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Task Management with Multistage Tracking
One of the biggest challenges a project manager faces is the difficulty of tracking project progress once a project has been started. It can be difficult to

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Help Desk for the Health Care Industry
Help Desk is an application for assisting and managing calls for support from computer users. It also includes computer and software inventory tracking along with technical support knowledge bas...
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Documents related to » issue tracking application

Application Giants in Duel and Duet for Users’ Hearts, Minds … and Wallets
While SAP and Microsoft are concurrently partnering for certain initiatives, they are still dueling about who is bigger, better, smarter, whose user screens are

issue tracking application  Duet is able to issue a single sign-on ticket enabling the client to communicate in a with the web services on the SAP side in a secure manner. Once authentication is secured, standard SAP guidelines and principles take effect and the access is granted based on authorization profiles associated with the user in the underlying SAP system. For example, each profile is associated with a only a few of the cost centers that exist in the underlying system. A user can have access only to his or her own personal Read More
How to Choose a Service and Maintenance Application
If you’re not using a service and maintenance application, you may have reached the point where manual systems no longer support the pace of business. Where to

issue tracking application  to jobs? Do you issue spares or parts to jobs? Do you have multiple price lists? Do you do standard jobs that can be based on templates? Are purchase orders or requisitions raised against specific jobs? Do you track items outstanding on purchase orders per job? Do you return equipment to inventory from jobs? Do you transfer equipment between jobs? Do you require a return authorization process for warranty equipment to be collected from customers and returned to manufacturers? Do you track your shipments Read More
Web Application Security: The Truth about White Box Testing versus Black Box Testing
Information security managers, quality assurance staff, and developers are faced with the enormous responsibility of keeping Web applications secure from the

issue tracking application  protected? Can a minor issue with the Web application cause the database to be corrupted or fail? Black box testing is optimal for looking at the entire functioning Web application and detecting security concerns. It focuses on the externally visible behavior of a running Web application. The application can be an application currently in development or a legacy application which has not been updated in the recent past. Black box testing tools have the following benefits: Analyze an entire deployed Web Read More
How to Avoid the Pitfalls of Shipping Your Software Application as an Appliance
For independent software vendors (ISVs), software delivery creates big operational challenges. Integrating an application with the latest operating system and

issue tracking application  well-intentioned or otherwise. The issue is that when something is changed on these servers or the host OS, normal interactions between software elements, or between the software and hardware, can break down and cause the ISV's application to become unavailable. When that happens, the enterprise customer views it as the ISV's problem. Although the actual technical problem may have nothing to do with their application, the ISV has to figure out the problem and put the puzzle back together. Otherwise, the Read More
Application Access over the Internet: Cloud Computing Service for Higher Education
Wipro completed a research project to understand how application and desktop virtualization technology can be best harnessed for the needs of higher education

issue tracking application  cloud computing service for higher education,cloud computing services,what is cloud computing,cloud computing higher education,cloud computing model,cloud computing applications,cloud computing service,cloud computing system,cloud computing,why cloud computing,cloud computing architecture,cloud services,secure cloud computing,cloud computing platform,platform as a service Read More
The Application Server War Escalates
At JavaOne in San Francisco, a battle ensued between BEA Systems CEO Bill Coleman, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. In a truly ugly display of how contentious the

issue tracking application  application server,windows server,sun application server 8.2,web logic server,websphere server,app server vs web server Read More
Evolving Business Application Preferences, Part 1: Best-of-breed or Suite?
Do executives prefer to purchase business applications as part of an integrated suite or as part of a best-of-breed approach? Are there differences by software

issue tracking application  SAP,saas,software as a service,software selection,saas software,saas service,saas management,saas model,saas gov,software as a service saas,saas business,saas companies,saas web,saas application,saas security Read More
Compuware Joins the Celestial Club with New Cloud Application Performance Management Platform
This month Cloudware unveiled its brand new cloud platform for application performance management. With core enhancements in big data handling, the cloud

issue tracking application   Read More
Application Software Services: Outsourcing, Applications Software Competitor Analysis Report
The outsourcing application software knowledge base criteria are appropriate for selecting outsource providers in the area of business software development. It

issue tracking application   Read More
Active RFID Solutions for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management
Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is fast replacing ScanCode technology in asset tracking and inventory management. Traditionally, asset tracking

issue tracking application  RFID Solutions for Asset Tracking and Inventory Management Radio frequency identification (RFID) technology is fast replacing ScanCode technology in asset tracking and inventory management. Traditionally, asset tracking and inventory management in retail supply chain or manufacturing or service units depended heavily on manual scanning of bar code printed on each item at every strategic point. This white paper focuses on details of RFID technology and how you can automate asset tracking and Read More
Application Outsourcing Services
BlueAlly provides a range of custom application development and management services (ADMS), which address both strategic outsourcing and capacity services

issue tracking application   Read More
Application Vendors - Avoid Sabotaging Sales With Marketing
Have you ever lost deals where you knew you had the better product? Have you ever lost deals where the prospect agreed you had a better product? The two most

issue tracking application   Read More

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