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One Step Closer to the Global ASP
On June 21, 2000, J.D. Edwards & Company, announced the Company’s JDe.sourcing application hosting program has expanded its scope through partnerships with

j.d edwars europe  On June 21, 2000, J.D. Edwards & Company (NASDAQ: JDEC), announced the Company''s JDe.sourcing application hosting program has expanded its scope through partnerships with leading ASP providers in Asia, Europe, Africa, Latin America and North America. J.D. Edwards'' JDe.sourcing is an application hosting initiative that delivers e-business solutions directly to customers across the Internet. In recent months, JDe.sourcing has expanded to include 18 ASP partners and nearly 3,000 users worldwide. J.D. Read More...
The Oracle/PeopleSoft Reality Check
While customers may be bemused if not concerned about the Oracle/PeopleSoft merger, they are from a traditionally risk-adverse market. Despite the lush deals

j.d edwars europe  PeopleSoft, and especially former J.D Edwards users are likely discomforted, in part because of Oracle''s harsh comments about PeopleSoft products. While Oracle''s stance has since changed, impressions will still linger, and Oracle will have to deliver on its public relations promises. Just as end users are abuzz, so too are vendors who see consolidation as an opportunity to replace existing systems with their products. This brings us to a key question: for both users and vendors, what do the efforts by Read More...
J.D. Edwards - A Collaboration Thought Leader Or A Disguised ERP Follower? Part 2: Evaluating J.D. Edwards
Like most of its peers, J.D. Edwards is hoping to rebound by focusing on Internet collaboration and extended-ERP applications. The company has also

j.d edwars europe  more than 40% of J.D Edwards'' revenues will come from outside of the US market (70% probability), with the license revenue contributing more than 35% of its total revenue within the same period of time (60% probability). AS/400 products will constitute 50% of the user base within the next five years (60% probability). At the same time 30% of total software revenue will be generated through indirect channel distribution (60% probability). Vendor Recommendations J.D. Edwards should use its direct sales Read More...
While Oracle and PeopleSoft Are to Fuse, Competitors Ruse--Leaving Customers (Somewhat) Bemused
The recent merger of Oracle and PeopleSoft requires, among many other things, finding a perfect balance between cultivating the install base versus the zeal for

j.d edwars europe  of Oracle, PeopleSoft, and J.D. Edwards application software. Oracle Product Strategy Ellison first outlined the companies'' revised product strategy and vision, stating the company will continue supporting PeopleSoft product lines until 2013 and its commitment to release PeopleSoft Enterprise 9.0. By retaining over 90 percent of PeopleSoft''s development and support organization, Oracle believes it can deliver its rather difficult commitment to all of its applications customers. Ellison also announced Read More...
J.D. Edwards'' CEO Retires Again; This Time For Good?
Having seemingly paved a solid ground for its successor, it is likely that this time J.D. Edwards founder and CEO Ed McVaney might not have to come back from

j.d edwars europe  D. Edwards'' CEO Retires Again; This Time For Good? Event Summary On January 3, J.D. Edwards & Company (NASDAQ: JDEC), a provider of collaborative enterprise business applications, announced that its Board of Directors has appointed Robert M. Dutkowsky as president and CEO, replacing C. Edward McVaney, the Company''s founder and long-time leader, who is retiring. Although McVaney''s retirement has been happening for several years and was actually even postponed when erstwhile successor Doug Massingill left a Read More...
Is J.D. Edwards''s CRM 2.0 (With more than 200 Enhancements) Good News?
When it comes to touting 200 product enhancements, what J.D. Edwards is saying is that ease of integration is important to mid-market companies because they

j.d edwars europe  integrated front/back office system. J.D Edwards'' aim is to facilitate internal and external collaboration especially within the mid-market companies. CRM 2.0 Enhancements J.D Edwards has specially focused on the enhancement of its Service Management module as they predict a rising demand on this sector. The delivered portal solution would allow suppliers to access client''s inventory and order size data. CRM 2.0 captures sales information and feeds it into Demand Consensus, creating a more precise forecas Read More...
J.D. Edwards Incurs Further Losses In Third Quarter
J.D. Edwards reported revenue of $232 million, $8 million down from last year''s third-quarter revenue of $240 million. While licensing revenue fell quarter over

j.d edwars europe  D. Edwards Incurs Further Losses In Third Quarter Event Summary J.D. Edwards shifted deeper into the lagging ERP vendor category last week, as falling licensing revenue led to a drop in overall revenue and net losses in the company''s third quarter, ended July 31. For the period, J.D. Edwards reported revenue of $232 million, $8 million down from last year''s third-quarter revenue of $240 million. While licensing revenue fell quarter over quarter from $98 million last year to $75 million this year, the co Read More...
RealTime IT Services LLC
RealTime IT unites companies in the US, Western and Eastern Europe. Since 2002 it has done corporate information systems development, support and upgrades, as

j.d edwars europe  
Oracle''s Product Future: What Can the Past Tell?
Oracle does not have a history of major acquisitions, let alone experience with the subsequent integration efforts. Run by a management team that has never

j.d edwars europe  and merging others. The J.D Edwards and PeopleSoft merger was regarded as a complementary deal rather than a consolidation move, and PeopleSoft gained 5,000 customers, leapfrogging it to the number two spot in enterprise software charts. It was behind SAP and ahead of Oracle. Further, PeopleSoft did not exorbitantly overpay for J.D. Edwards, offering about a 20% premium, less than two times the amount of trailing, J.D Edwards revenues in a 12-month period. Despite some disappointing quarters over 18 Read More...
J.D. Edwards’ Mixed Blessings
On August 23, J.D. Edwards reported financial results for the third quarter ended July 31, 2000. Despite notable license fee revenue growth of 56% over the same

j.d edwars europe  D. Edwards’ Mixed Blessings J.D. Edwards'' Mixed Blessings P.J. Jakovljevic - September 27, 2000 Event Summary In August, J.D. Edwards & Company reported financial results for the third quarter ended July 31, 2000. License fee revenue grew 56% over the same period last year, to $116.7 million (See Figure 1). Transactions over $1 million represented half of the license fee revenue in the third quarter of fiscal 2000 and led to a substantial increase in the average sales price of license transactions. Serv Read More...
Case Study: Continental Airlines
Continental Airlines, the world’s sixth-largest airline, has more than 3,100 daily flights throughout the Americas, Europe, and Asia. Having employees across

j.d edwars europe  

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