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Battery Power Shakes Up Made2Manage
While Made2Manage's decision to go private under a wealthy Battery Ventures' wing, which was supposedly committed to invest in the acquired technology was

jeff tognoni  of the executive team. Jeff Tognoni replaced Dave Wortman as CEO effective immediately, while Tom Millay assumed the role of VP, marketing and sales. Wortman left Made2Manage Systems after 10 years of service. Under his leadership the company grew from $3.9 million to $30 million in revenue, expanded its user base from 244 to 1,700 customers, and developed a single, Microsoft DOS -based product into a fully integrated, Microsoft .NET -based extended enterprise business system. Moreover, Gary Rush, VP of Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » jeff tognoni

Consona’s CEO Clearing the Air (about Compiere) - Part 1
In early June Consona Corporation’s analyst relationship (AR) contact forewarned me about the company’s upcoming acquisition of a “leading open-source and

jeff tognoni  a productive briefing with Jeff Tognoni, Consona’s knowledgeable and straight-shooting CEO, who is also a seasoned industry veteran (both as a software executive and investor). Given his longevity in the industry, Tognoni is not averse to criticism, competitive banter, and being challenged by pundits, but in this case he wishes that some of those bloggers had written their pieces after hearing Consona’s side of the story (the acquisition’s rationale) first. To his credit, Ned Lilly was crystal Read More
What's in a Name? or Enterprise Systems' Reincarnations (Part I)
Well, the ERP Graveyard blog might sometimes be slightly deceiving, since not all enterprise resource planning (ERP) products necessarily die there. Some of

jeff tognoni  Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Jeff Tognoni , and the curent financial backer, Battery Ventures, started M2M Holdings back in 2003 with their purchase of former Made2Manage Systems. Over the past three years, the company has added nine more-or-less known ERP and CRM companies to the business and has more than tripled in size. This expansion, in addition to the confusion in the marketplace associated with the difference between M2M Holdings and the Made2Manage ERP solution per se, has spurred the company Read More
Battery Power Shakes Up Made2Manage Part Two: Challenges and User Recommendations
The time for existing Made2Manage customers and partners to act is now. The new owners’ motivation in buying the product and vendor must have been the install

jeff tognoni  of the executive team. Jeff Tognoni of Battery replaced Dave Wortman as CEO effective immediately, while Tom Millay, also of Battery Ventures, assumed the role of VP, marketing, sales and services. Wortman left Made2Manage Systems after 10 years of service. Under his leadership the company grew from $3.9 million to $30 million in revenue, expanded its user base from 244 to 1,700 customers, and developed a single, Microsoft DOS -based product into a fully integrated, Microsoft .NET -based extended Read More
Consona’s CEO Clearing the Air (about Compiere) - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series talked about Consona Corporation’s recent acquisition of leading open source and cloud computing enterprise resource planning (ERP

jeff tognoni  briefing with Consona’s CEO Jeff Tognoni, to give the company a fair chance to explain its strategy and the rationale behind the acquisition. In Part 1 , Tognoni first  dispelled any idea that Consona’s intentions were to to copy the much larger and also acquisitive vendor Infor , as suggested by the related ERP Graveyard blog post . Thereafter, he explained that his interest in Compiere’s cloud platform coincided with (and was validated by) the  recent launch of Consona’s CRM Cloud Read More
Getting Back to Selling
Faced with longer sales cycles, declining sales productivity, and increasingly discerning customers, companies are being forced to streamline and automate how

jeff tognoni  paid correctly and consistently. Jeff Williams, Vice President of Sales, IronPort Systems Best-in-Class Steps to Success   Stop Using Spreadsheets and Shadow Accounting In forecasting and sales commission tracking, it is not uncommon for there to be several versions of the truth at both the manager and individual levels. A consistent characteristic of the BIC is the propensity to adopt solutions that minimize the use of spreadsheets and ad hoc accounting on the individual or sales manager level. For Read More
IBM’s Big Data Strategy: Will the “Big Blue” Become the “Big Data” Company?
In a recent analyst briefing with IBM, the software and hardware provider revealed the details of its continued efforts to expand its big “big data” offerings

jeff tognoni  of view, according to Jeff Kelly’s article on Wikibon titled “ Big Data Market Size and Vendor Revenues ”, in 2011 IBM held first place with regards to revenue generated from its big data business ($953 million US), a significant amount,  but still just 1% of IBM’s total revenue according to Kelly. No doubt IBM is an early bird in the space, but companies such as Intel and HP were right behind, at $765 and $513 million US respectively. The big data marketplace seems to have the potential for big Read More
Is Oracle Becoming Invincible?
On June 20, Oracle Corporation, the leading provider of database and enterprise software applications, announced its fiscal 2000 results, claiming that it has

jeff tognoni  Oracle Chief Financial Officer, Jeff Henley. A billion dollars in annual savings translates to a 10 point improvement in our margins. In Q4 our operating margin improved 13.7 points - from 27.4% to 41.1% percent. As we enter the second year of our e-Business transformation, we are beginning to benefit from the sales and marketing productivity gains that will accelerate revenue growth in fiscal 2001. Market Impact While the statement that Oracle is the most improved ERP vendor within the last few years w Read More
Understanding Service-oriented Architecture and Its Impact on Small Manufacturers
Within the manufacturing community, the arrival of the latest, greatest enterprise software technology is often met with skepticism. The right service-oriented

jeff tognoni  19, 2004 – by Jeff Moad Managing Automation: “Mid-Market Vendors Are Tapping Out An SOA Message Too,” August 12, 2004 – by Jeff Moad Forrester Research: “The Big Strategic Impact of Organic Business And Service-Oriented Architecture,” June 18, 2004 - by Randy Heffner with Mike Gilpin, Carey Schwaber Gartner Research: “Service-Oriented Business Applications Break Down Barriers,” Enterprises will use SOBAs to gain a competitive advantage. They will be able to combine application functions Read More
Gateway, Jilted by Intel, Kisses and Makes Up with AMD
Gateway has blamed Intel for its recent quarterly losses, due to Intel's inability to meet Gateway's demand requirements.

jeff tognoni  ourselves put in, said Jeff Weitzen, Gateway's president and CEO, during a conference call announcing the company's lower earnings forecast. We are not about to stand by and let the actions of others dictate what products Gateway customers can buy. Gateway Chief Financial Officer John Todd said a shortage of Intel Corp. microprocessors and motherboards trimmed $200 million to $250 million from fourth-quarter revenue. Citing a shortage of processors and motherboards, Todd said, We didn't have the Read More
Navision Becoming More Visible
In March Navision Software a/s announced it signed a global sales and distribution agreement with Microsoft Corporation Inc. that enables the company's partner

jeff tognoni  in the future, said Jeff Raikes, Group Vice President, Worldwide Sales and Support, Microsoft Corporation. This greatly simplifies the buying and installation process. Now, Navision Solution Centers can act as the single point of contact for customers seeking advanced solutions from both Microsoft and Navision Software. Earlier, on March 8, Navision Software announced that it expects to release the first enterprise business solution featuring complete Windows 2000 certification on March 31. Navision Fi Read More
WMS Helps Vehicle Distribution Company Improve Delivery
JM Family Enterprises knew there had to be a more efficient way to organize its picking, packing, and tracking systems. Because of the specific nature of its

jeff tognoni  business growth goals. Solution Jeff Hall, Vice President of Corporate and Associate Services for the JM Service Center, assigned the manager of warehouse operations for JM Family the task of evaluating whether a changeover to an all-encompassing warehouse management system was necessary, and once it was determined that it was, which system to adopt. That's not an easy task, with no fewer than a dozen companies waiting in the wings to show off their technology. After more than a year of research, includin Read More
Patent Law - the Open Source Movement of the 18th Century
Recent patents issued to Amazon.com and Priceline.com on their online business methods have caught competitors by surprise. “It’s a monopoly!” they say. Of

jeff tognoni  going when Amazon.com founder Jeff Bezos was issued a patent for Amazon.com's [NASDAQ:AMZN] one-click ordering process. (United States Patent 5,960,411 Hartman, et al. Sept. 28, 1999: Method and system for placing a purchase order via a communications network .) Some technology pundits have noted that patents are creating monopolies that will make it more difficult to compete with Amazon.com [NASDAQ:AMZN] or Priceline.com [NASDAQ:PCLN]. The pundits are right, in a sense. But patents are supposed to creat Read More

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