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ERP Vendors, Are You Green Enough? » The TEC Blog
Adopting organizations may use it to determine above-average vendors to build their competitive edge in tackling environmental issues. One big flaw of this research model is that the word “green” didn’t always relate to environmental issues. “Green” could be the family name of a person who works for a vendor, a part of the company name of a vendor’s client, or the original meaning – the color. So once again, please don’t trust the trend line results above. This is just for fun. Share This

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Nine Questions to Ask 360-system Vendors
Nine Questions to Ask 360-system Vendors. This white paper presents information about Nine Questions to Ask 360-system Vendors. Many organizations are searching for automated solutions to support their 360 initiatives. Fortunately, selecting vendors is a lot like making a new hire. You start by interviewing the most likely candidates from a pool of prospects. You drop the least promising to create a shortlist. Finally—by asking the right questions—you pick the best choice for your organization.

IT VENDORS: should handle for you. It should have the smarts to see who hasn t responded, then remind them that the clock is ticking. 4. Was your software created specifically for 360? Some vendors push their survey software by saying, This does everything you need for 360 for a lower price! If you accept this claim, you may be in store for some mind-numbing chores. For instance, to support 360 for 200 employees could mean publishing 200 separate surveys instead of creating one project for 200 people, as you can
11/24/2006 1:38:00 PM

Business Intelligence Vendors
Current pure play business intelligence (BI) leaders offer the advantage of superior analytics and planning capabilities; however, enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors are improving their analytic capabilities and accessibility.

IT VENDORS: proven staying power within IT departments, BI vendors need to establish as strong a hold on the market as possible before enterprise and platform vendors catch up. Vendors like Microsoft, IBM, and Oracle have already begun to embed BI within their relational databases, , Further, BI vendors have earned the reputation of selling big BI infrastructure deals without defining the scope of the project, instead leaving it to the user enterprise s IT departments to figure out. Given that the technical capabilit

Shortlisting EAM Vendors: A How-to Guide » The TEC Blog
EAM Comparison button. Click it to start building your EAM shortlist. Or you can start here . Once you’ve signed in, you’ll be able to create your profile by answering 15 questions about your organization and your selection project (industry, budget, site structure, required services, required functionality, etc.). You have the option of disqualifying vendors as you proceed through these questions. Once you’re finished building your profile, you’ll see which vendors have been disqualified by which

IT VENDORS: eam, enterprise asset management, Software Selection, TEC, Technology Evaluation, Technology Evaluation Centers, Technology Evaluation Centers Inc., blog, analyst, enterprise software, decision support.

Portal Strategy: One Vendor s Story and What It Means to You
Epicor is working with Microsoft so that portal adopters can benefit from SharePoint's models and access to other enterprise data.

IT VENDORS: application infrastructure and middleware. It is thus only logical to see many mid-market enterprise applications vendors ally with the providers of the highest-level portal framework, rather than to waste precious and scarce resources to reinvent the wheel. This approach should help their bids to increase the use of Web-based portals among their enterprise customers while, at the same time, make more efficient and pointed use of their own research and development (R&D) resources. In addition, some

Major Vendors Adapting to User Requirements
SAP and Microsoft have finally realized that their products will increasingly be evaluated by how well they interconnect, how flexible they are, and how intuitive their user interfaces are. However, these trends have already been incorporated by lesser-known vendors.

IT VENDORS: community of developers and IT professionals can share, evaluate, and build evolving Microsoft .NET applications, code, ideas, and technical documents. Microsoft also pledges to provide the source code for these solutions from the linked web site. This should allow the partners, other independent software vendors (ISVs), and customers to modify and distribute these programs. It should then be possible to enhance or customize the shipped solutions or to use them as examples of how to build new composite ap

ERP Buyer s Guide: Top Vendors Reviewed - 2012
This brief ERP buyer's guide gives an overview of the major features of ERP solutions, reviews some of the main vendors in 2012 in the three major tiers - the enterprise, mid-market, and small market arenas, and lists important criteria to consider when selecting a vendor.

IT VENDORS: CompareBusinessProducts.com Document Type: White Paper Description: This brief ERP buyer s guide gives an overview of the major features of ERP solutions, reviews some of the main vendors in 2012 in the three major tiers - the enterprise, mid-market, and small market arenas, and lists important criteria to consider when selecting a vendor. ERP Buyer s Guide: Top Vendors Reviewed - 2012 style= border-width:0px; />   comments powered by Disqus Related Topics:   Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)
2/27/2013 10:17:00 AM

Ways of Finding Software Vendors: The Pro’s and Con s
So you are looking for software to support the critical functions of your company. Unfortunately, you can't go to your local Software'R'Us. This article discusses several sources and methods for identifying potential software vendors. It also examines the pro's and con's of each method.

IT VENDORS: its database of vendors. It will then suggest potential vendors appearing to meet the business needs of your company. Obviously, this should be a repetitive and iterative process that is refined as rankings are changed and weights are reassigned. The process is continued until the project team is confident that the model reasonably and accurately portrays the company s business practices and needs. For the saw mill owner, you should be able to enter free form requirements in an attempt to isolate

Two Stalwart Vendors Discuss Mid-market Issues
In continuing our first-time ever questions-and-answers series for software applications vendors, Infor and IFS, two upper mid-market, stalwart vendors, express their views on market trends, platform approaches, and mid-market issues.

IT VENDORS: the case for voters, it is up to each reader to form his or her own opinions about each vendor s responses, their genuine intentions and concerns for the individual customer ( political posturing?), and so on. Such questions-and-answers articles will likely continue, given the number of other vendors whose responses are currently being prepared. Readers are more than welcome to quip in with their comments and opinions, which we hope and believe this series will provoke. This concludes our

Marquee Vendors Partner for Deepening Inherent CRM and BI Links
Despite the logic behind combining customer relationship management (CRM) and business intelligence (BI) elements, the implementation of marketing automation (MA) has been stunted by slow markets, and pessimistic investors. Vendors in CRM and BI are building alliances in order to gain market share and illustrate the value of MA.

IT VENDORS: budgets in marketing departments. It combines workflow capabilities for assigning tasks and triggering alerts and knowledge management (KM) to comply with marketing best practices. The name game is also coming into play as vendors try and differentiate themselves from the competition to show the depth and coverage of their point solutions. For example, Aprimo and Unica refer to their products as enterprise marketing management (EMM) solutions to illustrate that their solutions surpass the limits of MA

Can These Vendors Really Do What They Say? Bang Bang Maybe. » The TEC Blog
challenge when you’re basing it on marketing brochures, sales hype, paid search engine results, and technical jargon. You need to see for yourself if the vendor claims live up to their expectations with demonstration presentations. Of course, with each vendor only bringing their best to show and tell, it’s hard to have a comparison you can rely on. Held June 16 and 17 2010 in San Diego, the ERP Vendor Shootout aims (pun intended, sorry) to help you compare apples to apples, with side-by-side scripted

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