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Essential Business Intelligence
Business intelligence (BI) exists in many corners of a company, and even outside its walls. BI is hidden in industry publications, staff knowledge, market

irs publications 526  
Document Management System (DMS)
Document management systems (DMS) assist with the management, creation, workflow, and storage of documents within different departments. A DMS stores documents in a database and associates importan...
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Documents related to » irs publications 526

LCMS Exposed! Understanding the Differences between Learning Management and Learning Content Management
The Cost of Learning—a Very Brief HistoryTraining (or learning) has always been viewed as a cost center (representing a cost of doing business similar to

irs publications 526  
As Hype Becomes Reality, a Radio Frequency Identification Ecosystem Emerges
Radio frequency identification (RFID) is the latest technology to gain major recognition as being a sizeable market for the future. The RFID ecosystem includes

irs publications 526  among the solution participants. First and foremost, the market is shifting away from a focus on tags and readers and towards integration with enterprise applications and the implementation of business process changes, where the real value of RFID will be captured. This maturation of RFID technology into the business process arena is critical if the enterprises deploying RFID technology are ever going to reap positive benefits. The initial slap-and-ship solutions of suppliers trying to meet retailer man Read More...
HIPAA-Watch for Security Speeds Up Compliance Part Two: Phase III and IV, and Product and User Recommendations
Once the user defines compliance case boundaries and establishes the data criteria in Phases I and II, the HIPPA-Watch for Security tool begins Phase III by

irs publications 526  can be made is first-rate. The automated reports that it generates will be useful for chief financial officers, chief information officers, and chief security and privacy officers. Since HIPAA-Watch for Security has the ability to accommodate multiple respondents that can login to the system from different locations, it can be particularly useful for large, disparate organizations. By using HIPAA-Watch for Security, it is possible to understand which safeguards will give you the greatest return on Read More...
Product Developers Need to Shift to an All-Digital Mindset
Over the past several decades, processes to design and build cars, airplanes, and other products have typically followed a linear, sequential path. But the

irs publications 526  PLM, product lifecycle management, digital PLM, digital PLM process, digital product model, digital PLM manufacturing model, digital PLM tools, digital PLM elements, Ajay Chavali, Kevin Prendeville, Accenture Read More...
How RAUCH GmbH Cut Its Publishing Costs by 90 Percent
Until 2004, German agricultural machinery manufacturer RAUCH created its technical publications in-house, relying on a service provider to create and translate

irs publications 526  RAUCH GmbH Cut Its Publishing Costs by 90 Percent Until 2004, German agricultural machinery manufacturer RAUCH created its technical publications in-house, relying on a service provider to create and translate operation manuals. The problem: this was a massive, time-consuming effort requiring extensive communication between all parties. Clearly, RAUCH needed to change its approach. The solution: incorporating Arbortext IsoDraw into its technical publications workflow. Read More...
Identifying the ROI of a Software Application for Supply Chain Management Part 4: Just Give Us the Bottom Line
Managers weighing an investment in software for supply chain face pressure to be right. Looking for a precise calculation of ROI often results in making an

irs publications 526  to recover from the first one. Where To Start    An investment in supply chain management software may accrue to your company benefits that manifest themselves through four strategic effects. They are top line revenue growth, reducing requirements for working capital, return on assets, and higher margins. The intermediate effects and the metrics (bulleted) that drive them are outlined below: Top Line Revenue Growth Product/service Innovation Reduced time from concept to production Less frequent engineer Read More...
Intelligent Solutions, Inc.
Founded in 1992, Intelligent Solutions Inc (ISI) provides data management consulting, education, and publications. ISI@s focuses include business intelligence

irs publications 526  business intelligence, customer analytics
Will Your HACCP Foundation Crumble?
Complying with current good manufacturing processes (GMPs) is no easy task for food manufacturers. Companies that don t have a solid foundation to help with

irs publications 526  in their products must first be in compliance with HACCP and cGMP. Consequently, a company striving for supplier control must have proper tools in place to ensure the quality of the product received. An effective ERP solution provides the controls necessary to quarantine purchased products or raw materials until they are tested. This type of quality control software should allow only authorized users to define test ranges and target values. Once the raw material or purchased product has been deemed Read More...
Summarizing PTC’s Decades of Fervent In-House Innovation (and Acquisitions) - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series introduced Needham, Massachusetts, United States (US)-based Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC, NASDAQ: PMTC), which is an over

irs publications 526  Creo Elements/Pro ) the first parametric, associative feature-based, solid (3D) modeling  computer-aided-design (CAD)  software in 1988, PTC has since acquired 18 companies to add both technology and industry expertise to its offerings. The article paid special attention to the following noteworthy acquisitions: Computervision in 1998 for its competing CADDS product, but which also, as a byproduct of the acquisition, provided PTC with Windchill Technologies and its first-to-market Internet-based  produ Read More...
Software Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement
The statistics for completing packaged software implementation projects are grim. This article examines how the software evaluation, selection, and procurement

irs publications 526  Evaluation, Selection, and Procurement Introduction A 1995 Standish Group research study based on over 8000 software implementation projects found that nearly one third of the projects were canceled before completion. And over 50% of the projects cost nearly twice their original estimates. The study further concluded that only 16% of all software projects are completed on time and on budget (only 9% for large companies) 1 . With these grim statistics firmly in hand, a plethora of books, white Read More...
Security Risk Assessment and Management in Web Application Security
Corporations are at risk because Web applications and servers make them susceptible to hackers and cyber crooks. However, companies can perform security risk

irs publications 526  security risk assessment,security risk management,Web security risk management,e-commerce,customer privacy data,default configurations,user input validation,encryption algorithms,encryption,cryptographic accelerator,secure data storage,session management,cookie management,session timeouts,security patches Read More...
Designing for Digital: 8 Tips for Creating Digital Publications that Engage Customers and Drive Sales
The overarching goal of any digital publication is to tell a story that connects with your customers in as many ways as possible. Today, this means bringing

irs publications 526  for Digital: 8 Tips for Creating Digital Publications that Engage Customers and Drive Sales The overarching goal of any digital publication is to tell a story that connects with your customers in as many ways as possible. Today, this means bringing your offerings to every touch point—Web, mobile, tablet, and social. Download this white paper to discover 8 tips for designing a digital publication that increases brand awareness, improves audience engagement and, ultimately, drives sales. Read More...
Advertising Makes It Up In Volume
A small decline in Internet advertising rates turns out to be no problem for the advertising business as inventory explodes.

irs publications 526  populations in the wilderness. (First the wolves kill off almost all the deer, but then with no venison to eat the wolf populations decline, giving the deer a chance to replenish. Then the wolves have easy pickings, so their numbers rise, and the cycle repeats. This is a classic example in college courses on differential equations. We would not expect such dramatic cyclicity to appear in Internet advertising, however.) Whether such a steady state can be reached is affected by the other factors. The Read More...
HIPAA-Watch for Security Speeds Up Compliance Part One: Vendor and Product Information
HIPAA-Watch for Security is a tool designed to guide organizations through the risk analysis required by the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act

irs publications 526  be prepared for the first time, or imported from previously composed question set libraries. Upon final configuration of the question sets, Phase III begins. A highlight of HIPAA-Watch is the flexibility of the survey process. Respondents can be surveyed automatically over a server or over the web, questionnaires can be e-mailed directly, or question diskettes can be created and distributed throughout the organization. Answers are directly imported back into the appropriate case and compiled with audit Read More...

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