Software Functionality Revealed in Detail
We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.
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Thou Shalt Manage Human Capital Better
Although the human resources department has long been seen as a necessary evil at best, the scope of human resources management systems (HRMS) has been extended

kiosk compar  whereby a touch screen kiosk situated near the factory floor work area administers a training program. The interactive kiosk would then track, for instance, which individuals completed the module as well as what direct association they have with lowering machine downtime as a result of completing the training session. That would then tie back to HR and other associated enterprise applications. Learning systems are also deployed to train employees on new products—either those they are using internally,

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Software Functionality Revealed in Detail

We’ve opened the hood on every major category of enterprise software. Learn about thousands of features and functions, and how enterprise software really works.

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Visit the TEC store to compare leading software by functionality, so that you can make accurate and informed software purchasing decisions.

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JDA FOCUS 2012: A Real-time Cloud to Serve the “Connected Consumer”

It seems JDA Software, a leading supply chain management (SCM) solution vendor, is just a short step away from being able to manage the entire SCM process. Focused on the retail industry, JDA helps retailers satisfy “connected, always-on” consumers. TEC principal analyst P.J. Jakovljevic recaps JDA FOCUS 2012, which highlighted the vendor’s aggressive move into the cloud.

kiosk compar  e-commerce, call center, store, kiosk, mobile, etc.). While not necessarily covering all the bases that RedPrairie does, JDA nonetheless can fulfill orders across a number of retail channels (customer touch points) and fulfillment methods in its “omni-channel commerce” offering. Figure 6. Order Management The old way of retailing was to have disconnected customer, inventory, and order management systems. For the order capturing needs, the call center workflow capability was repurposed from i2’s Read More

The Future of Secure Remote Password (SRP) Part Two: Overcoming Obstacles to Success

This article explores the possibilities for the Secure Remote Password (SRP) in today’s multi-channel world, specifically how it improves upon the inherent insecurity of password authentication and the obstacles to overcome to succeed.

kiosk compar  diskless workstations, roaming users, kiosk users, etc. The list of applications will continue to grow. Due to its proliferation in the market, the web channel could really benefit from SRP, although it was not originally identified as a potential candidate due to difficulties in supplying a smart' client. All in all, Phoenix Technologies and Stanford University are taking the right steps to acquire patents and include SRP in various network protocols. Unfortunately, I fear that until the market Read More

Reporting Value of IT Services with Balanced Scorecards

A balanced scorecard is a measurement system for management that provides real insight into the status of a business or some part of it. Developed by Kaplan and Norton in the early 1990s, balanced scorecards provide a control system that helps ensure the right balance between different, and often times conflicting, perspectives. For example, an insurance company may increase profitability by offering incentives to claims assessors for taking a tough stance on payout, but will soon find dissatisfaction among its clients that may lead to lost business. Scorecards help ensure this balance and are an improvement over more traditional single dimension approaches that tend to be based purely on expense management and business growth.

kiosk compar  on a corporate intranet, kiosk style. Apart from measuring user perception, VOC becomes a huge marketing exercise: when users express their opinion, they feel part of the process - that is, providing someone actually listens.. Innovation and Learning Of all the perspectives on the scorecard, probably the most troublesome is that of innovation and learning. This perspective describes capability of achieving the required results in the other perspectives. This boils down to the workers' skill set , their ef Read More

One Vendor's Exploit of Marrying Infrastructure with Selling and Fulfillment Applications

For many manufacturers, distributors and retailers with a mishmash of disparate back-office business applications, Sterling Commerce, a traditional integration and communication provider, has recently unveiled a package designed to automate web-based commerce all the way from order capture to fulfillment and payment, as a result of bringing together a few prudent acquisitions over the last three years.

kiosk compar  commercial contractor, web site, kiosk, etc.) inquiry, shopping, goods return, etc. In fact nowadays, a consumer expects a true cross-channel experience, and rightfully so, where they are able to buy something online and return it to the closest retail store for a refund, without any questions asked. Last but not least, when one counts in multiple customer segments (such as consumer, distributor, or corporate customer), effective collaboration should provide visibility and transparency, optimize shared Read More

JDA Portfolio: For the Retail Industry Part Four: More JDA Portfolio 2004.1 and Microsoft Alliance

JDA Portfolio 2004.1products have been developed or acquired by JDA in order to present customers with an enterprise offering that might currently be the broadest, most functional set of industry leading retail demand chain software solutions available to retailers and their suppliers.

kiosk compar  to provide retailers with kiosk portal capabilities that allow small suppliers the ability to efficiently and accurately provide price and promotional information electronically to their retail partners. For more efficient supply chain collaboration, trading pairs must ensure consistent, accurate shared data, and the VistaRetail software is designed to execute and manage all processes required for data synchronization and advanced order forecasting between trading partners. Based on global standards Read More

NextGen Health Care: How Technology Can Help Make Consumer-directed Health Care a Reality

Software technologies can provide a single point of entry for prospects and health plan providers to educate new or renewing prospects on the full value of each offering. Behind the scenes, these technologies can also record all prospect preferences to allow sales, marketing, advertising, and product development to benefit from more targeted offerings and personalized messaging, at greatly reduced costs.

kiosk compar  channels: web, call center, kiosk and agent ofices Ability to generate rich leads complete with buying motivators and individualized, best-it product recommendations, enabling representatives to execute insightful and timely recommendations to maintain buyer interest and conidence Enhanced analysis of historical transactions and demographic data in concert with psychographic data on buyer motivations Creation of a 1:1 virtual focus group with 24x7 accessibility for new product simulation and evaluation Read More

Dashboard Development and Deployment-A Methodology for Success

A dashboard is a vital tool for monitoring the daily health of your organization. From a single interface, decision makers have access to key performance indicators (KPI)—actionable information that can be used to effectively guide and track business performance. Successful implementation of a dashboard is complex and requires a step-by-step process using a methodology that considers all aspects of the project life cycle.

kiosk compar  dashboard development,dashboard design tool,reports to dashboard,enterprise dashboard application,quickly create superior dashboards,business intelligence dashboards Read More

New Possibilities In Retail Technologies for Small to Mid-Size Retailers: Leveraging Total Retail Solutions Based on Collective Retail Intelligence

Most retailers can no longer compete on price alone; however, integrated retail solutions built on Microsoft SQL, and OPOS and ART Data Model standards offer a competitive advantage. They support holistic systems that integrate point of sale, enterprise, and even warehouse management functions, to deliver better service to customers.

kiosk compar  touch screen on a kiosk to be prompted through some questions on what they're looking for, and the kiosk will suggest instock products that most closely meet their needs. Their searches and comments can be collected, possibly indicating an interest in products that the store doesn't currently carry. Similar to studying website click trails and abandoned carts that don't result in online sales, the kiosk becomes another way of understanding where sales are being lost, but might be able to be captured. Read More

Bolstering the Call Center with Service Resolution Management Processes

Integrated customer relationship management and call center solutions (sometimes referred to as service resolution management) have, despite initial glitches, reportedly helped some service companies realize remarkable returns on investment in addition to improved customer satisfaction rates.

kiosk compar  Web self-service, e-mail, retail kiosk, or chat. The logical question a company should ask itself is how it can provide customers with direct access to the knowledge they are looking for when that data may be residing in a variety of places. For example, product specifications, technical support, billing questions, and pricing and policy information can all be found in any number of places, such as CRM databases; legacy KM systems; frequently asked questions (FAQ) lists; intranets; content management Read More

The Challenge of Fulfillment

Integrated multichannel retailing will inevitably become the norm. For retailers, the key to multichannel success lies in understanding the factors that drive revenues and the ability to fulfill Web orders. Other challenges center around electronic integration, visibility, and exception management.

kiosk compar  use an in-store Internet kiosk to order it from the store's web site. And at the store's customer service desk, it will be possible to return items bought online as easily as if the customer had bought them off the shelves. In an evolution from the early Internet (where online retailer [ e-tailer ] pioneers were manually processing online orders, with many consequent fulfillment glitches), fulfillment methods of today are based on a new generation of technology solutions, although these may leverage some Read More

Analysis of Manhattan Associates' New Partnership with CommercialWare

Supply chain execution vendor, Manhattan Associates recently took a big step toward e-Business by partnering with CommercialWare, a 50 million transaction developer of e-Commerce enabling solutions.

kiosk compar  phone, fax, mail and kiosk. The alliance aims to integrate Manhattan's back-end fulfillment capabilities with CommercialWare's Internet-based order management technology. Market Impact Initially, many startups and established companies fail to anticipate the challenges of electronic customer fulfillment when erecting Internet storefronts. In order for these challenges to be overcome, e-Commerce companies need to rethink and upgrade their infrastructure to accommodate transactions that take place at Read More

These are the Times of CRM Vindication and Validation - Part 2

Part 1 of this blog series analyzed two white papers entitled “Customer Relationship Management: The Winning Strategy in a Challenging Economy” and “Maximizing CRM Effectiveness During Lean Times,” authored by Microsoft Dynamics CRM and Oracle CRM, respectively. My post made the case for forward-looking enterprises to leverage customer relationship management (CRM) solutions to

kiosk compar  person, or through a kiosk. In an ideal scenario, loyalty systems underlie a strategic business initiative that both drives revenue by maximizing brand value  and enables organizations to gain critical customer insight. Five Strategies to Driving Upside in a Challenging Economy Based on the discussion so far, modern CRM systems are flexible and adaptable, so that business processes can be changed as required. But what exactly does a CRM suite enable and what are the potential benefits? While there are Read More


The Internet is having an identity crisis. Long regarded as a powerful tool for cost reduction and service enhancement, the Internet is falling short of its promise because of the real and perceived threat of identity theft. Financial losses and insurance costs are mounting, as organizations struggle to protect their information perimeters and improve the strength of their authentication systems to ensure that the authorized user is present during the sign-in process. The widespread use and misuse of passwords as authentication tokens is generally cited as a cause of the accelerating erosion of user confidence and the increasing incidence of identity theft. It is generally agreed that passwords are not enough. Much has been lost, however, in the race toward person-present authentication systems. While the application of passwords is fraught with risk, the introduction of complex authentication infrastructures and cumbersome end user technology has eroded usability and increased the cost of security dramatically. This paper describes a new authentication approach that retains the simplicity and low cost of passwords, while gracefully introducing as much person-present assurance as is required by the application.

kiosk compar  authentication-the typical airport internet kiosk is not today equipped with any form of biometric reader device. Biometrics can be used to achieve multi-factor authentication. Retinal scans and fingerprints are clearly something you are, and combined with a password or PIN are constitutive of a multi-factor authentication system. While some biometric authentication mechanisms can provide person presence, these systems come at significant additional expense and severely curtailed convenience when comp Read More

Customer Focused Self-service: Building the Balanced Business Case

Countless customers are engaging in self-service, in the process helping companies save millions by deflecting service interactions to cheaper channels. At many organizations, just the cost savings make the investment in self-service worthwhile. But the self-service business case isn’t built on cost savings alone. There’s a bigger, more customer-focused picture to consider, where the customer experience plays the key role.

kiosk compar  Web, email, at a kiosk, or on the telephone, countless customers are engaging in self-service. In the process, they’re helping companies to save millions by deflecting service interactions to cheaper channels. At many organizations, the cost-savings alone have made the investment in self-service worthwhile. But going forward, the self-service business case won’t be built on cost-savings alone. There is a bigger, more customer-focused picture to consider, where the customer experience also plays a key Read More