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2008 Internet Security Trends: A Report on Emerging Attack Platforms for Spam, Viruses, and Malware
Just when malware design seemed to have reached a plateau, new and more complex attack techniques have now emerged. For a while, security controls designed to

italy mrm  websites, mostly based in Italy. These sites had an illicit IFrame element added to the page which went undetected by the original site's authors. As endusers viewed the infected webpages, the IFrame (without user intervention) delivered a set of drive-by exploits, compromising the target system. The exploits included keyloggers and Trojan-downloaders - small bits of code that can be used to load other malware on the system. WEB USAGE LEADS TO CORPORATE DATA LOSS First generation URL filters that Read More...
Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
The Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM) Knowledge Base research helps determine support levels of various systems that help companies market their services or products effectively an...
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Documents related to » italy mrm

WorldCom SPRINTs, Nokia/Visa Pays Bill, & Service Providers Gear for Wireless Tsunami
Ready for another Internet Tsunami? Broadband and Wireless ubiquitous infrastructures are coming into place at a rapid rate. Digital Business Service Providers

italy mrm  likes of Ericsson in Italy. Lante is busy opening an office in Singapore where Agency.com is already present with a wireless practice, while USWEB is taking the global picture and wants to spread everywhere - it is even advertising for overseas partners on its website. Then, of course, there are the international consulting houses and systems integrators scrambling for pieces of the action, among them EDS, Cap Gemini, Deloitte Consulting, CSC, and Anderson Consulting. Market Threats Three possible Read More...
Mid-Market Strategy: International Enterprise Solutions
Adonix marks its strategy with two catchwords:

italy mrm  ERP leadership position in Italy and the markets it serve. However, it remains to be seen whether Gruppo Formula will follow the CIMPRO and ABEL route and be incorporated within X3, or if it will remain independent like Meta4. This is Part Two of a four-part note. Part One detailed the company and its products. Part Three will discuss Adonix' WMS Response. Part Four will cover technology, challenges and make user recommendations. Supporting Product Development In additional to acquisitions, The Adonix Read More...
Vendors Jostle and Profess Economic Stimulus Readiness - Part III
Part I of this series analyzed the opportunity as well as the related attached strings stemming from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 (ARRA

italy mrm  the United Kingdom (UK), Italy, and France being the top European countries, and with China, Japan, and Korea being the top three countries in Asia. As for the expected global market growth, the US will continue to be the single largest national market, while hot emerging markets are China, Brazil, Korea, and India. “Saving Grace” Trends to Answer Current Industry Challenges In addition to ongoing  urbanization  trends in many spots worldwide, there are two more trends that could help the Read More...
Getting It Right: Product, Quality, Timing, and Price
The most important factor in industry is no longer the mere price of the product. Increasingly, the purchaser's task has become to obtain the right product of

italy mrm  started up in France, Italy, Finland, and Spain; the euro currency management was added to the system; and Jeeves marked a total of 620 systems sold. The year 2000 brought about the three-layer client/server architecture with thin clients and Internet communication. Also, collaboration agreements were signed with some application service providers (ASPs) and business systems providers (BSPs,), and with new partners in Finland, the Netherlands, Belgium, France, the UK, and Ireland. The total number of Read More...
With over 16 years of experience, TotalSoft is one of the leaders of the Romanian IT industry, involved in the development and supply of complex business

italy mrm  USA, Germany, UK, Austria, Italy or France, TotalSoft has an undeniable expertise in verticals such as financial/banking, distribution, retail, medical, utilities, building, engineering, production, services or public administration. The company has its headquarters in Romania, while its subsidiaries are located in Greece, Serbia, Bulgaria and Qatar. According to the Ministry of Finance in 2009 and 2010 TotalSoft was one of the most profitable IT companies in Romania. TotalSoft has become, according to Read More...
PROACTIS: The Best-kept Secret in Indirect Spend Management? - Part 1
In this day and age of news flying fast over the Internet and tweets reaching every nook and cranny of the world, it still took physical attendance at an

italy mrm  geographies: Computime (Greece, Turkey, Italy, Malta, and North African territories), AdvanceNet (integration to Infor SunSystems, SAP , and Microsoft Dynamics NAV in Africa), Business T&G (Spain and Portugal) and Eclipse Computing (integration to Microsoft Dynamics in Asia-Pacific). Moreover, Charteris has a focus on Microsoft Dynamics in the IT Services sector, ADERANT targets law firms, while InTechnology and Navisite provide the aforementioned hosting services for PROACTIS. Part 2 of this series will Read More...
Will Adonix Provide A Warmer Home To CIMPRO? Part Two: Market Impact
Contrary to most peer vendors, which started their ERP applications in the manufacturing space, Adonix first established a strong presence and functionality in

italy mrm  well as in France, Italy, Portugal, and Spain, while resellers and distributors sell Adonix elsewhere. This has traditionally proven to be advantageous to mid-market customers by allowing Adonix to keep their costs down. Also, direct and indirect channels that have already been built in targeted countries have helped the company with product translation and localization issues, which have in turn resulted with solid multi-national and/or localization capabilities of the product. This concludes Part Two Read More...
Managing Risk through Financial Processes: Embedding Governance, Risk, and Compliance
Initiatives to automate and streamline financial processes often focus more on reducing costs than adding value. Adding the kind of value you should have in

italy mrm  of GE Capital Finance (Italy), too many red flags can introduce confusion, not clarity. Similarly, fragmented, redundant and manual GRC processes often result in too much data, leading to delays in recognising and acting on risks. Mr Pighi points out the need to align risks and controls properly at the outset and then refine them continuously as the business changes. Devise procedures for manual interventions. No matter how much automation is introduced, there is always the need for manual intervention, Read More...
Malta, An Ideal Nearshore Location
Malta is developing as a nearshoring location. Malta's advantages include an educated workforce that is fluent in English, lower wages than Western Europe, and

italy mrm  the UK, Germany and Italy. As the years went by, the number increased and companies also started moving up the value chain. As a result, companies operating in new sectors such as electronics, pharmaceuticals and avionics started replacing the initial wave of textile factories. Today, Malta has over 300 foreign companies in the manufacturing sector while the number of foreign companies in the ICT, financial and other service sectors is steadily increasing, especially after Malta became a full member of Read More...
Enterprise Marketing Management (EMM)
The@Enterprise Marketing Management@(EMM) Knowledge Base research helps determine support levels of various systems that help companies market their services

italy mrm  
Engineering Group
Founded in 1980, Engineering Group is a group of consulting and services companies specialized according to market segment or line of business. The Engineering

italy mrm  companies, 40 branches in Italy and abroad, more than 6,300 IT professionals, and one of Europe's largest data centers for outsourcing at Pont Saint Martin (Italy). Read More...
Adonix' Mid-Market FORMULA - Adopting Best of Both 'Organic Growers' and 'Aggressive Consolidators' Worlds
Adonix appears to be a force in the Southern European enterprise resource planning and supply chain management market since acquiring Gruppo FORMULA. There

italy mrm  software and services in Italy. Since Gruppo FORMULA is a publicly traded company on the EuroNext stock exchange in Brussels, the agreement is subject to approval by the Italian regulatory authorities. Prior to this latest acquisition, Adonix had about 1,000 employees, 8,000 customers, 150 partners, and was present in 27 countries. Its North American office locations are in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and Tarrytown, New York. It has a direct presence in France, Spain, Italy, United Kingdom, Portugal, with Read More...
Case Study: Multifaceted Company Upgrades ERP Application
In times like these, when IT spending is increasingly subject to cutbacks, finding out how to get

italy mrm  also runs businesses throughout Italy in the media, real estate, financial services, and engineering and construction sectors. In a company of this size, and with such a wide array of processes, keeping IT costs in check is obviously of utmost importance. To ensure stable and cost-effective operations, the group relies on a subdivision devoted solely to IT activities: Tosinvest Information Technologies, or T.I.T. It was in this subdivision that the decision was made to upgrade the existing enterprise Read More...
Server Platform Situational Analysis: IBM AS/400
Customers value IBM's AS/400's reliability, stability, and security. However, despite its impressive performance and use of independent software vendors to

italy mrm  geographic regions, such as Italy, Germany, and Australia, still, almost religiously support the platform. Until the early 2000s, most enterprise resource planning (ERP) vendors with an iSeries heritage still managed to generate the majority of their revenues from the iSeries driven business, This was largely driven by Y2K compliance issues and the reticence of existing users to switch technologies. But as the Y2K crisis subsided and went away in 2000, the platform has since captured ever fewer new ERP Read More...

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