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IBM to Make Cuts in PC Business Real Change, or Just Buying Time?
International Business Machines Corp. plans to cut as much as 10% of the workforce at its personal computer division, or as many as 1,000 jobs, in a cost

job layoff  as much as 1,000 jobs, in a cost-cutting effort to turn around the division that lost nearly $1 billion last year. Most of the cuts will be in the marketing groups, as marketing for the different brands will be consolidated into one area. IBM products affected will include Netfinity servers, Aptiva PCs, and ThinkPad notebooks/laptops. IBM's PC business has had difficulties for several years, resulting in the consumer PC division head being replaced last summer. With the consumer PC division now being Read More

Small Business Software (SBS)
The Small Business Software (SBS) evaluation model targets functional requirements for fully featured solutions designed to support all business requirements of a typical small business. Extending ...
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Documents related to » job layoff

Enterprise Applications Battlefield Mid-Year Scoreboard
While it is apparent that software giants are in a better position to endure any economic adversity, no single vendor can be lulled into complacency for very

job layoff  of 50,500. While large job cuts have been the main theme of the industry in recent years and particularly months, Microsoft's announcement is the biggest hiring move since the boom days of the late 1990s. Microsoft also expects its R&D spending in the year will increase to $5.2 billion, making it 16% of the company's revenue. It spent $4.3 billion on R&D in the fiscal year ended June 30, 2002, during which year R&D spending was down about a 2% from the previous year. A $900 million increase would Read More
Making the Business Case for HR Investments during Economic Crisis
Automation of human resources (HR) processes and integration across various functions can provide visibility into and analysis of the workforce. Having a single

job layoff  how HR does its job of recruiting, hiring, training, paying, and terminating the workforce. However, with many budgets constricted, the value of HR systems must be seen beyond the HR department itself and viewed in the context of helping the organization?s bottom line. The Business Value of Integrated HR Systems It is on the business side where HR systems can transcend purely transactional advantages to deliver strategic benefits. By providing insight and visibility into the workforce ? in such areas as Read More
Talent (Human Capital) Management and Sports? Sign Me Up, Please! - Part 1
Sure, by now most of us have heard about the importance of strategically managing talent and human capital, but how many of us are convinced that companies

job layoff  readily available in the job market when times improve. Little do these companies know (or think about) whether they have ever properly aligned their strategic business objectives with the current talent pool and employees’ performances. Do they know who the best performers are (and why, based on which metrics?), and who can smoothly replace whom in case of a departure (as a way of life)? Moreover, workforce planning at such organizations is based on past staff profiles, without the ability to project Read More
Human Capital Supply Chains: Book Review
“Goods are uniform and people are unique.” Too obvious? Maybe, but with the success that supply chain management (SCM) has brought to manufacturers, it’s time

job layoff  authors do a wonderful job segueing from one chapter to another, so that readers can make informed decisions about adopting an HCSCM strategy for their organization. Throughout the book, the authors share their insightful experiences in order to link theory to practice. Each chapter begins with a few bullet points that summarize the key concepts to follow in that chapter. The use of clear and simple charts, checklists, and bullet points highlights the important messages the readers should take away. Read More
Cream.HR's Solution to Today's Recruiting Challenges
I recently interviewed Caitlin MacGregor, chief executive officer (CEO) and co-founder of Cream.HR, a company that produces a software solution that supports

job layoff  correlating personality characteristics and job performance, recent work in the field of psychometrics points to a respectable number of correlations between personality traits and job performance. And considering that the economic value of even low prediction accuracy is so great, this finding is significant. However, the success of this approach relies equally on the accurate assessment of company culture and needs at a given point in time. Let’s be clear, a candidate may possess all the personality Read More
Case Study: Martin’s Wood Products
Martin’s Wood Products, producers of solid wood furniture for over 20 years, is a family-run business that has aimed to keep pace with the enterprise resource

job layoff  Shop Floor , Track Job Costing on the Shop Floor , Global Shop Solutions Shop Floor Project , Real-time Management Shop Floor Activities , Shop Floor Operations , Shop Floor Management System , Shop Floor Handling , Shop Floor Project , Real-time Management Shop Floor , Shop Floor Activities , Shop Floor Software . 21st Century ERP Preserves American Craftsman Tradition They say that a personal approach to finely-crafted wood furniture is a lost art in the United States. In a world of plastic and Read More
Job Scheduling Maze in Distributed IT Landscapes - Part 2
Part 1 of this blog series outlined the problem that, as the number of systems, applications, databases, and whatnot platforms increases, the IT business

job layoff  its ActiveBatch cross-platform enterprise job scheduling and workload automation solution. ActiveBatch Architecture The ActiveBatch architecture has always been a multi-tier approach (enabling centralized job scheduling with distributed job execution) consisting of the following elements: ActiveBatch Job Scheduler -- This Microsoft Windows -based layer consists of the ActiveBatch automation intelligence and logic to understand the requirements presented in operating a real-time, event-driven system; Read More
Is Cron Limiting Your Automation Strategy?
If you currently use cron to schedule jobs on your UNIX servers, you may have noticed that your job schedule requires a higher degree of flexibility than cron

job layoff  have noticed that your job schedule requires a higher degree of flexibility than cron can provide. Or, your IT department is required to comply with specific regulations. If this is the case, Skybot Scheduler, the enterprise scheduler for your Windows, UNIX, and Linux servers, may be the solution. Read about some of the advantages of Skybot Scheduler. Read More
Leading Online Retailer Wayfair Invests in Supply Chain Planning (SCP) Software from ToolsGroup
Reportedly, for some time the demand planning solution from the incumbent Demand Solutions was doing an adequate job at Wayfair, including in terms of attribute

job layoff  was doing an adequate job at Wayfair, including in terms of attribute-based forecasting for retail items that come in multiple variations. But as the number of stock-keeping units (SKUs) increased and lifecycles shrank, the challenge became to forecast a wide variety of heterogeneous demand behaviors (black, white, and shades of grey inbetween), such as at different stages of the product lifecycle (i.e., new product introduction [NPI], mature product, end of life [EOL]). If the process is manually Read More
HRM Research Analyst Job Opportunity
We’re seeking an additional HR software-focused research analyst to join our team at our Montreal headquarters. Please contact us if the following job

job layoff  Research Analyst Job Opportunity We’re seeking an additional HR software-focused research analyst to join our team at our Montreal headquarters. Please contact us if the following job description interests you . TEC seeks a research analyst and consultant for enterprise software subjects such as human resource management (HRM), compensation, performance, and incentive management, and finance. Candidates must apply strong critical thinking and problem-solving skills to all aspects of their work. A succ Read More
Performance and Talent Management Solutions
Many companies struggle to adapt to their ever-changing workforce, as employees start the job and then leave for better offers. Competition is fierce—and

job layoff  new employees and track job applicants. Compensation Management : The compensation-management module, such as Halogen Software's eCompensation and Vurv Technology's Compensate, performs a variety of functions to help managers reconcile compensation budgets and, in some cases, develop and administer employee incentive plans. These features may include monitoring market-compensation data, calculating merit-pay increases and bonuses, and aligning compensation among similar employees. This module also often Read More
Technical Staff Management Systems for the Aviation Industry
In the airline industry, aircraft maintenance is an activity that has to be done throughout the day, so maintenance personnel must be available at all times

job layoff  to attend to every job that has to be done. In this case, the supervisor assigns priorities according to the time frame assigned to execute the jobs, postponing or ignoring those that refer to seats, interior lights, carpets, luggage compartments, and other issues that do not involve the aircraft's security or airworthiness. There might be cases where a seat is not functional and the issue will be ignored for several weeks. All these factors create a complicated situation that is hard to solve. We might Read More
Public Sector Business Analytics: The Path to Better Decision Making and Agility
Analytics has moved from the specialty of a dedicated few to a necessity for groups of business professionals to do their job. This white paper considers the

job layoff  professionals to do their job. This white paper considers the use of analytics and business intelligence (BI) for improving decision making in public sector organizations. It also examines the benefits of prebuilt analytic applications for achieving this objective across many functions. Read More
5 Ways to Effectively use Social Media to Conduct Your Job Search
In Using Social Media Tools for Recruiting Talent, I discussed how more and more businesses today are using social media tools for attracting and finding the

job layoff  Media to Conduct Your Job Search In Using Social Media Tools for Recruiting Talent , I discussed how more and more businesses today are using social media tools for attracting and finding the right person to fill a position. This current post will focus on the job seeker. It’s no secret that the last few years has seen unemployment rates rise well above the norm. In fact, recent numbers show that—while things are slowly getting better—many in the market for a job are still struggling to find work. Read More

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