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IPSec VPNs for Extranets: Not what you want to wake up next to
In general VPNs are ill suited to building multi-company extranets, for any situation that extends across organizational boundaries, or where there is

ipsec  alongside those operational impediments. IPSec Virtual Private Networks assume common administrative control of both ends of a connection. Administrators at each end must coordinate everything from shared key exchanges to encryption modes, fallback modes, IP addressing, firewall configurations, and security policies. A partner must coordinate with his counterparts any changes to these parameters. All this to establish a private network connection, and private does not mean secure. A VPN establishes an Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » ipsec

VPNs Are Hot, but What Are They?
The Virtual Private Network (VPN) market is exploding. There are many different ideas on what a VPN is, and how to implement them. This article clarifies what

ipsec  Microsoft will be bundling IPSec in Windows 2000, and the implementation will be interoperable with many leading network house VPN solutions. Early reports indicate that Microsoft has botched its IPSec implementation as badly as it botched its PPTP implementation. Nonetheless, it goes without saying that any VPN product that cannot talk IPSec is likely to become an antiquity in the near future. So if a VPN product does not support protocol encapsulation so that IPX and Appletalk can cross IP networks, it Read More...
Netscreen ISG 2000
Juniper Networks provides integrated firewall/IPSec VPN security appliances that administrators use to protect networks with a layered security approach. The

ipsec  protection - ICSA certified IPSec VPN gateway for interoperable, secure communications - Deep inspection for application-level attack protection - Virtualization capabilities for network segmentation - High availability to ensure maximum network reliability - Management interfaces, both internal and external to facilitate deployment Read More...
Network Security Best Practices: Competitive Analysis
When it comes to security architecture, choosing a system that’s scalable and applicable to a broad set of security needs is a wise move. New security services

ipsec  and then downloads the IPSec policy and keys needed to encrypt and decrypt the IP Multicast packets. Group members can then exchange IP Multicast packets that are encrypted using IPSec tunnel mode. As needed, the key server may push a re-key message to the group members in order to rotate keys at specified times during the transmission or to de-authorize a particular group member. GDOI Components Cisco has implemented the GDOI’s key server capability in its Cisco 1800, 2800 and 3800 Series ISR and Read More...
Network Data Protection Playbook: Network Security Best Practice for Protecting Your Organization
Malicious hacking and illegal access are just a few of the reasons companies lose precious corporate data every year. As the number of network security breaches

ipsec  for Layer 3 protocols. IPSec is the mandated best practice for securing block-based storage protocols iSCSI, iFCP and FCIP. It is also quickly becoming the standard for protecting applications and data inside the enterprise network. IPSec provides three levels of data security: confidentiality, authentication and integrity. Confidentiality: Keeping the data secret. IPSec uses powerful standard encryption algorithms (AES or 3DES) to protect data from being accessed by unauthorized parties. Authentication: Read More...
DSL Provider Scoops up Netscreen Firewall Goldmine
In a $905million exchange of stock, Efficient Networks has acquired a more than efficient security solution with its acquisition of the Netscreen line of

ipsec  Max Simultaneous Connections Max IPSec Tunnels Netscreen-5 10 Mbps 1,000 10 Netscreen-10 10 Mbps 4,000 100 Netscreen-100 100 Mbps 128,000 1,000 Netscreen-1000 1000Mbps (Gigabit) 500,000 25,000 The Netscreen-5 is targeted for remote fields offices or SOHOs. The Netscreen-10 is targeted to mid-sized companies. The Netscreen-100 is targeted to e-commerce sites and large enterprises. Boasting up to 500,000 maximum simultaneous connections, the Netscreen-1000 is ideal for ISPs and ASPs. Netscreen's appliance f Read More...
I Want My Private Cloud
Although many organizations are considering reaping the benefits of a cloud computing platform, they have concerns with the handling of sensitive information on

ipsec  independent platform via an IPsec private connection. Some software providers, such as VMware, are working hard on this type of solution. Both public and private clouds essentially provide the same computing features: network access, elasticity, resource pooling, and, of course, multitenancy. But the same does not apply to operations and consumption. Having a private cloud may lead to increased costs, maintenance, and operational issues. With a public cloud, organizations exercise minimal efforts in insta Read More...
Building the Path to Better Profits: Implementing ERP Technology to Successfully Achieve Return on I
When it comes to software implementations, organizations large and small share common goals of rapid deployment and return on investment. Unlike large

ipsec  just a VPN gateway (IPSec, PPTP and L2TP), an anti-virus gateway, and outbound Web filtering gateway. SnapGear is the only networking device you need to network your office PCs, connect securely to the Internet, connect to a corporate WAN, and handle remote access VPN needs. There are many ways to use SnapGear, which is why it is used inside of so many other appliance products from other leading companies that have taken advantage of our unique SnapGear OEM program. SnapGear comes with all this rich capab Read More...
Understanding the PCI Data Security Standard
The payment card industry data security standard (PCI DSS) defines a comprehensive set of requirements to enhance and enforce payment account data security in a

ipsec  (TLS) or IP Security (IPSec) to safeguard sensitive cardholder data whenever it moves across the Internet. This also applies to wireless, cellular and packet radio networks. For merchant and payment processing operations, including SaaS offerings, encryption technology is the cornerstone for the software and services they provide to customers. Key length and strength, encryption protocols and key management controls routinely use the best and or strongest technologies commercially available and normally e Read More...
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