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Interview with Karl Fogel of Subversion and CollabNet
Karl Fogel is a founding developer of the Subversion project and is employed by CollabNet. In the following interview, Karl covers key social aspects of coordinating developers as well as the difficulties and advantages of managing an open source, distributed development project.

KARL LOPKER: Interview with Karl Fogel of Subversion and CollabNet Interview with Karl Fogel of Subversion and CollabNet Josh Chalifour - July 27, 2005 Read Comments Introduction Karl Fogel is a founding developer of the Subversion project. Subversion is sponsored by CollabNet and under the company s employ, Karl describes himself as the CollabNet-to-developer liaison. In the following, Karl explains the inception of the open source Subversion project, what it has required to build its community, and what he has

Concerted Disruption, Climb Aboard
Labeled a disruptive technology, it's changing the landscape of enterprise software development, distribution, and consumption. Open source software is grounded in the strength of its communities. This report and interview series examine how to engage and successfully maintain such communities.

KARL LOPKER: people within CollabNet s employ, Karl Fogel, a founding developer of the Subversion project, and Louis Surez-Potts, community development manager of the OpenOffice.org project. Who is the Community? It s easy to see that the community includes developers writing programs and others creating supporting materials, but it also includes end users, software or enterprise services companies, consultants, resellers, and the list continues on and on. Any of these people or groups may access the guts of an open

QAD: A Software Vendor That Has Survived (if Not Thrived) in the ERP Market
QAD, a renowned provider of enterprise software solutions for midsized global manufacturers, has outlived many of its contemporaries by maintaining its stronghold in the discrete and process manufacturing sectors. In doing so, the vendor has reached a respected, veteran status.

KARL LOPKER: sign “QADI.” Pamela and Karl Lopker own a majority of QAD common stock; therefore, QAD is a “controlled company” according to NASDAQ s rules. Specifically, QAD is not required to have a majority of independent directors on its board of directors, and it is not required to have nominating, corporate governance, or compensation committees composed of independent directors.  

QAD Reports Third-Quarter--Revenue Rises 56 Percent
On November 23, QAD Inc. reported that its total revenue for the third fiscal quarter ended October 31, 1999, rose 56 percent to $56.7 million, from $36.4 million in the same quarter last year. License revenue was $20.6 million, an increase of 21 percent compared with $17.1 million in the prior-year period. Excluding non-recurring tax charges totaling $1.3 million, QAD reported a net loss for the third fiscal quarter of $3.2 million, or $0.11 diluted loss per share. Including the $1.3 million of non-recurring tax charges, QAD's net loss for the third quarter was $4.5 million, or $0.15 diluted loss per share. This compares with last year's

KARL LOPKER: Read Comments Event Summary Karl F. Lopker, QAD s Chief Executive Officer, stated, Our third-quarter growth was due to a number of key strategies that are now showing results. They include: our geographic expansion made through acquisitions, the continued expanding demand for services from QAD s Global Services Business and the growing demand for our Web-enabled MFG/PRO 9.0. In addition, the alignment of our cost structures with target levels has been completed. There are signs that manufacturers

QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But PassionatelyPart Two: Company Background
QAD, a notable player in the upper middle of the discrete manufacturing market, embarked a few years ago on reinventing itself by delivering applications that would optimize complex order fulfillment processes across multiple enterprises and divisions. Another major product enhancement feat at the time was the QAD/Connects architecture, which was both an open architecture concept and a set of connectivity tools.

KARL LOPKER: QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But Passionately Part Two: Company Background QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But Passionately Part Two: Company Background P.J. Jakovljevic - September 19, 2003 Read Comments Market Impact On August 20, QAD Inc. (NASDAQ: QADI), a global provider of collaborative enterprise applications for manufacturing and distributing organizations, reported upbeat financial results for the fiscal 2004 second quarter and six-month period ended July 31, 2003. The improved financial

QAD Inc.: The Art of Vertical Focus
QAD is competitive in ease of global multi-site implementation and quality of global service and support. However, QAD's financial position has eroded significantly over the last 18 months, and organizations evaluating QAD products should exercise moderate caution and consider existing functionality only until the Company regains a consistent, profitable financial position.

KARL LOPKER: QAD Inc.: The Art of Vertical Focus QAD Inc.: The Art of Vertical Focus P.J. Jakovljevic - November 1, 1999 Read Comments Vendor Genesis QAD Inc., headquartered in Carpinteria, CA, is a global provider of e-business enabled enterprise resource planning (ERP) and supply chain management (SCM) software and services to multinational companies of all sizes, with a special focus on the mid-market. QAD is the tenth-ranked ERP vendor with $193 million in revenues for the fiscal year ended January 31, 1999. The

QAD Finally Breaks The Red Ink Streak, But…
On March 13, QAD reported financial results for fiscal 2001. Although the company finally posted a profit in the last quarter, the sharp revenue decline and still outstanding product delivery may mean that the dark clouds will hang over it for a while.

KARL LOPKER: know and trust, said Karl Lopker, QAD chief executive officer. We also benefited from the refocused efforts of our employees on growth and profitability after a series of cost reducing actions in the third quarter. On even more positive note, major highlights during the quarter include: Generated positive cash flow from operations in the fourth quarter and the full fiscal year of approximately $5 million and $12 million, respectively. Increased gross margin to 58% in the fourth quarter from 51% in the

QAD Pulling Through, Patiently But PassionatelyPart Four: Market Impact Continued
QAD has long shifted its focus from being a mere ERP vendor dedicated to the industrial mid-market to fully leveraging the Internet in the applications it provides to manufacturers and distributors to link their back-office systems to those of their business partners via private trading exchanges.


QAD Continues to Wade Through Red Ink
QAD, one of the leading ERP vendors, announced a number of product and alliance initiatives during its annual user conference in May. However, yet another saga in the tale of their expensive R&D operation was included in the report.

KARL LOPKER: the previous quarter, said Karl Lopker, QAD s Chief Executive Officer. Our customers are shifting their focus from dealing with the Y2K problem to now planning and developing coherent e-business strategies. We believe this shift has caused an e-business pause and is delaying purchasing decisions on both the traditional enterprise systems and the advanced e-business solutions that we offer. QAD also announced several initiatives to strengthen operating and financial performance and enhance

Defogging the “Mission/Vision Thing”
A company’s success depends upon its ability to make smart decisions and respond quickly in a highly volatile environment. When a company has a relevant and clearly stated Purpose, Mission, Vision, and Values, which are understood by all employees, both management and employees are in a superior position to put strategies and actions into place that propel the organization forward.

KARL LOPKER: Pg. 131. [2] Albrecht, Karl. The Northbound Train , New York: AMACOM, 1994, Pg. 20. [3] Imparato, Nicholas and Harari, Oren, Jumping the Curve , San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Inc., 1994, Pg. 205. [4] SONY: About Sony: History. About Sony . Sony Corporation, 4 April 2000. http://www.world.Sony.com/CorporateInfo/History/prospectus.html [5] Steiner, George A., Strategic Planning , New York: Free Press, 1979, Pg. 156. [6] Meaning of Value. www.Infoplease.com. 7 April 2000.

Interview with Jeff Bates of SourceForge.net, Slashdot, and the OSTG
Jeff Bates's experience in developing and managing SourceForge.net and Slashdot communities sheds light on encouraging the interest of participants in the open source community. He discusses important technology considerations toward aiding distributed software development efforts.

KARL LOPKER: Three s interview is with Karl Fogel, who is employed by CollabNet and is a founding developer of the Subversion project; Karl discusses what it takes to develop an open source project from the start and reviews the important qualities for a project leader. Part Four features an interview with Louis Surez-Potts, community development manager of the OpenOffice.org project. Louis is also employed by CollabNet.

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