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SCM Software for Mills
Demand for mill products especially in the metals and packaging industry is growing fast. This presents a good opportunity for the software vendors who cater to the needs of customers in these industries.But these industries have some unique requirements which are discussed throughout this article. Supply chain management software which does planning and execution for manufacturing, transportation, distribution etc. for mills industry, needs to address these unique requirements.

IT IN SCM: set up time. Pegging: It takes into consideration multiple sales orders and keeps the information about the original order through all production levels. This technique is able to process multiple orders at the same time and yet keep information about products, work in process, and orders all the time. Changes in orders: Whenever there are changes in orders, either new lines can be created if there is an addition to an order or existing lines can be updated depending on situation. Container stuffing: At t

Simple SCM Document Exchange
Abrica.net is a

IT IN SCM: chain document, simply print it to the Abrica printer. Simple SCM Document Exchange style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   E-CRM,   E-procurement and Requisitioning,   Electronic Bill Presentment and Payment (EBPP),   Lean/Flow Manufacturing,   Purchasing Management,   Shipping and Receiving,   Collaborative Planning and Scheduling (CPS),   Global Logistics Solution (GLS),   Trading Partner Management,   Order Management,   Supply Chain Optimization,  
11/21/2005 10:01:00 AM

SAP SCM—Stepping Out of Obscurity
TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic examines new SAP products for supply chain executives to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of SCM, PLM, and ERP. Major new SAP products are being released in the realms of supply chain management (SCM), manufacturing execution systems (MES), and product lifecycle management (PLM). TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic examines the solutions that SAP is offering for supply chain executives to expand beyond the traditional boundaries of SCM, PLM, and enterprise resource planning (ERP).

IT IN SCM: rule (algorithm), and how it affects the other functions in the enterprise, not to mention the correlation between all of these modules and their rules when they are implemented concurrently. Thus, the system is unable to alert users in other functions that there is an issue that is important to them or to solicit their input. A separate article analyzes the different optimization approaches of APS and response management solutions in more detail. 4. Supply Network Traceability The fourth set of SCM proce
2/28/2012 5:45:00 PM

Logility Accelerates SCM to ERP Integration » The TEC Blog
sets the design direction, it should be much easier for developers to create enhancements that can be understood and further extended by others. Real-world businesses do not stand still and Logility’s template-driven integration approach adapts and evolves as businesses do. As ERP and SCM processes mature and solutions are upgraded, this new method should ensure customers are up-to-date without the worry about how one upgrade will impact the other. That’s to say, businesses can now focus on their stra

IT IN SCM: adapchain, ERP, ERP SCM integration, industry watch, integration templates, Logility, logility voyager, SAP, SCM, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

SCM Software for Real World Manufacturing: A Case for Mission Critical Use
In an ideal world, we can have an exception free manufacturing operations. And for the most part, it will be a

IT IN SCM: execution data so that it starts making realistic planning. In the long run, your business process will be reengineered to remove your bottlenecks slowly. User recommendation Some vendors claim that user should only concentrate on the execution part because planning and scheduling is not important. However, they give this excuse because their software does not have planning and scheduling capabilities. This is wrong. Some other vendors may claim that their software has good planning and scheduling

ERP and SCM ImplementationsPart One: Doing Too Much Too Soon
In order to get ahead of the systems development power curve, companies are attempting what is equivalent to executing a quadruple jump in ice skating; running a sub 3:50 minute mile in track; and winning the Tour de France in cycling--all in the same year. How? By trying to implement enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software at the same time. Read on why this is an ill-advised course of action with an extremely low probability of success.

IT IN SCM: is erroneous or is it a case that the setup in the SCM software is wrong? It becomes a guessing game to find Who Shot John? As in construction, it is important that the underpinnings of the foundation are in place and solid before attempting to erect the walls and roof. Likewise, assurances must be made that the data in the ERP repository accurately reflects the business rules of your company before attempting to use with the SCM software. Typically, this requires a shakedown period under live,

How to Get the Most from Your Supply Chain: SCM Reaches the Mid-market
How to Get the Most from Your Supply Chain: SCM Reaches the Mid-market. Get Software and Other Information for Your Solicitation Related to the Supply Chain or the SCM. Today’s midsized distributors can benefit from their software systems in ways that were impossible a few years ago. By layering advanced, affordable supply chain management (SCM) and electronic data interchange (EDI) functionality on top of their existing enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, they can profit from improved productivity and lower labor costs. Find out how.

IT IN SCM: start-up companies and leading IT vendors in product development and marketing strategies as well as user clients in business process analysis and software procurement. Christina Park has nearly ten years of international IT experience in business systems, enterprise applications, and hardware manufacturing, and has written numerous articles covering enterprise applications. For more information, please contact the analyst group at research@technologyevaluation.com . Searches related to How to Get the
1/22/2008 10:32:00 AM

Dell, IBM in $6B Services Deal
Dell Computer Corp. and IBM Corp. announced that IBM will provide service and support for Dell PCs and servers.

IT IN SCM: area of growth for it in the coming years. Currently, services accounts for approximately 25% of IBM s revenues. Providing service for the vendor holding the #2 US and #3 worldwide market share for Intel servers is a big win for IBM. In the short term, however, there will be some startup uncertainty/concern as service and support transitions to IBM. User Recommendations This agreement is of more interest to potential Dell-buyers than to IBM-watchers. Users who have been considering Dell, but are

The Proof Is in the ROI
A well-thought out, comprehensive ROI (return on investment) marketing and sales program is becoming a must in today's difficult business to business (B2B) software market. However, few companies seem to be investing appropriately. The first mistake they make is to try to keep costs down by attempting to create an ROI program internally. It's a sure way to waste value people, time, and effort. If you want a significant return on your ROI sales and marketing investment, hire an expert.

IT IN SCM: to be true. Proving it became problematic, because, in retrospect, we didn t know how to do it. We were able to do some of the basics, such as identify business processes that the product automated or streamlined, thus saving time. We also identified processes that were accelerated, saving more time. It seemed self-evident that all the time this product saved gave the users more time for value-added activities. Therefore, the logic ran, with more time for analysis, the company would benefit from better-in

The First Step in mySAP.com
Application Hosting with mySAP.com was introduced in January of 1999. Recently, SAP announced over 5,000 users in North America have embraced the initiative.

IT IN SCM: SAP, or one of its partners. Market Impact This announcement comes at a time of convergence. Digital market place, or netmarket vendors, and ERP vendors are focusing on efficiency solutions coupled with web delivery mechanisms. This is producing technology partnerships, (eg: Peoplesoft and Commerce One, SAP with Hewlett-Packard, American Express and Tradex) in an effort to deliver comprehensive Internet based solutions. The result is ERP vendors are expanding their offerings, not only by web-enabling th

Lucrative but Risky Aftermarket Business—Service and Replacement Parts SCM
The growing pressure for improving customer responsiveness and profits has lately changed the traditional role of supply chain management (SCM) of spare and replacement parts.

IT IN SCM: year, may be requested. It also requires dealing with supply chains that are much more complex than those in new product manufacturing, wholesale distribution, and retail, because knowing in advance when, where, or what kind of equipment breakdown (or any other reason for a service part requirement) will take place, is difficult for anyone (other than clairvoyant fortunetellers). Estimating typically low, yet highly stochastic demand; exploiting multinode opportunities to determine optimal safety stocks

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