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Mid-sized SCE Buys Small SCP: No Sure Bet on Short Term Profits
Leading supply chain execution (SCE) vendor, Manhattan Associates has recently announced its acquisition of Evant, a supply chain planning (SCP) company

jda scp  result of this transaction, JDA Software is one complementary solution provider that stands to lose out on the relationship. Short term, a certain degree of confusion is likely to occur regarding the merits of a combined solution from the two vendors (Manhattan and JDA) as partners versus a single solution from Manhattan Associates as a preferred course of action. Maintaining Evant's Services Momentum RIS News identified customer satisfaction as the most important category in its 2004 Leader Board of Read More

Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » jda scp

Continental Tires Selects JDA Manufacturing Planning
German tire manufacturer and automotive suppler Continental Tires selected solutions from the JDA Manufacturing Planning Suite to help transform its global

jda scp  Tires Selects JDA Manufacturing Planning German tire manufacturer and automotive suppler Continental Tires, with sales of €33.3 billion in 2013, selected solutions from the JDA Manufacturing Planning Suite to help transform its global supply chain operations. As part of the company’s SCM 2.0 transformation, Continental Tires is looking to employ different supply chain strategies to serve its different customers and channels based on their value to the business.   Continental’s Tires divis Read More
Manugistics Faces Uncertain Future
Formerly the SCP market leader, Manugistics has witnessed its market position erode steadily over the last several years in favor of newcomers to the market

jda scp  Faces Uncertain Future Manugistics Faces Uncertain Future S. McVey - September 1st, 1999 Vendor Summary Formerly the SCP market leader, Manugistics has witnessed its market position erode steadily over the last several years in favor of newcomers to the market, most notably i2. Based in Rockville, Maryland, Manugistics was founded in 1969 and went public in 1992. License revenues were $73 million in FY98, a 30% decrease over the prior year, placing it fourth among other vendors offering SCM (see Read More
JDA FOCUS 2010 Impressions - Part 1
Last year I attended the JDA FOCUS 2009 conference to realize that Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA Software (NASDAQ: JDAS) has become a force to be reckoned

jda scp  accentuate the program’s success, JDA touts one million users of JDA’s Managed Services Cloud worldwide. Product or Services: What Will Prevail? Contrast to that i2’s traditional SCP offering, which has hardly ever been “off the shelf” and with customers being self-sufficient quickly after deployment. To be fair, i2 has tackled some of the most complex supply chain problems for some of the largest and renowned companies in the world and solved them. In fact, a vast majority of AMR Research Read More
RedPrairie and JDA Software Merger, Part One: What’s (Not) to Like?
My blog series in 2009 entitled “A Tale of a Few Good SCM Players” talked at great length about RedPrairie Corporation, JDA Software, and Manhattan

jda scp  overlaps, but RedPrairie and JDA have seldom met in the retail sector. On the SCP side, there is still a joint venture RedPrairie has with Andre Martin and his Flowcasting group, which offers store level forecasting and fast distribution requirements planning (DRP) for retailers and manufacturers. It is a very good system that finally links the actual retail store point of sale (POS) demand with the upstream supply chain—but RedPrairie has struggled to take it to market (it has only a few live Read More
The Art, Science, and Software behind (Optimal) Retail Pricing: Part 1
The “Four Ps” of marketing strategy, also known as the

jda scp  president of retail at JDA Software, remarks  that one doesn't have to go far to see the impact the economy is having on retailers. The evening news is plagued with store closings, while going out of business signs and ominously empty “for rent” spaces seem to pop up on every corner. Retail trade is one of the world’s most widespread activities. According to DemandTec 's annual report , there are more than 1,500 retailers worldwide that have annual sales in excess of US $500 million. It is a toug Read More
What Can Manufacturers Do in a Tough Economy? - Part I
According to the proverb “calamity is the touchstone of a brave mind,” in these tough times some supply chain management (SCM) vendors have been trying to take

jda scp  similar PR came from JDA Software Group Inc ., a provider of integrated merchandising and supply chain and revenue management planning, execution, and optimization solutions for the consumer-driven supply chain and services industries.  The PR came on the heels of the worldwide economy continuing to struggle and going into a tailspin, whereby new orders in the manufacturing sector are falling at record rates. Namely, Markit , a financial information company, reported in its “Eurozone Services Read More
Can Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Two: Market Impact
Increasingly, every user company's success is contingent upon its ability to make an almost immediate finished product or service delivery to customers. As

jda scp  Webplan Reconcile Planning and Execution? Part Two: Market Impact Market Impact The past two years or so have been an interesting if not a tumultuous period for the Ottawa, Canada-based, privately-held Webplan Corporation ( www.webplan.com ), which felt compelled to further refine its original supply chain planning (SCP) and business-to-business (B2B) collaboration value proposition.. The vendor has refocused on highly actionable response management software (a subset of broader corporate performance Read More
Supply Chain Shorts for the Week of April 8, 2013
In this week’s Shorts, we talk about JDA’s release of JDA eight; Retails Solutions’ value proposition; and a recent visit to Oz Development. What have you been

jda scp  Shorts, we talk about JDA ’s release of JDA eight ; Retails Solutions ’ value proposition; and a recent visit to Oz Development . What have you been up to this week, supply chain-wise? Wandered off the beaten path and happened upon something interesting? Drop us a line or give us a call. JDA JDA has released  JDA eight , as expected, which should be a terrific new platform—product, and marketing—for JDA. With its several acquisitions, and storied history, JDA has become a conglomeration of Read More
How to Plan and Manage in Times of Uncertainty and Volatility? Based on Reality and Facts, Duh! (Part 1)

jda scp  and Manugistics (now at JDA Software ) and SAP threw long-term planning optimization at the problem in the 1990s, assuming not only that the problem could be linearized, but that the input data was complete and precise. If we add to that the massive outsourcing from multiple places, product mixes and  mass customization  that have taken place in the last 20 years, which all leads to longer lead times and more volatile demand, the problem has shifted from “boiling the ocean” with an optimized plan to Read More
Quintiq is a supply chain planning and optimization (SCP&O) software company based in the Netherlands. Quintiq offers one planning system to cover every aspect

jda scp   Read More
JDA Portfolio: For the Retail Industry Part Four: More JDA Portfolio 2004.1 and Microsoft Alliance
JDA Portfolio 2004.1products have been developed or acquired by JDA in order to present customers with an enterprise offering that might currently be the

jda scp  Industry Part Four: More JDA Portfolio 2004.1 and Microsoft Alliance JDA Portfolio 2004.1 Components (continued) JDA Software Group Inc. (NASDAQ: JDAS), a prominent global provider of integrated software and professional services for the retail demand chain and over 4,600 customers, plans to build upon the collective JDA Portfolio to enable its customers to achieve a new level of operational excellence. The vendor plans to establish this capability as a defining and differentiating characteristic of its Read More
The Fatal Flaws for Process Manufacturers
Every piece of software you consider holds the potential for fatal flaws. Miss the fatal flaws and it is difficult to project what the future holds for you

jda scp   Read More
Optiant Going to a (Much) Better Place: Logility - Part 2
Part 1 of this series analyzed the late-March acquisition of long struggling inventory optimization (IO) provider Optiant by long well-performing supply chain

jda scp  following applications (that give JDA Software, Oracle Demantra , and SAP SCM a run for their money) allow companies to build plans that are more closely attuned to the market: Voyager Fashion Forecasting has capabilities that address the challenges of collection launches for fashion-driven businesses. Voyager Demand Planning helps reconcile differences between high-level business planning and low-level product forecasting. Aligning inventory with customer demand, this solution makes it easier to boost se Read More

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