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RTI's CRM Applications Rivals The Major League Providers
Founded in 1990, RTI Software is an Illinois CRM application provider with a feature- rich Enterprise solution targeting the software and hardware industry and

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Field Service Management (FSM)
Field service management (FSM) software is a set of functionalities for organizations or departments within organizations that have as main focus the intallation, maintanance, reparing, and meter r...
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E-learning Benefits and ROI Comparison of E-learning versus Traditional Training
You’re considering a move from traditional training to e-learning, but you’re not sure if the returns will be significant. In fact, employees are better able to

kitchen equipments  Web-Based Training by Anne Kitchen and Jim Ryan, AMEC.com, Copyright 2004. (11) Using the Web for Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages by Kevin Kruse, E-Learning Guru.com, Copyright 2004. (12) Using the Web for Learning: Advantages and Disadvantages by Kevin Kruse, E-Learning Guru.com, Copyright 2004. (13) Web Based Training, 2nd Edition, by Margaret Driscoll, Wiley, John & Sons, Copyright 2002, p. 8. (14) Web Based Training, 2nd Edition, by Margaret Driscoll, Wiley, John & Sons, Copyright 2002, Read More
The Middle Kingdom - From Wired to Wireless
Confused about RFID middleware? RFID middleware has a critical role to play in cleaving together and clarifying the signals and intelligence, bidirectionally

kitchen equipments  home, your refrigeration, your kitchen, in your supply chain, talking to your PDA, talking in the stores, personal sales assistants (PSA)—all talking to RFID. So much talking-talking-talking—and on the move—walking and talking! We expect that in the future many of the functions of RFID middleware will be embedded in the devices themselves. And more networks with both RFID aware event management and complimentary applications are to be born. We will—and are—having a real burst of light in Read More
Customization Drives Complexity - Why It's Hard to Design, Sell, and Produce
It seems counterintuitive, but the process of selling, designing, and producing what appear to be

kitchen equipments  products like windows, doors, kitchen or bath cabinets, office furniture, and some industrial equipment like hydraulic valves. It seems counterintuitive, but the process of selling, designing, and producing what appear to be simple products becomes surprisingly complex when manufacturers introduce high levels of customization. How can manufacturers of configured products address this complexity to streamline their processes, reduce cost, and increase customer responsiveness? Customization Makes Simple Read More
Product Lifecycle Management: Expediting Product Innovation
The highly competitive product manufacturing market makes true product lifecycle management (PLM) inevitable. PLM helps companies map product requirements to

kitchen equipments  Lifecycle Management: Expediting Product Innovation  Originally Posted - October 20, 2006 Increasing the Visibility of Requirements For a design team, a loosely stated requirement is often misleading. That's why it is important to capture requirements in a structured manner—in a requirements database maintained by requirements managers—before they are passed along to the product development teams. The role of the requirements manager may not exist in the current scenario, or it may have been Read More
PLM Migration: Migrate Your Mind First
This article identifies the increasing requirements of system replacements in the product lifecycle management (PLM) area and recommends users rethink the

kitchen equipments  is like an unsharpened kitchen knife. It can be described as a paring knife (for a light-weight PLM product for small organizations) or a cleaver (for a sophisticated PLM suite for large enterprises). No matter what size and purpose the knife is created for, it can’t perform a satisfactory job unless the edge is sharp enough. Your insights of how to use the PLM approach and technology is the whetstone that makes your knife work well. Before switching to another PLM system, think about the scope of the Read More
Lean Tools and Practices that Eliminate Manufacturing Waste
A number of lean manufacturing tools and practices have long been used to reduce manufacturing waste. These include the five S's, visual controls, standardized

kitchen equipments  lean,manufacturing,waste,visual controls,mistake proofing,total productive maintenance,cellular manufacturing,pull systems,activity-based costing,leveled production Read More
The Seven Types of Power Problems
Many of the mysteries of equipment failure, downtime, software, and data corruption are the result of a problematic power supply. Compounding the problem is

kitchen equipments  power quality disturbances,power quality problems,power problems,power system solutions,processing power quality disturbances,electrical engineering,tolerate power supplies Read More
Computerized Maintenance Management Systems: A Tutorial Part One: Challenges and Features
Companies are looking for more areas to squeeze savings out of operations. One such area that may be fertile ground to explore is equipment maintenance. The

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Mark Two: UK Distributor Uses SAP Software to Help Retailers Build Web Sales
Mark Two, a distributor of kitchen and bathroom products, manages a network of warehouses, logistic services, and call centers. The company serves both major

kitchen equipments  Two, a distributor of kitchen and bathroom products, manages a network of warehouses, logistic services, and call centers. The company serves both major retail chains and independent stores, and offers a range of 20,000 products. This case study examines how Mark Two has been developing innovative Web sites using an SAP solution as part of an effort to help customers leverage the power of e-commerce. Read More
An Interview with Saj-nicole Joni (Author of The Third Opinion)
The term The Third Opinion was coined by Clark Clifford, advisor and friend to many US Presidents. One thing is clear to all of us who have been observing

kitchen equipments  you want in your kitchen cabinet : integrity, expertise, and no vested interest in your decisions. When the stakes are high and decisions really matter, the third opinion is often the difference between superior results and disaster. ChainLink: So, when does some one need a third opinion? Saj-nicole : As people move up in the organization, their challenges get more difficult. They are exposed to problems they have not experienced before. Just at this junction they also experience isolation. Because of Read More
The MicroStrategy/ Intelligroup ASP
MicroStrategy Announces ASP Alliance: Intelligroup to Deliver MicroStrategy's Intelligent E-Business™ Solutions to Small and Midsize Businesses.

kitchen equipments  the software and the kitchen sink, users need to identify their immediate and long-term requirements. Also not frequently discussed are the network, security, and possible software upgrades required to integrate these solutions. Overall the news is positive as these alliances provide consumers a greater set of solutions to choose from. Read More
TEC's Mid-market ERP-Distribution Buyer’s Guide
Midsize manufacturers and distributors now have access to an array of powerful software solutions that simply weren’t available before. But with so many choices

kitchen equipments  manufacturer and distributor of kitchen tools, flatware and fine cutlery. New York-based J.A. Henckels USA is its largest foreign subsidiary and assembles and distributes products to the US market. The company's knives are of the highest quality and are preferred by many professional chefs as well as 'serious home cooks. J.A. Henckels USA employs 110 of the Group's more than 1,600 employees worldwide. J.A. Henckels' products are sold in over 100 countries around the world. The company operates from a Read More
Descartes to Provide Home Delivery Solution for Online Groceries
Turkish online grocery retailer Tazedirekt.com, an Aslanoba G1da company, has selected Descartes Systems Group’s advanced home delivery solution to manage next

kitchen equipments  chain, from farm to kitchen. By removing intermediaries, it ensures that its meat and dairy products provide the highest quality and the best value for its customers. Descartes' solution enables retailers to profitably offer customers significantly more delivery and value-added service options at the point of order. It also provides greater control over delivery execution, helping to ensure an overall positive delivery experience that serves as a foundation for higher customer loyalty.   Developed by Read More
Goodbye PCs, Hello Appliances?
The U.S. market for Internet appliances is taking off. The new devices are expected to surpass consumer personal computer shipments in 2002.

kitchen equipments  Internet access in their kitchen for recipes, or in other parts of the house for many uses. He said these customers might pay a few extra dollars a month, in addition to their current monthly Internet service charge, to have an appliance in another room. Market Impact First, we want to get some terminology straight: we're not talking about Dreamcast and WebTV. We're talking about appliances that may have a business use, but need not be used exclusively for business purposes. This prediction is a Read More

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