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Case Study: Veterinary Practice Management System
A leading application service provider of business applications needed to develop a replica of enterprise resource planning (ERP) for veterinary practice. The

j2me egzample  servlets, JSSE, JBoss, and J2ME technologies.
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » j2me egzample

Saba Software: All about People (Cloud) - Part 3

j2me egzample  Java Platform, Micro Edition (J2ME) ,  AJAX ,  Web services ,  virtualization , and learning industry standards to deliver configurable features for its on-premises and  software as a service (SaaS)  customers. Saba has been providing its software as a service in the cloud for many years now, and it now has six million users in the cloud. Several of Saba’s leading customers have been migrating to cloud-based offerings, and the transition is fairly straightforward since both the private cloud and Read More...
The Lexicon of CRM - Part 2: From J to Q
C.R.M. itself is an acronym, standing for Customer Relationship Management. This is part two of a three-part article to provide explanation and meaning for

j2me egzample  Part One . J  J2ME - Java 2 Micro Edition . A highly optimized Java runtime environment targeting a wide range of consumer products, including pagers, cellular phones, digital set-top boxes, and car navigation systems. JDBC - Java Database Connectivity . JDBC technology is an API that lets you access virtually any tabular data source from the Java programming language. It provides cross-DBMS connectivity to a wide range of SQL databases. There is also a new JDBC API, which provides access to other Read More...
The Future of Secure Remote Password (SRP)
The Secure Remote Password (SRP) holds great promise as a way to strongly authenticate a user without the usual risks of dictionary attack(s) faced by other

j2me egzample  set top boxes, a J2ME application could provide the smart client software. Ideally, SRP could be built into the protocol layer itself (see Obstacles to Endorsement below for more details). Growing Acceptance in the Industry Growing acceptance by a number of the big players in the field is promising. o JBoss ( www.jboss.org ) , makers of the leading open-source J2EE application server, now contains an implementation of SRP in its security extension, JBossSX (for JBoss 2.4 and higher). The implementation Read More...
The Application Server War Escalates
At JavaOne in San Francisco, a battle ensued between BEA Systems CEO Bill Coleman, and Oracle CEO Larry Ellison. In a truly ugly display of how contentious the

j2me egzample  J2SE (Standard Edition), and J2ME (Micro Edition for embedded applications). His presentation was 85% Java is so cool and 15% BEA rules . He discussed the concept that businesses have to be adaptive and fast , and that BEA is the de facto standard product for these types of implementations. After Coleman spoke, things got interesting. Mr. Ellison took the stage and spent the majority of his time shooting directly at BEA, complete with charts and graphs. Some excerpts from his speech: Oracle Read More...
Mobile Application Momentum
With the boom in sales of smart mobile handsets, the opportunity for developing and selling mobile applications is ever more appealing. But the market is

j2me egzample  Sheets | Build Smart J2me Mobile Applications | Process of Developing a Mobile Device Applications | Applications Development Process | Iphone APP Development Projects | Developing and Maintaining an APP | Mobile Apps Maintenance | Process of Mobile Application Development | How to Promote an Iphone Apps | Mobile Applications Features and Functions | Visual Studio Add-ONS | Creating a Small-Business Mobile APP | How to Build a Web Applications | Read More...
Designing Compelling Business Intelligence Business Cases
IT investment continues to grow, as do the solutions that are funded by it. So far, this growth has contributed more to complexity than simplification

j2me egzample   Symbian, and any other J2ME 2.0 capable devices. For demonstrating desktop ubiquity, use case examples will be given for BusinessObjects Live Office (which is a Microsoft Office add-on that allows Business Objects reports or ad hoc data to be embedded into spreadsheets, documents and presentations) and the latest innovation for Business Objects Labs — BI Widgets. Use Case 1: Becoming Closer to Customers with BusinessObjects Mobile A retail store manager feels frustrated while realizing that well over Read More...
KronosWorks 2011: Beyond Time Clocks for Modern Workforce Management
Kronos, the company that introduced the first micro-processor time clock in the 1970s, knows how tricky workforce management (WFM) can be. In this article, TEC

j2me egzample  generic (platform-neutral) smartphone. Via J2ME, Kronos mobile applications are accessible on Symbian -based devices, which are still popular overseas. The company chose a native device design (rather than Web-based via HTML5) for better user experience. And while Kronos expressed its undoubting commitment to supporting Microsoft’s SQL Server platform, it is not developing native Windows Mobile applications for the time being (owing to lack of interest). Personnel managers look to save from 5 to 15 Read More...

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