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Mountainous Investment Transforms Enterprise Management Software Vendor
After decades of father-son stewardship, Deltek has been transformed by a New Mountain Capital LLC majority capital investment. Already a recognized enterprise

iss nasa  government has increasingly been issuing cost-reimbursable contracts, which usually triggers dreaded DCAA audits (this is usually not the case with fixed-cost or time-and-material based contracts). While the government might be a generous customer, it is most certainly a demanding one, and its auditors insist on transparency and audit trails, so that they can trace a transaction from a source document (like a timesheet or an invoice from an end-supplier) all the way through to billing to the government. Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » iss nasa

Baan Seeking A New Foster Home -- A Déjà vu Or Not Quite?
Given Invensys' irrevocable decision to give up Baan for another adoption after all, one is to wonder whether this is the 'year 2000 revisited' or whether Baan

iss nasa  , Teccor and Hansen Transmissions . These businesses will be managed in a recently expanded Development Division , which for the fiscal year ending in March 2002 would have had combined revenues of 2.9 billion (~$4.6 billion). The balance of Energy Management principally IMServ and certain data management technologies - will be incorporated into Production Management, while Rail Systems will be managed on a standalone basis. Proceeds raised from asset sales will reportedly be used to satisfy the cash Read More
Vendor Review: SecureWave Protects Microsoft Operating System Platforms
The traditional approach to network intrusion management is to detect an intrusion, analyze it, and then works toward eradicating it. By buckling down your host

iss nasa  only pure detection services. ISS and NFR offer traditional intrusion detection products that work through signatures and analysis practices. Relevant Technologies expects Entercept, OKENA, and SecureWave to go head-to-head in trying to reign in customer interested in intrusion management products that work at the kernel or registry level. The intrusion management market will increase in the coming years, and if SecureWave continues on its development path, it may emerge as the intrusion prevention Read More
From Shoestring Budget to Millions: The Road Ahead for an Enterprise Management Software Vendor
Indisputably, Deltek remains an enterprise applications vendor of choice for project-based businesses. With its recent capital infusion and product deliveries

iss nasa  has likely meant many missed opportunities in the past—and possibly in the future while these immature features gain some traction. Despite some international clients (including pharmaceutical company Kendle International [Germany] and General Dynamics [Saudi Arabia]), Deltek has thus far achieved an only limited presence in international markets, which is a weakness compared to the global capabilities of competitors such as Oracle , SAP , Microsoft , Epicor Software , and Exact Software (see Global Read More
Baan Resurrects Multi-Dimensionally Part 3: Market Impact
Baan remains one of only a handful of vendors that are capable of providing full application suites on scaleable platforms that can be globally deployed by

iss nasa  the Invensys Software Systems (ISS) division of Invensys plc, the global automation and controls group with headquarters in the UK, has lately blitzed the market with a number of announcements. The most prominent amongst these were: Deliveries of vertically focused solutions for some industries Deliveries of horizontal, cross-industry applications Some high-profile partnerships Some initiatives to shore up its large customer base This is Part Three of a four-part Event Note concerning these Announcements Read More
Security Stocks Burn Rubber
Security technology stocks are burning rubber as they peel out in front of swaggering technology blue chips. Who are some of these security market leaders and

iss nasa  the Internet Security Scanner, ISS has expanded into a full-suite of security offerings branded as SAFEsuite. Expanding from security risk assessment, SAFEsuite now includes intrusion detection, and enterprise management decision support solutions. Last month ISS opened a Middle East office in Cairo, Egypt hoping to make in-roads into the International petroleum and agriculture markets. Backed by the Sarhank Group for Investment, ISS is well positioned to be a leading player in Middle East security Read More
Deltek's Second Bite at the IPO Cherry (Part II)
Well, a few months after Part I of this blog post was published, which focused on Deltek's pre-New Mountain Capital private equity investment era, the time has

iss nasa  on some lingering softer issues too. So, when the new management team took the helm at Deltek in mid 2005, it realized that many good things had happened over the previous two decades at the company, but that one can never be too complacent. Indeed, room for improvements existed in many regards, or at least  some challenges could always be turned into opportunities. Sure, in many project-oriented sectors, such as Accounting & Auditing, Aerospace & Defense (A&D), Architecture/Engineering/Construction Read More
Content as a Service: a New Model for E-learning Content Delivery
How can a company ensure that users are taking the “right” course if they do not identify and understand their strategy for content delivery? Can content be

iss nasa  and updates that are missing from a content storage solution. This Content as a Service offering solves issues surrounding the maintenance and delivery of effective online training that have been hampering organizations since the inception of eLearning. Organizations can now focus on the information and accuracy of the online training instead of hosting and infrastructure. With dramatically improved delivery via a Content Delivery Network (CDN) , organizations ensure that accurate content is delivered to Read More
Enterprise Management Software Vendor Welcomes Additions
Deltek recognizes that most organizations run their enterprises by using a sort of closed-loop, corrective action process. However, most product-based

iss nasa  has embarked on a mission to garner a one-stop-shopping portfolio. Accordingly, in March 2006, to enhance these development prospects, Deltek announced the acquisition of Welcom , a Houston, Texas (US)-based provider of such solutions, which allows Deltek to immediately provide important earned value management (EVM) capabilities to its broad government contracting customer base, and also to deliver comprehensive project portfolio management (PPM) solutions for many other project-focused organizations Read More
Trends in Customer Experience at TIBCO TUCON 2012
I have attended several enterprise software events in recent months that discussed trends and changes in IT, with big data, mobile computing, social

iss nasa  in Customer Experience at TIBCO TUCON 2012 I have attended several enterprise software events in recent months that discussed trends and changes in IT, with big data, mobile computing, social collaboration, and cloud computing at the top of the list. For instance, at its recent SAP Retail Forum North America, SAP announced the availability of a retailing solution built on SAP NetWeaver Cloud (part of the SAP HANA Cloud platform) that effectively combines these trends. How these current IT trends are Read More
Network Associates Hopes to Rekindle the Flame
Though the security market has been exploding, Network Associates, Inc. (NAI) will likely post a loss for FY'99. However, don't expect the security monolith to

iss nasa  leading scanner sold by ISS - it's a good product, and a good buy. It would be hard to justify the exorbitant pricing of the ISS scanner over Cybercop. If you're in the market for anti-virus products, the McAfee anti-virus suite is a solid and tried and true product to use to protect your network. Other alternatives include Norton Anti-Virus, F-Secure Anti-Virus, and Trend Micro Anti-Virus. If making sure that desktops are consistently being updated with the latest anti-virus vaccines is not something Read More
Peoplefluent Announces OrgPublisher 11.2
Peoplefluent recently announced OrgPublisher version 11.2. The vendor is now representing OrgPublisher as a decision support system for workforce management

iss nasa  Announces OrgPublisher 11.2 In 2011, Peopleclick Authoria (Peoplefluent’s name at that time) acquired a company named Aquire, a software vendor providing workforce analytics, organizational charting, human resources (HR) reporting, talent management modeling, data cleanup, and mobile analytics. One of the Aquire tools incorporated by Peoplefluent in its offering is OrgPublisher, a solution that helps companies automate the creation and management of organizational charts to handle workforce Read More
Big ERP Players Courting Government Agencies
There has been significant activity in the public sector, with all major players winning important new federal contracts for Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP).

iss nasa  requirements are another big issue. Each of these players will bet on creating an offering addressing e-government with a strong backbone ERP component. Meeting the public sector's needs will also require ERP vendors to improve ease of installation, ROI, interoperability, and service support networks. Moreover, escalating competition in the market will definitely make price a significant competitive factor. The ERP system certainly remains the backbone of a business. It sets the structure an organization Read More
'Collaborative Commerce': ERP, CRM, e-Proc, and SCM Unite! A Series Study: Baan and Parent Company, Invensys
Baan is now iBaan, fully focused on the Internet via Portals and web technologies, across CRM, ERP, and SCM spaces.

iss nasa  a new division called ISS (Invensys Software and Systems), swept Baan under their arm, and started running at full tilt to show the world how they could bring the Baan and Invensys universes together. Strategic Decisions and Acquisitions Both Baan and Invensys moved quickly. Baan made a couple of moves around the same time as the takeover bid was happening: they negotiated a strategic alliance with Seagate Software (now known as Crystal Decisions ) to make that company's Seagate Info their enterprise Read More
Are Sales Incentives Even In Tune With the Corporate Strategy?
With sales being the lifeblood of virtually any company, selling should be an accurately accountable process forming the basis of overall strategic objectives

iss nasa  For more on pertinent issues, see The Case for Pricing Management . One of the things that is often missing is a good system of metrics for gauging whether the incentive plan is optimally driving revenue. With the wrong metrics or incentive plans, every company is essentially just going out of business faster. Therefore, companies must make sure that they are paying for the most important sales activities, and that those activities are connected to their business strategy and positively contributing to Read More

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