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Easy ERP: A Challenge to Conventional Thinking
There is a new paradigm when it comes to evaluating ERP systems. With little difference between industry players' solutions, the key is the longevity of the

j i t inventory  pleasure of setting everything just the way they wanted it, from unit of measure codes, and invoice terms, to each and every configuration parameter. The user training was akin to trying to make one feel comfortable wearing two left shoes as the instructor would explain that a recipe or formula was really a bill of material in the new system: You'll get used to it. Time to benefit was measured in years. This was enterprise software pioneer land which molded our baby boomer generation's perspective of Read More
Picture Archiving Communication Systems (PACS) for the Health Care Industry
PACS (Picture Archiving Communication System) manages the storage and display of digitized diagnostic images such as x-rays, CT Scans, and ultrasounds for use by radiologists and other clinician...
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Documents related to » j i t inventory

Inventory Reduction: Effectively Turning Excess Into Cash
In virtually all manufacturing companies, there is a direct correlation between inventory levels and overall business performance. In fact, CEO's and CFO's

j i t inventory  always 'No' for not just some of the questions, but all four of them. Finding out that your inventory planning and control system, even one based on modern ERP systems, does not have the depth and breadth of decision support capability needed to identify and prioritize preventative actions based upon their dollar impact can be a real eye-opener for senior management. A common misconception is that effective decision-support to reduce and prevent excess inventories from accumulating is part of the Read More
APICS 2009 Preview Webinar Series, Session 5: Managing Inventory in a Changing Economy
The 2009 APICS International Conference and Expo is starting next week in Toronto (Canada). One of the educational tracks is focusing on how to manage inventory

j i t inventory  may achieve its inventory objectives. Gary Gossard (president of IQR International) gave a preview presentation in a webinar in which he pointed out a technique that can be used by organizations to manage inventory and reduce waste during changing economic times. Gossard presented a simple methodology that uses data from existing systems (enterprise resource planning [ERP], supply chain management [SCM], or manufacturing requirements planning [MRP] applications) and finds which inventory rules are Read More
Inventory (Out of) Control
In a market as competitive as the chemicals industry, providing high quality products to clients quickly and efficiently while meeting the rigorous regulations

j i t inventory  Deacom ERP,chemicals industry,tracking inventory,inventory,sales forecasting,enterprise resource planning,ERP Read More
Leading Airline Improves Inventory Management
Delta is the world’s second largest airline in terms of passengers carried and the leading US carrier across the Atlantic, offering daily flights to 502

j i t inventory   Read More
Fixed Asset Inventory Best Practices
Asset management cannot be successfully implemented by your accounting department alone (or any other single department). That’s why you should be on top of

j i t inventory  both effective and durable. Read More
10 Tips for Perfect (Nearly!) Inventory Accuracy
Even though we have made enormous advances in technology and business processes, many organizations and manufacturers still cannot perform basic warehouse

j i t inventory  test them on the job as the task is done first-hand. This way, if an employee misses a step, with the procedural guidelines you can enforce the matter right away (which brings us to the next point). Compliance with procedures. Start auditing the process, to make sure each procedure documented is followed through. If non-compliance issues arise, make sure to bring them forward right away with the corrective action in place. If anyone deviates from the documented process (perhaps because the deviation Read More
USinternetworking and AT&T are Working the System
USinternetworking and AT&T begin rollout of alliance in Washington, D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia.

j i t inventory  the launch of their joint marketing and technology agreement in the D.C., Maryland, and Northern Virginia area. The companies are jointly marketing and delivering ASP services to mid-market, high-growth and large companies. As a core component of USi's Global Services Platform (USi GSP) AT&T's domestic and international frame, ATM and IP services are used to connect and deliver functionality to USi clients. AT&T is also the preferred network provider to USi clients for these services. USi will leverage Read More
Zooming into an Inventory Free Flow
FreeFlow, a provider of business services with a patented technology, aims to help companies improve product life cycle profitability by providing a unique

j i t inventory  States headquarters in San Jose, California. The company most recently expanded its operations with the opening of its new offices in Hong Kong (China) in early 2006. This expansion into Asia, given the company's existing locations in Europe and the US, has given FreeFlow a strategic, worldwide presence in three key geographical locations, and has enhanced the service provided to clients within a global supply chain. Given that FreeFlow preaches IT outsourcing to its clients, the company demonstrates the Read More
Less Stock, More Profit: Inventory Optimization
Inventory optimization is the area where most enterprise resource planning (ERP) software implementations get the highest and fastest return on investment (ROI)

j i t inventory  demands that they could just as easily fulfill with a competitor. This results in a new set of challenges in order to maintain a fluid and profitable supply chain. Customers demand low prices, so manufacturing moves to low-cost countries, which results in more complex transportation requirements. Disparities between IT systems in some low-cost countries can mean lower visibility into the manufacturing end of the supply chain. Customers drive demand, but that demand is also unpredictable. It is becoming Read More
What Your Refrigerator Can Teach You about Lean Inventory
A lean supply chain consists of two major components—lean manufacturing and lean distribution—which focus on satisfying customer demand efficiently, at the

j i t inventory  chain consists of two major components—lean manufacturing and lean distribution—which focus on satisfying customer demand efficiently, at the lowest cost, with the least amount of waste. But what if your replenishment strategy is your distribution center’s weakest link? To improve customer satisfaction and achieve efficiency and balance, your replenishment strategy must consider all the key variables. Read More
Be to Be FreeB(i)e
Be Inc. will offer the newest version of its operating system for free later this quarter. Version 5 for the desktop will be available for download to pre

j i t inventory  Be FreeB(i)e Event Summary January 18, 2000 - Be Inc. said today that it will offer the newest version of its operating system for free later this quarter. Version 5 for the desktop will be available for download to pre-registered individuals. Be will also work with publishers and other partners to distribute the software. Commercial users of BeOS 5 will still require a separate license from Be. The software currently retails for $99. The move is designed to maximize the visibility and acceptance of Be Read More
Using Supply Chain Design and Optimization to Reduce Inventory
Historically, companies have invested in tactical and operational supply chain technology solutions. These solutions helped model and operate existing supply

j i t inventory   Read More
TEC’s I&CM Evaluation Center (Slowly but Surely) Gaining Traction - Part II
Part I of this blog series expanded on some of TEC’s earlier articles about companies’ need for better commission and incentives calculations and best sales

j i t inventory  on customers' feedback. In July 2008, Varicent announced that its newly released Varicent SPM 5.0 features integration with Microsoft PerformancePoint Server 2007 and Microsoft Office SharePoint Server .  The combined solution makes it possible for organizations to deliver a holistic solution for both SPM and corporate performance management (CPM). Specifically, Varicent SPM 5.0 now: Offers synchronization of SPM data – including details on territories, quotas, incentive compensation and related analyt Read More
Tentative Unification in Server I/O Architecture Battle
The Next Generation I/O (NGIO) and Future I/O groups have agreed to unify their efforts to develop the next I/O architecture.

j i t inventory  non-unified architectures (80% probability). Judging from the PCI and USB architectures, Intel will be the controlling influence, although it will end up making concessions on some of the architectural features. Assuming Intel is the key player, this helps consolidate the server market under Intel's unofficial control . Long-term, this will most likely reduce the variation across vendors, leading to even greater control by Intel. User Recommendations There is no immediate impact on consumers, only on Read More

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