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JDA FOCUS 2010 Impressions - Part 1
Last year I attended the JDA FOCUS 2009 conference to realize that Scottsdale, Arizona-based JDA Software (NASDAQ: JDAS) has become a force to be reckoned

k 1 statement  a force to be reckoned with in the vast  supply chain management (SCM)  space. Although far from being a vocal or touchy-feely company, throughout its history JDA has been run fairly effectively by applying basic principles of sound management. These principles of  profits  and prudently spending within its means have been rare in the software business, and JDA’s results have been impressive for a very long time. Throughout most of its history, JDA has also acquired a number of companies that were o Read More...
ERP for Services (Non-manufacturing)
A multinational consulting company specializing in industrial automation turned to TEC for help selecting an enterprise resource planning (ERP) solution to replace its legacy system—a patc...
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Documents related to » k 1 statement

Intel Chip Shortage Continuing
Intel Corporation has yet again been unable to meet the shipment requirements of a major PC manufacturer. This time it is Dell, one of Intel's strongest allies.

k 1 statement  upside demand, said Intel spokesman, Howard High. We're still, as a company, working to get our capacity levels up to this (new) level that the industry is building (PCs) at. Dell chief financial officer Thomas Meredith said the shortages also forced Dell to ship more expensive components in place of those it could not get, for example, replacing unavailable 450MHz Pentium III chips with more expensive 500MHz Pentium III chips. We ate that difference in order to fill the demand that we created, Mered Read More...
Architecture-Centered Information Systems In The Manufacturing Domain - Part V - Applying the Methodology
Architecture bridges the semantic gap between the requirements and software. Application software systems must be architected in order to deal with the current

k 1 statement  a set of application kernel objects that are manipulated through the interface. Figure 1 . A Standard Architecture Conclusion This is the conclusion of a five part article. The previous four parts were published on this web site, with the same title. The Author Glen B. Alleman, has provided consulting services to a variety of industries and business domains in the industrial and commercial market places. These include, e-commerce systems, publishing systems, information technology strategies, manufacturin Read More...
Are Spreadsheets Sabotaging Your Profits?
Due to their limitations, using spreadsheets to manage mission-critical business functions is an unacceptable risk. The requirements for finding the right

k 1 statement  Your Profits? : Spreadsheet (Wikipedia) Are Spreadsheets Sabotaging Your Profits? Spreadsheets is also known as : Spreadsheet Activity , Spreadsheet Applications , Spreadsheet Assistant , Spreadsheet Collaboration , Spreadsheet Comparison , Spreadsheet Compiler , Spreadsheet Definition , Spreadsheet Download , Spreadsheet Errors , Spreadsheet Features , Spreadsheet Formats , Spreadsheet Help , Spreadsheet History , Spreadsheet Ideas , Spreadsheet Information , Spreadsheet Online , Spreadsheet Page , Sprea Read More...
Lawson Software-IPO and Several Acquisitions After Part Three: Market Impact
In several aspects, Lawson Software could be regarded as an enterprise applications market anomaly. For one, at its peak in fiscal 2002, the company boasted

k 1 statement  that would either be key differentiators or at least could give the bigger tier 1 offerings a run for their money. These would be the Strategic Ledger module, the ability to segment chart of accounts, the Attributes Matrix, an unlimited hierarchy of accounts, integration with Smart Notification, Enterprise Knowledge Management, the Enterprise Performance Management suite, and the connection to desktop programs and to the Enterprise Reporting module. Lawson Human Resources Suite Further, Lawson Human Resou Read More...
Dreamforce 2010: Of Cloud Proliferation - Part 1
Dreamforce, salesforce.com’s annual user conference, has over the past several years become a highly anticipated and entertaining end-of-the-year fixture

k 1 statement  for the enterprise applications market observers (surprisingly, Dreamforce 2011 will take place in late August, and let’s see how that new timing will feel). Namely, in these prolonged times of bad economic news and businesses recoiling across the board, one could always enjoy the unusually high attendance and upbeat and “never a dull moment” atmosphere of the multi-day event, courtesy of salesforce.com’s CEO Marc Benioff and his executive team. While Dreamforce 2009 was mostly about the continue Read More...
APICS 2009 Convention: Day 1
Arrived in Toronto, Ontario (Canada) to attend the APICS international convention and expo—hats off to the Canadian weather (cold!!!!!!!). This first day is

k 1 statement  the APICS footprint, internationally speaking, through the general session.  The general session was a great way for us to meet the board of directors, as well as a variety of members, instructors, partners, and APICS volunteers (this year, APICS holds its first Volunteer Leadership Workshop [VLW]). The highlight of the general session was how the independent regional organizations of APICS were achieving their goals with small budgets. Throughout the day at the VLW there were a variety of learning Read More...
Case Study: SAP Business One Making The Difference For Source 1 Enterprises
For compliance with vendor requirements, Source 1 Enterprises, a supplier of health and beauty products, needed a solution to automate bill-back revenue and

k 1 statement  Study: SAP Business One Making The Difference For Source 1 Enterprises Case Study: SAP Business One Making the Difference for Source 1 Enterprises If you receive errors when attempting to view this white paper, please install the latest version of Adobe Reader. Source 1 Enterprises implemented the SAP® Business One application to replace its existing but limited software package with a robust and integrated application capable of meeting current and future objectives. Source : Vision33 Resources Read More...
Mid-market ERP Vendors Leveraging (and Occasionally Outdoing) Microsoft’s “Plumbing” - Part 1
My recent blog post on what 2010 might have meant to Microsoft’s business solutions reflected on the highly publicized mid-2010 launch of Microsoft Office 2010,

k 1 statement  market ERP Vendors Leveraging (and Occasionally Outdoing) Microsoft’s “Plumbing” - Part 1 My recent blog post on what 2010 might have meant to Microsoft ’s business solutions reflected on the highly publicized  mid-2010 launch of Microsoft Office 2010 , SharePoint Server 2010 , and Visio 2010 . For the hundreds of thousands of people around the world who use some combination of one or more of Microsoft Dynamics ERP products, Microsoft Dynamics CRM , Microsoft Office, and Microsoft SharePoint Read More...
Innovation, Innovation, Innovation: Notes from DSCC 2010 (Day 1)
The Dassault Systèmes Customer Conference (DSCC) 2010 kicked off on November 9th, 2010 in Orlando, Florida. It is the second time that Dassault Systèmes has

k 1 statement  keynote from Ford Motor kept going with the innovation thread but scaled to a more detailed manner—digital innovation. According to the speaker, Ford Motor was able to utilize PLM to digitize product development process, add value to the digital process, integrate data from various sources, and create a single point of engineering. As a result, Ford Motor had achieved significant productivity improvements and cost reduction during the time space between 2005 and 2010. Social Innovation I also had the Read More...
How Can IT Help Competitiveness These Bleak Days? - Part 1
A week before this past Thanksgiving holiday (US), I was invited by a long-term analyst relationship contact at SAP to listen to (via multimedia streaming) a

k 1 statement  IT Help Competitiveness These Bleak Days? - Part 1 A week before this past Thanksgiving holiday (US), I was invited by a long-term analyst relationship contact at SAP to listen to (via multimedia streaming ) a panel discussion on a late Friday afternoon. The expert panel explored reasons for companies to maintain IT investment even (if not especially) during difficult economic times. Bruce Richardson, the Chief Research Officer of AMR Research , moderated the event. The star-studded and well-rounded Read More...
GSA Schedule Partnership Gets Network-1 in the Door
Lyme Computer, a woman-owned 18 person consultancy specializing in setting strategic IT agendas and implementation services for Federal Agenices, partners with

k 1 statement  Schedule Partnership Gets Network-1 in the Door GSA Schedule Partnership Gets Network-1 in the Door L. Taylor - June 26, 2000 Event Summary Lyme Computer Systems, a $16 million full-service computer reseller specializing in host embedded intrusion prevention systems has formed a strategic partnership with Network-1 Security Solutions to deliver host-embedded intrusion prevention systems. Lyme, which holds a GSA and Federal Supply Schedule, caters to Federal Agencies and the educational market. Figure Read More...
Has KANA Gotten Its Mojo Back? - Part 1
In this service economy it is not surprising to hear about smart innovative companies whose businesses have been blossoming due to the superior customer service

k 1 statement  KANA Gotten Its Mojo Back? - Part 1 In this  service economy  it is not surprising to hear about smart innovative companies whose businesses have been blossoming due to the superior  customer service  they provide. Zappos and its “Powered by Service” tagline is a crown example. Many vendors that offer customer service software solutions, especially  those that bundle customer relationship management (CRM) with business process management (BPM) capabilities  and  even infuse knowledge in the Read More...
TurtleSpice ERP! (Week 1)
Welcome to TurtleSpice ERP, our new series on software selection!We’ll follow one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with your help

k 1 statement  ERP! (Week 1) Welcome to TurtleSpice ERP , our new series on software selection! We’ll follow one company’s software selection process, from beginning to end—with your help. In fact, the fate of the company’s software selection project is in your hands. Cast your vote at the bottom of the post , and next week I’ll move the scenario forward based on the winning answer. Here’s the scenario : In just six years, Westchester, California (US)-based TurtleSpice has grown from a single-kitch Read More...
Summarizing PTC’s Decades of Fervent In-House Innovation (and Acquisitions) - Part 1
Needham, Massachusetts (US)-based Parametric Technology Corporation (PTC, NASDAQ: PMTC) is an over USD 1 billion large software company that develops

k 1 statement  software company that develops, markets, and supports product development software solutions and related services. The company’s solutions help its client companies design products, manage product information, and improve their product development processes. PTC’s software solutions and services have helped its customers increase innovation, improve product quality, decrease  time to market (TTM) , and reduce product development costs. PTC offers solutions in the product development market, which Read More...
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