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Scala and Microsoft Become (Not So) Strange CRM Bedfellows Part Two: Market Impact Continued
Microsoft's foray into the CRM arena has not been a bed of roses, despite its indisputably large marketing muscle and R&D investment, its strong channel

ism tanning bed  Microsoft's entry with CRM evangelism through an array of seminars nationwide has bolstered the market's awareness of the need for CRM applications. Given Microsoft's belated entry and still immature and unproven features without industry-specific versions and limited support for mobile (offline) users, mid-market CRM vendors such as Onyx , Pivotal , Kana , and E.piphany as well as many mid-market Microsoft technology-centric ERP vendors with native CRM capabilities (e.g., Epicor , Sage/Best Software , Read More...
Document Management for the Health Care Industry
Document management (DM) for health care and hospitals manages the storage, display, faxing, and scanning of paper and electronic documents.
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NAPM Puts The Spotlight On Change
TEC VP, James F. Dowling is quoted in the National Association of Purchasing Management (NAPM) magazine Purchasing Today on the meaning of “Value”. The quote

ism tanning bed  organization from NAPM to ISM will certainly have an impact on some people but more importantly, the changing role of Purchasing Manager to Supply Professional will recognize the need to apply due diligence and proactive development of supply chain development. TEC has recognized several Enabling Organizations in companies including Procurement, Human Resources, Information Systems and Finance to be central to business performance. We have worked hard to include the needs and potential contributions of Read More...
Meeting Intuit at Dreamforce 2012
Whether pandering to their voting blocks, politicians in this election cycle often say that most innovation takes place in small businesses. Indeed, how many

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4 Steps to a Best-run Business
To promote fast growth, small businesses often sacrifice process control for creativity. But sooner or later, unstructured creativity compounded by fast growth

ism tanning bed  doesn't require that you dismantle or disrupt your streamlined infrastructure. You have the flexibility to change, grow, and extend the reach of your business across your entire ecosystem. Employees can reconfigure SAP Business ByDesign on the fly without disrupting critical business processes. When you need to make organizational changes ' either to accommodate a new hire, expand into a new line of business, or grow internationally ' you simply notify the software and the changes are immediately Read More...
ERP Systems and the ETO Manufacturing Market Part Two: ETO versus Repetitive Differences
ETO-oriented (engineer-to-order) systems must facilitate the near real time transfer of information and complex product knowledge for collaboration across the

ism tanning bed  erp,erp advantages,erp application,erp applications,erp best practices,erp business,erp business process,erp change management,erp companies,erp company,erp compare,erp comparison,erp consultants,erp consulting,erp costs Read More...
The Prescription to Buying an EMR Solution to Improve Patient Care and Staff Productivity
Purchasing an electronic medical record (EMR) system is a daunting task, as there are many software vendors who cater to this niche industry. That’s why it’s

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Case Study: Fetco Home Decor
Fetco Home Decor, designer and wholesaler of fashion frames and other décor products, was relying on Excel spreadsheets to perform its forecasting process. The

ism tanning bed  customer services,customer services levels,customer sales service,customer service account,customer service articles,customer service business,customer service center,customer service communication Read More...
Experiencing a Different Corporate Culture at QAD Explore 2008
No, my intent here is not necessarily to provide a typical analyst alert after attending a vendor's annual user conference, in this case the QAD Explore 2008 in

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Intuitive Manufacturing Systems Shows Maturity in Adolescent Age Part Four: Challenges and User Recommendations
As long as the

ism tanning bed  Enterprise resource planning,enterprise resource planning software,enterprise resource planning implementation,successful erp,survey erp,tool erp,top erp,top erp software,top erp systems,top erp vendors,un erp,web based erp,web erp,what is erp,benefits of erp Read More...
Caution! Will A Traditional ERP System Help You Deliver Projects?
Companies who build specifically for a customer have unique requirements that are often not understood or dealt with well by some ERP vendors, particularly in

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J.D. Edwards Fires Siebel, Hires YOU
J.D. Edwards announced plans to acquire CRM vendor YOUcentric, Inc. At the same time, they have severed their 18 month relationship with Siebel and ended

ism tanning bed  Packages for 2001 ( ISM , February 2001) Hot 100 Private Companies ( Upside , May 2001) Mass Customization   YOUcentric didn't invent the term or the concept; they only applied it in the CRM application space. Mass Customization is a phrase that was coined by Stan Davis in his book Future Perfect in 1987. The idea, as opposed to mass production, where the same thing is produced in large quantities, is to create pre-defined, flexible components, which later can be modularly fit together, and further Read More...
Acronyms Can Simplify Your Life, or Drive You Insane
Acronyms seem really convenient, at first.It’s great using ERP instead of enterprise resource planning, for example.You save precious time (not typing

ism tanning bed  For example, what about ISM Information Systems Management Corp. or SHL Systemhouse, Ltd.? It does seem a bit much! And then there’s RAM memory. Isn’t that saying ‘memory’ twice? (RAM stands for random access memory.) I’m all for using acronyms when they’re easy to understand. If they streamline a document, great! But when acronyms cause confusion, they become not only irritating, but also defeat the purpose of why they were created in the first place. Read More...
One Year Later at Deltek: More of the Same (And Then Some More) - Part II
Part I of this blog series explained Deltek’s ebullience despite a hostile and depressed environment. The continued cash-generating operation has been

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PeopleSoft Revamps World for Its Mid-Market
PeopleSoft needs to more efficiently mine its client base by doing a better job of selling the broadened offering, by getting its affiliate channel both excited

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SAP and HP on the Web Together
SAP AG and Hewlett-Packard have aligned their internet and e-services strategy.

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