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A New Development Framework on iSeries or i5/OS: Architecture
It is feasible to create native, intuitive and graphical business applications using just available software in i/OS and Open source Java. Using iSeries as an

iseries rpg  New Development Framework on iSeries or i5/OS: Architecture Introduction The iSeries server, IBM's showpiece and well-known successor of the AS/400, has been implemented on a large scale over the past twenty-five years in small and medium businesses (SMB). This midrange computer is still being praised because of its operational ease-of-use, its reliability, flexibility, and scalability. However, because it lacks a graphical user interface and poorly integrates with other software products, its use has dec Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » iseries rpg

Enterprise Resource Planning: Bridging the Gap between Product Vision and Execution
Why has Infor been successful at tacitly nurturing and growing acquired companies when many more noisy competitors have not?

iseries rpg  similar products based on iSeries and pre-.NET Microsoft technologies are to follow suit. The pace at which Corestone will be applied to Infor product lines will be determined by individual Infor business units, which have their own product development, product management, and development organization. It will also have the responsibility to drive industry-specific functionality into products. The centralized Corestone team will work closely with business units to drive standardization and a common Read More
Can Java Perk Legacy Enterprise Resource Planning Systems?
Intentia has poured Java into its enterprise resource planning system, Movex, to meet the growing demand for functional enhancements and remote accessibility

iseries rpg  still widely used on iSeries systems. Catering to this market might make or break the company even post-merger. Most traditional AS/400-based ERP suppliers, ultimately lost the battle to migrate from RPG to a new environment, and were eventually acquired. To ease the market's transition from RPB to Java, Intentia's current Movex Version 12 is available in both flavors; however, RPG is only offered in so-called maintenance mode and for new sales. Intentia will be taking the bold next step of making Movex Read More
Server Platform Situational Analysis: IBM AS/400
Customers value IBM's AS/400's reliability, stability, and security. However, despite its impressive performance and use of independent software vendors to

iseries rpg  still widely used on iSeries systems. RPG is a comprehensive toolset for designing and testing applications; it is a runtime engine, and an IBM DB2/400 universal database management system (DBMS). The tight integration between these components enabled developers to create new applications fairly quickly. These features also absolved developers from worrying about distracting, non-development issues, such as memory and storage management, which programmers on other systems typically had to consider. In fac Read More
Server Platform Revitalization in the Enterprise Applications Space
The whole idea of enterprise application modernization is to renew existing software so that it can satisfy the need for integration and graphical presentation

iseries rpg  these products require high-performing iSeries models, which makes the hardware cost to deploy these product much higher than for other platforms. Often multiplatform vendors have taken years to introduce the integrated language environment (ILE) RPG version of new ERP releases and UNIX and Windows platform versions have always been shipped out first. This has caused much consternation for many iSeries' customers, of which some rightfully questioning their vendor's devotion to iSeries customers. Over the Read More
Is MAPICS Getting the Magic of PLM? Part One: Recent Events and Market Impact
The former die-hard IBM AS/400-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) supplier to mid-market manufacturing companies, MAPICS, seems to have found its soul

iseries rpg  the MAPICS ERP for iSeries product. This acquisition certainly complements MAPICS' portfolio of evermore comprehensive software and services designed to help companies achieve world-class manufacturing success. The product lifecycle management (PLM) software applications' purpose has been discussed at great length (See The Many Faces of PLM ), but, in a nutshell, it is the foundation that supports the management and automation of product lifecycle processes from early product conceptualization to retireme Read More
Baan Resurrects Multi-Dimensionally Part 2: Alliances & Support
Baan and IBM have formed an alliance, IONA is certified for the OpenWorld Network Alliance, and Baan has a program for a smooth migration path for existing

iseries rpg  be bundled with IBM's iSeries platform. These products run on a range of IBM eServers and IBM middleware such as WebSphere, DB2 UBD and MQ Series. Both companies will also work together on joint developments focused on the adoption of key IBM technologies such as WebSphere. Additional solutions and services from IBM and Invensys under the new alliance include the expansion of the IBM Global Services and IBM Global Financing offerings. Invensys Software Systems' customers can work with IBM Global Read More
Is MAPICS Getting the Magic of PLM? Part Two: Strategy
During our recent briefing, MAPICS' executives acknowledged that almost all enterprise software companies are either

iseries rpg  the MAPICS ERP for iSeries product. Although MAPICS remains in an acquisition mode owing to a somewhat bitter pill of assimilating the MAPICS ERP for Extended Systems product (derived from the acquired former Pivotpoint's Point.Man product), it is not likely that MAPICS will opt for another direct enterprise resource planning (ERP) competitor's acquisition. MAPICS had to make a crucial decision to do provide a smooth migration path and conversion tools to MAPICS SyteLine ERP release 7 , rather than embark Read More
Small Merger Challenges and Recommendations to Users
The recent merger of enterprise resource planning vendors CMS Software (now known as Solarsoft Business Systems) and XKO Software presents some challenges

iseries rpg  i5 (formerly AS/400 and iSeries ). Despite the reliability and lower total cost of ownership (TCO) of IBM System i5 , as well as IBM 's notable forays into rejuvenating the platform (see Server Platform Revitalization in the Enterprise Applications Space ), the platform suffered for a lack of new user acceptance, being considered “less sexy”(exciting, attractive) than Microsoft Windows . Indeed, as CMS began competing with more Microsoft-based products, the versatility and look of the user interface Read More
Microsoft 'The Great' Poised To Conquer Mid-Market, Once and Again Part 2: Challenges and User Recommendations
Microsoft's reticence to comment on any timelines of product integration and operations mergers, to our belief, stems from their genuine inability to foresee it

iseries rpg  Java, or to IBM iSeries (formerly AS/400 ) and DB/2 platforms. Some vendors, like SSA GT and Infinium have renewed their vows to the iSeries. In fact, IBM and Linux resellers may benefit in the long run, becoming bigger nightmares for Microsoft while reinforcing Mircrosoft's paranoia, than, e.g., the contest between .NET and J2EE frameworks. As a matter of interest, in February, Navision and IBM announced an alliance to deliver affordable, integrated e-business solutions to small-to-medium enterprises Read More
Provia Proves Its Way To Success Part Three: Competitive Strategy, Challenges, & User Recommendations
Provia's international reach, attractive products and services, and highly referenceable customer base often positions it well in the highly competitive SCE

iseries rpg  lack of support for iSeries (i.e., AS/400 ) might impede Provia's tack on retailers, which segment supposedly happen to have embraced the platform, and where some vendors are happy to oblige, particularly the SCE leader Manhattan Associates. In addition, Provia does not have a substantial number of alliances with complementary software providers, such as ERP, CRM, and Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) vendors. Predictably, SAP is the only major enterprise application vendor for which Provia has Read More
Infor ION-izes its Open SOA Strategy - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series started by analyzing a certain change of the guard and a related product strategy shift at Infor. Two late June 2010 news

iseries rpg  currently seeing in the iSeries market? Infor : The iSeries base is very important to Infor, with around 15,000 customers worldwide. There is a lot of activity around development for this installed base. A significant focus is tuning up the ERP LX  and ERP XA  suites so they can run on the IBM System i 7.1 operating system, which fully exploits the IBM Power7 machines.  Infor’s developers are working on aligning its applications with IBM's move from the 64-bit native Java Virtual Machine (JVM) to the Read More
J.D. Edwards Finds Its Inner-Self Within Its 5th Incarnation Part 3: Market Impact
In a nutshell, J.D. Edwards seems poised to deliver applications within its traditional verticals that are wide-ranging, integrated, and modular (loosely

iseries rpg  the IBM AS/400 (now iSeries ) platform to UNIX and Windows NT while keeping most customers committed and arguably content. This is in contrast to the experience of many contemporary AS/400-only ERP competitors, with some like SSA and JBA being fatally wounded in the process. McVaney, often disparaged by his counterparts and Wall Street pundits for his unsophisticated but effective managerial style, never managed to create a real software powerhouse though, other than a legacy of honest rather than glitzy Read More

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