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Has KANA Gotten Its Mojo Back? - Part 1
In this service economy it is not surprising to hear about smart innovative companies whose businesses have been blossoming due to the superior customer service

kenny mcgee  you might be with Kenny G’s muzak opus by now) but also for receiving inconsistent support across available service communication channels (i.e., “brick and mortar” branch/store, online, contact center, e-mail, etc.). Even in a particular channel, say via the phone, customer service experience can be a lottery of a sort based on the proficiency and style of the call center agent or  customer service representative (CSR) . Service Managers’ Tightrope Walk On the other hand, service managers are Read More...
Discrete Manufacturing (ERP)
The simplified definition of enterprise resource planning (ERP) software is a set of applications that automate finance and human resources departments and help manufacturers handle jobs such as or...
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Documents related to » kenny mcgee

AX-iom ERP Inc
AX-iom ERP Inc.is a Microsoft Partner and reseller of Microsoft Dynamics AX. AX-iom marries sophisticated business and technical services with world-class

kenny mcgee  Collaboration,Compliance,CRM,CTO,Customer Relationship Management,Demand-Driven Supply Chain,Discrete Manufacturing,Distribution,Distribution Requirments Planning,DRP,Enterprise Resource Planning,ERP,ETO,integrated,integration,Lean,Maintenance Management,Manufacturing,Microsoft Dynamics AX for Manufacturers,Microsoft Partner,MTO,Point of Sale,Process Manufacturing,Project Management,Retail,RFID,Service,Toronto,Vancouver,Warehouse Management Read More...
Operational Excellence: Enabling Sustained Growth Spotlight on the Americas
Companies in the Americas should lead the world in growth through operational excellence@but they don’t. A 2008 survey shows that less than half promote insight

kenny mcgee  was the editor. Mike Kenny was responsible for layout and design. Our thanks are due to all of the survey respondents and interviewees for their time and insights. May 2008 Operational excellence : Enabling sustained growth Spotlight on the Americas The Americas should be a hotbed operational excellence activity. The scientists and businessmen who first applied statistics to process improvement Deming, Taylor and others hailed from the United States. In the 1980s, Royal Bank of Canada pioneered the use Read More...
The Power of Knowledge -- Knowledge is Power (Part 1)
The title of this blog post might sound like a no-brainer: as clear and indisputable as the “motherhood and apple pie” adage. Yet how many times have you dealt

kenny mcgee  hold (with “sleepy elevator” Kenny G’s music being periodically interrupted with the annoying “please hold the line, as your call is important to us” mantra) in order to talk to a human being? And as Murphy’s Law would have it, the solution often turns out to be as asinine as you just needing to plug the machine into the wall or removing a lost sock from the filter . Thus, it might seem strange (and disconnected from reality) that an estimated US$73 billion amount will be spent on knowledge Read More...
In Search of Clarity: Unraveling the Complexities of Executive Decision Making
Decision making is at the core of all business activity, as executives set strategy and manage operations by weighing a vast array of factors to arrive at the

kenny mcgee  was Denis McCauley. Mike Kenny was responsible for design and layout. Our sincere thanks go to the survey participants for sharing their insights on this topic. Executive summary Decision-making is at the core of all business activity, as executives set strategy and manage operations by weighing a vast array of factors to arrive at the desired balance of risk and reward. The enormous growth of companies’ size and operations in recent years—particularly across borders—is making this process Read More...

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