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Supply Chain Management Is Evolving toward Interdependent Supply Networks
Optimizing supply chain management processes to work more closely with trading partners, requires enterprises to act together as interdependent supply networks.

isn  Architecture (SOA)—the Future for ISN In its simplest form, service oriented architectures (SOA) are defined as self-contained modular applications of business process logic or services that can be mixed and matched; are platform independent; and can be dynamically located, invoked, and called into use by whoever needs them from anywhere within a platform infrastructure. SOAs make developing, structuring, and using an enterprise system much more efficient and flexible. It is this type of flexibility Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Using Visibility to Manage Supply Chain Uncertainty
Technology has advanced supply chain visibility beyond mere track and trace functions. Visibility can be used to manage supply chain uncertainty, thereby

isn  emerging interdependent supply networks (ISN) use collaborative planning and forecasting, distributed order management, and collaborative transportation planning to extend visibility beyond the edge of the enterprise. They are also mobile and can exploit new technologies like global positioning systems (GPS), active radio frequency identification (RFID), information exchanges, and satellite communications. As a result, global visibility is now reality, thanks to these and other technological advances. Read More
Pelion Systems Champions Manufacturing Process Optimization
Manufacturing operations are characterized by a need for factory transformation management. Via software that uses a

isn  of site-level performance. Global ISN Requires Continued Investment ISNs require the orchestration of manufacturing operations on a global scale. Progressive enterprises view manufacturing as a strategic node in their ISNs. Brand owners are embracing the growing role of contract manufacturing and logistics to supply product in increasingly volatile supply networks. This is fueling the rapid evolution of a market for applications that provide brand owners with visibility into the performance of Read More
Globalization Has a Profound Impact on the Supply Chain and Supporting Information Technology
Globalization, the Internet, and demand-driven supply networks are driving technology change. When it comes to supply chain management, globalization has

isn  through interdependent supply networks (ISN) (see Supply Chain Management Is Evolving toward Interdependent Supply Networks ), and real time data and event visibility through SCEM software, which includes monitor, notify, simulate, control, and measurement analytics capabilities. Furthermore, at the core of any global supply chain framework is service-oriented architecture (SOA), whose components include Web services, portals, applications servers, security and analytics frameworks, business process Read More
Managing Business Risk in Industrial Equipment and Supply
Industrial equipment manufacturers and maintenance, repair, and operations (MRO) distributors can’t afford to miss bidding deadlines, delivery dates, product

isn  and relationships. If there isn t enough business to sustain the operations, return on investment is at risk during regional expansion. This could occur during an unanticipated economic downturn, a change in political climate, or as the result of poor due diligence. To minimize the risks associated with moves into new regions, successful companies are integrating all of their operational systems under one information infrastructure. To ensure new units perform well, they are also putting workflow Read More
Success Keys for Proposal Automation
Proposal writing has become a common requirement throughout the entire business world. And for many sales people, they are a necessary evil. If you're thinking about automating your proposal process, there are ten critical success keys to a successful implementation.

isn  drilled. And reading them isn t a whole lot better. So why do customers ask for them? One motivation is that the customer wants to compare offers from various vendors to make sure they buy the highest value solution based on your differentiators and value proposition. At a simpler level, they may just want to compare prices, clarify complex information, and gather information so that the decision team can review it. And let s face it, sometimes they just want to slow down the sales process and they Read More
21st Century Fox Hunt - US vs. Microsoft
Next Generation Windows Services? How about Next Generation Microsoft? We outline how the ongoing legal delays will undermine the new Microsoft.NET initiative, as Microsoft goes from being predator in the last century to become this century’s favorite prey.

isn  point, it s almost immaterial isn t it? Microsoft is facing a nearly three-year delay in the remainder of the antitrust action. In the meantime, it s facing a market that is increasingly looking to non-PC centric computing. The Microsoft.NET initiative purports to change this - it s a mix of server-centric, subscription-based Windows/Internet components. But it s a major shift in direction. In 1995, Bill Gates launched his now famous 100 Days initiative to get Microsoft in tune with the Internet. At Read More
Buyer's Guide to Enterprise Storage Resources
Organizations of all sizes face similar challenges when managing storage—not enough capacity or protection. Help has arrived with Internet small computer system interface storage area networks (iSCSI SANs)—and they're steadily gaining momentum. With iSCSI SANs, businesses can effectively manage their storage needs, while lowering costs and increasing security. Find out why many industry leaders are choosing iSCSI today.

isn   iSCSI has momentum FC isn t about to go away, but over time it could be relegated to just highend applications. The continued existence of FICON (and even ESCON) is evidence that technologies remain useful despite the introduction of attractive alternatives. With so much invested in current FC infrastructures and the internal politics of who owns the network with iSCSI such a strong factor, the continued use of FC is assured for a long time to come. The technology is making strong inroads with Read More
Magic Quadrant for B2B Gateway Providers
Business-to-business (B2B) gateway solutions have matured to the point where they can support a wide range of projects. However, there are still functional differences—including product maturity, service-oriented architecture (SOA) enablement, architectural coherence, and community management—among competing solutions. Find out who the leaders, challengers, visionaries, and niche players are in the B2B gateway market.

isn  with Oracle Fusion, Oracle isn t competing directly in the B2B gateway software market (see below for a more-detailed analysis of Oracle s offering). Similarly, SAP s B2B solution is limited in functionality, and SAP prefers to rely on the offering of its business partner, Seeburger, to address advanced B2B project requirements. Oracle offers a B2B gateway that, in conjunction with other Oracle Fusion Middleware products, can be used to implement generalpurpose B2B infrastructure. However, Oracle isn t Read More
frontpath Announces Mobile Internet Appliance
Continuing the onslaught of 'Internet appliances', S3 subsidiary <I>frontpath</I> announced its first product, called ProGear. Unlike most current appliances, this mobile unit is business-focused and aimed at selected vertical markets.

isn  we question whether it isn t a little too big and heavy. Three pounds is light compared to most notebooks, but by the end of the day, even three pounds gets to be a bit much. We question the wisdom of such a (relatively) high price. The ProGear certainly has lots of high-end features: lots of RAM (64 or 128MB), optional hard drive, high-resolution display. But will people really pay the extra $1000 (over portable devices such as a Palm VII or Psion s revo Plus ) for a portable Web surfer? frontpath s targ Read More
Why Systems Fail - The Dead-end of Dirty Data
If your data does not reflect reality, the system can never be effective. In today’s world of collaboration, showing a trading partner dirty data is giving them the wrong message and tearing down the trust called for in a collaborating partnership.

isn  is — identical data isn t . How does it get dirty? There are many reasons why a piece of data may be dirty. The data or the transaction causing a change in the data may have been inaccurately recorded. In the case of our inventory example, one of the potentially many transactions that change the on-hand data could have been inaccurate. For example, a receipt may have had an incorrect quantity. Alternatively, the physical act may have been flawed, for example, an order called for 100 units to be Read More

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