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Interview with Karl Fogel of Subversion and CollabNet
Karl Fogel is a founding developer of the Subversion project and is employed by CollabNet. In the following interview, Karl covers key social aspects of

karl fogel  with Karl Fogel of Subversion and CollabNet Introduction Karl Fogel is a founding developer of the Subversion project. Subversion is sponsored by CollabNet and under the company's employ, Karl describes himself as the CollabNet-to-developer liaison. In the following, Karl explains the inception of the open source Subversion project, what it has required to build its community, and what he has learned in order to successfully maintain it. Karl's vantage is interesting not just from the perspective Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » karl fogel

Interview with Jeff Bates of SourceForge.net, Slashdot, and the OSTG
Jeff Bates's experience in developing and managing SourceForge.net and Slashdot communities sheds light on encouraging the interest of participants in the open

karl fogel  Three's interview is with Karl Fogel, who is employed by CollabNet and is a founding developer of the Subversion project; Karl discusses what it takes to develop an open source project from the start and reviews the important qualities for a project leader. Part Four features an interview with Louis Surez-Potts, community development manager of the OpenOffice.org project. Louis is also employed by CollabNet. Read More
Concerted Disruption, Climb Aboard
Labeled a disruptive technology, it's changing the landscape of enterprise software development, distribution, and consumption. Open source software is grounded

karl fogel  the community. For example, Karl Fogel mentioned CollabNet does not give its own developers rights toward committing changes to the open source Subversion project without going through the same community process, which includes posting patches, receiving review, being nominated for commit access, and being voted on by all the existing committers. Verify that the software matters A company initiating or sponsoring an open source project generally does so for one of two reasons. Either it needs a Read More
Reconnecting with a Tried-and-True Manufacturing ERP Vendor
What has QAD, a leading provider of enterprise applications for global manufacturing companies, been up to lately? TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic

karl fogel  manufacturing company ran by Karl Lopker, QAD’s chief executive officer (CEO) and Pamela’s husband (the couple owns 60 percent of QAD). The rest is history: in 1984, QAD launched its flagship enterprise resource planning (ERP) product MFG/PRO , which was built using Progress Software's Fourth Generation Language (4GL) and relational database (known today as the Progress OpenEdge platform). Then operating in the newly emerging open systems arena, MFG/PRO was one of the first software applications Read More
Defogging the “Mission/Vision Thing”
A company’s success depends upon its ability to make smart decisions and respond quickly in a highly volatile environment. When a company has a relevant and

karl fogel  Pg. 131. [2] Albrecht, Karl. The Northbound Train , New York: AMACOM, 1994, Pg. 20. [3] Imparato, Nicholas and Harari, Oren, Jumping the Curve , San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., 1994, Pg. 205. [4] SONY: About Sony: History. About Sony . Sony Corporation, 4 April 2000. http://www.world.Sony.com/CorporateInfo/History/prospectus.html [5] Steiner, George A., Strategic Planning , New York: Free Press, 1979, Pg. 156. [6] Meaning of Value. www.Infoplease.com. 7 April 2000. Read More
Industri-Matematik Faces Uphill Climb
Wracked by negative earnings, shifting infrastructure, and pending litigation, Industri-Matematik International Corporation (NASDAQ: IMIC) faces a difficult

karl fogel  appointed a new CFO, Karl Asp, in June 1999. Though IMI maintains the market lead, competitors Manhattan Associates and McHugh Software are likely to usurp its position as early as 2Q00. IMI recently signed an agreement with IBM to jointly market VIVALDI to customers in the retail, wholesale, consumer durables, consumer-packaged goods, and electronics industries through global direct sales teams. IMI is counting on the new arrangement to help revive a revenue stream no longer supported adequately through Read More
Interview with Louis Suárez-Potts of OpenOffice.org and CollabNet
Louis Suárez-Potts speaks about the political and social architecture of open source communities as well as practices for successful oversight of a project. He

karl fogel  an interview with CollabNet's Karl Fogel, a founding developer of the Subversion project. Read More
QAD’s Costly eTransition Continues
QAD, one of the leading Tier 2 ERP vendors, continues its transition into a provider of e-business applications for manufacturing companies. However, the

karl fogel  the U.S. dollar, said Karl Lopker, QAD chief executive officer. QAD eQ - the company's new e-business application for Sell-Side, Buy-Side, and Replenishment - saw increased market acceptance in the third quarter with another significant sale to a large multinational corporation. We are also excited about our newest release of MFG/PRO , named eB for e-business, which we shipped in Q3. The major event during the quarter was the successful launch of QAD MFG/PRO eB, an industry-specific e-business Read More
QAD Continues to Wade Through Red Ink
QAD, one of the leading ERP vendors, announced a number of product and alliance initiatives during its annual user conference in May. However, yet another saga

karl fogel  the previous quarter, said Karl Lopker, QAD's Chief Executive Officer. Our customers are shifting their focus from dealing with the Y2K problem to now planning and developing coherent e-business strategies. We believe this shift has caused an e-business 'pause' and is delaying purchasing decisions on both the traditional enterprise systems and the advanced e-business solutions that we offer. QAD also announced several initiatives to strengthen operating and financial performance and enhance Read More
QAD Ends Its Protracted Dry Season, Not Yet On an Easy Street
QAD Inc. reported $0.06 of diluted net income per share, or net income of $2.1 million, on record total revenue of $70.9 million for the fourth fiscal quarter

karl fogel  the prior fiscal year. Karl F. Lopker, QAD chief executive officer, stated: We are very pleased with the fourth quarter results and with our establishment of QAD as a leader in the B2B space. The record revenue performance demonstrates both a recovery from the Y2K spending freeze and our aggressive move into the B2B space, with strong customer demand for new sites as well as for QAD e-business solutions. Customers are embracing QAD's e-business vision and our web-enabled solutions to drive their Read More
Charting a New Course in Effective Distribution Supply Chain Management
Wholesale distributors that pursue growth while neglecting supply chain effectiveness are putting their long-term survival at risk—usually for no good reason

karl fogel  our global demand. - Karl Angler, Vice President of Finance Stihl Inc. Given the overextended state of wholesale distributors' operations, it's now common for additional growth to be cash-flow negative. The complexity of increasingly global operations that carry uncertainty and inventory redundancies - while coordinating business among larger numbers of trading partners - is not efficient enough to scale with top-line revenue. This is a barrier common to most sectors in the distribution marketplace, and Read More
QAD Reports Third-Quarter--Revenue Rises 56 Percent
On November 23, QAD Inc. reported that its total revenue for the third fiscal quarter ended October 31, 1999, rose 56 percent to $56.7 million, from $36.4

karl fogel  56 Percent Event Summary Karl F. Lopker, QAD's Chief Executive Officer, stated, Our third-quarter growth was due to a number of key strategies that are now showing results. They include: our geographic expansion made through acquisitions, the continued expanding demand for services from QAD's Global Services Business and the growing demand for our Web-enabled MFG/PRO 9.0. In addition, the alignment of our cost structures with target levels has been completed. There are signs that manufacturers using Read More

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