist of two business groups: Enterprise Solutions and DLTtape. The Enterprise Solutions Group, building on the Quantum|ATL brand, will grow the Read More...
WAM Systems Offers Supply Chain Planning Packaged Solution For Chemicals
Not many people know of WAM Systems, a privately held supply chain management vendor situated in a Philadelphia suburb. Emboldened by growing interest and new

ipo greenshoe  investor skepticism toward the IPO market, it is doubtful that WAM Systems will attempt a public offering until late 2001. Although WAM has many attributes that would appeal to investors, such as a history of venture funding support and a list of top tier clients, its narrow market niche and brand obscurity make a near-term IPO unadvisable. (70% probability) e-Business : The PICASO B2B messaging capabilities represent an important advance for WAM and strong selling point for customers eager to join the Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Four: Strengths Continued
Lawson, contrary to many other players, seems to be compensating its narrow foothold with a strong vertical dimension. Lawson will continue to concentrate its

ipo greenshoe  Business With PSA and IPO ). This has enabled it to tap into the service-based companies, such as systems integrators and management consultancies, for software for managing their planning, budgeting and billing. To that end, Lawson services automation application called Lawson Service Process Optimization (SPO) automates the business processes of professional services organizations and corporate internal and external service departments. This application can work independent of any other system or in Read More...
J.D. Edwards and Numetrix Ponder the Future as One
Deciding that acquisition is the better part of valor, Numetrix cancelled its IPO to combine fortunes with ERP vendor J. D. Edwards & Company. Though

ipo greenshoe  to cancel a planned IPO in 1997 and slash 58% of its sales force immediately afterward. Due in part to a lukewarm response from institutional investors, Numetrix abandoned another attempted IPO earlier this year. Instead, Numetrix was sold to J. D. Edwards & Co. for $80 million (USD). Although J. D. Edwards plans to operate Numetrix as a distinct business entity, CEO Schengili and President Veerle Battiau will step down. J. D. Edwards hosted a forum in late September that detailed their strategies to Read More...
Talking to an Unrelenting Cloud Enthusiast - Part 1
During my several years of attending events organized by the cloud computing evangelist salesforce.com, such as Dreamforce and Cloudforce, Xactly Corporation

ipo greenshoe  successful initial public offering (IPO) in 2003 raising more than $70 million. Enter Xactly Corporation During his Callidus tenure, Cabrera saw how prohibitive the cost of on-premise  sales performance management (SPM) applications like Callidus TrueComp really were.  He left Callidus in 2005 and founded Xactly – the industry’s first and only provider of fully multi-tenant,  software as a service (SaaS) -based solutions for SPM.  This really opened the door for companies of all sizes to not only Read More...
Check Point Leads Firewall Market
With a workforce of 800+ employees, Check Point continues to see record revenues selling firewall and related information security solutions.

ipo greenshoe  Check Point launched its IPO on NASDAQ under ticker symbol CHKPF. On March 3, 1999, they changed their ticker symbol to CHKP. Check Point's founder, Chairman, President, and CEO, Gil Shwed developed his security skills while working in the intelligence unit of the Israeli Army. With fellow founders, Marius Nacht, and Shlomo Kramer, he was able to launch the first release of FireWall-1 in 1994. The wholly owned U.S. subsidiary, Check Point Software Technologies, Inc., was formed in 1995 to lead the Read More...

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