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Dell Sharpens Its Linux Focus
Building on its current Linux position, Dell will start shipping Linux-based systems that use file management software from developer Eazel.

kde  desktop, which, along with KDE , is one of the two main desktops (user interfaces) used with Linux. Some of the terms have not been disclosed, but they appear to include pre-loading of Nautilus on Dell's Linux-based systems, and an investment by Dell in Eazel. Eazel has also stated that they are talking to other hardware manufacturers, in an attempt to get even wider distribution and recognition Market Impact Linux continues to gain strength as the major Wintel-hardware vendors explore other options . Read More
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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GNOME Will Try to Buff Up Linux
In its fight to catch up to Windows for desktop mindshare and market share, Linux has received a boost from the Gnome Foundation and a number of key systems

kde  Linux developers presently use KDE than use GNOME (although many use both), so KDE is a strong player. The difference is the (current) lack of commitment by big hardware players. User Recommendations As with most new technologies, we suggest potential users exercise caution. However, once the bugs have been wrung out, we expect GNOME to present a reasonable desktop alternative for those users wishing to go with Linux. The Helix GNOME presentation, although a tad rough, has a look and feel very similar Read More
Evaluating Strategic Information Technology Investment: An Appraisal of Software Alternatives for Small to Medium Enterprises
The problem of information technology investments particularly concerns small and medium enterprises, as they are much more limited in resources than large

kde  graphical interfaces, such as KDE and GNOME . Thus, SMEs now have a tougher choice between Microsoft and Linux. Weighting the relative value of open source and closed source methodologies has become a balancing act between the resources invested and the value of the software once it is learned. It is important to note that this series does not intend to cover all software uses, but only the most common usage—and for SMEs, an important one. For most SMEs, it is not clear which software solution is Read More
Quote-to-order: The Major Players in the Manufacturing Arena
The latest generation of quote-to-order systems uses knowledge-based software to help reduce an organization’s dependence on its highly skilled experts. The

kde  knowledge base development environment (KDE), although administrators can maintain the consistency of knowledge bases using a fully automated environment and a command line interface (that eliminates the need for a UI). Selectica Repository is a database that stores the knowledge base in a readable format, which can easily be queried. The solution provides knowledge bases developed by teams from various locations, allowing for easy maintenance. Selectica's engine, written in Java , is easily deployed on Read More

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