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Inprise/Borland Challenges Other Vendors to Open-Source Their Database Code
In a move which will challenge other database vendors to open-source their SQL databases, Inprise/Borland Corporation has announced it is releasing the source

ipohome  system and the spectacular IPO's of VA Linux and Red Hat, this move by Inprise/Borland is likely to have a strong market impact. Investors have already shown their approval for the move, with shares of Inprise closing up 26% to 13 15/16. Other small database vendors such as Progress Software (whose version 8.3b database has been ported to Red Hat Linux 6.0) will likely have to consider the move to open-source. User Recommendations Customers considering database purchases should investigate the importance Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Future Compatible
Companies contemplating upgrading or replacing their enterprise resource planning systems should evaluate whether the change will be compatible with future ERP

ipohome  the largest number of IPO's and corporate acquisitions ever. There seemed to be no end in sight to the success of ERP, and vendors' share value continued to increase as CEO's continued to demonstrate increased earnings. However, this was also a period where the new concepts of e-business and e-commerce rose to challenge the vision of ERP and where many organizations, disillusioned with ERP, started to reduce their ERP investments in favor of the e-model. The seduction of e combined with ERP Read More
Legal Considerations in E-commerce
Doing business on the Internet can involve some tricky legal issues. This article will help you understand the kinds of information you need to provide to your

ipohome  surrounding Internet stocks and IPO's has created a feeling among many in the business community that they need to jump into the E-commerce arena or risk losing a significant competitive advantage. Your attorney will be aware that many of the Internet-based business ventures rolled out in the last few years have spent large sums on start-up and still have not made any profits. So don't be surprised or impatient if, before spending a significant amount of her time and your money your attorney's initial Read More
Digital Business Service Providers Series: Market Overview
Today’s Digital Business Service Provider (DBSP) market is a complex of interrelated services and provider capabilities. This article traces the history of the

ipohome  gives the distribution of IPO's outside the US on US exchanges up until January 2000). Unsustainable market caps derived from wildly inflated revenue predictions by (often) inexperienced entrepreneurs moved a whirlpool of money into these stocks. Service providers also jumped in on the act, and up to a year ago some were earning as much as 50% of their revenues from dot-com business ventures. Many service providers streamlined their processes, (thereby increasing business failure risk), and developed Read More

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